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   Legal Archives

On one fateful day, I was preparing for a one-week trip to LA when my day was ruined by not one, but two legal threats.

Two companies had coincidentally decided to come at me on the same day, and I was pissed. Because of this, I decided to once and for all establish an ARCHIVES page for all legal threats.

95% of all threats I receive are groundless. They are trying to scare me into thinking it is illegal to parody their stuff, and they are just wasting my time. I want companies to know that if they want to threaten me, they better have a good reason, because THEIR LETTERS WILL BE POSTED HERE. They are loosely ranked by date and how much sleep I am losing over them. Enjoy!

  • Smurfs - I wasn't aware they were even in business anymore. It's amazing that a company that hasn't produced anything new in over a decade can still afford lawyers. I'll admit I was a big fan once.

  • MPAA - The Motion Picture Association didn't like it when I posted "leaked" footage from an upcoming Tom Green movie! They even sent a private investigator to my house!

  • You're a Raging Psychopath, Snarlie Brown - I blew over $1,000 on principle, only to give up a fight that I definitely would have won in court. Lessons learned: Big companies can buy justice and dead people have the meanest lawyers. I'm not allowed to talk about it any further.

  • Executor Monster Truck - I originally used their monster truck in the Britney Spears Assassin mission. I thought it was good publicity for them, but they made me change it. Not worth a story.

  • Robocop - MGM didn't like Jose Ortiz's amazing tribute to the mechanical hero.

  • Bear in the Big Blue House - Jim Henson doesn't have a problem, cause he's dead... but his lawyers are alive and well! Assholes. See above lesson.

  • Elian Wazzup - the Associated Press didn't like it when someone used their photograph... guh?!

  • Absolut Vodka - they didn't appreciate me using their product in the "Dipshit Shot Competition" (Telebubby Fun Land). I changed the name to ease their woes ('solut Shit, anyone?). Not worthy of a story.

  • BBC - the first company to ever send me a legal threat. NG fans will never forgive them.

I hope companies will realize that by getting on my bad side, they are getting on everyone's bad side. Newgrounds might be a disturbing site, but it is a damn popular one. Get ready to piss off a lot of people if you want to get on my back. And don't pull any of that "this email is confidential" bullshit. I never signed anything - if you email me, I post it. If you contact me in any way, I post it. You've been warned.