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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Biography History

Welcome to Newgrounds! You may want to start by brushing up on the history of the site or perhaps even the history of its founder, Tom Fulp!

Newgrounds is a website for people who love to make Flash games and movies and those who love them. The focal point of NG is the Flash Portal, where users submit their homemade games and movies so that other users may view and critique them. We also offer resources for artistic collaborations such as an Audio Portal where musicians can submit their music to be used freely in games and movies.

The purpose of this FAQ is to help users understand how the site works and how they can use it. Any questions that aren't answered here may be directed to the Newgrounds Administrators.

FAQ: Site Requirements

There are two key components required to take full advantage of the features on this site:

  • Adobe Flash version 9.0+
  • Javascript version 1.2+

Software Versions

Q: What if I have an older version of Flash?

A: Many site features require Flash 8, without it users will not be able to view NG.Bytesize, Audio Player visualizations, or Chat. There is a pretty good chance you'll still be able to view many NG games and movies, but an increasing number of submissions take advantage of newer Flash features. Do yourself a favor and upgrade now.

Q: How do I know if I have the correct version of Javascript?

A: Most browsers ship with Javascript enabled. If it has been disabled for some reason, then critical site features – such as Flash submissions, review and comment forms, and even the login fields at the top of every page – will not work. Users can check their browsers' settings to make sure Javascript is enabled.

System Settings

Q: Why should I make sure cookies are enabled?

A: This site uses browser cookies to keep users logged in as they jump from page to page, and for other small tasks such as displaying the last time a user visited the Newgrounds Forums.

Q: Why does my computer need to have the correct date and time?

A: Changing the date or time on your computer may affect the cookies used by this site by causing them to expire prematurely, and could potentially cause login errors.

FAQ: 'Grounds Gold' User Account

Newgrounds user accounts (also known as Grounds Gold) are completely free, and the sign-up form is quick and simple. Having an account with Newgrounds is useful for several reasons, because you gain:

  • Access to post in the BBS
  • Ability to review movies
  • Ability to submit content
  • Membership in the Fan-Net for increased website traffic
  • Augmented voting power
  • Access to secret features

User Page Configuration

Q: How do I edit my profile and other information?

A: Users can make changes to your account from the Account Options area, a link to which is located at the top right corner of every page on the site while logged in. Once there, the link to edit General Information is located in the User Page Configuration section. Publicly viewable information can be seen on every user's User Page.

Q: How do I find the URL for my User Page?

A: Your personal User Page (formerly "Profile") is a subdirectory of generated from your username. For example, a user with the username Bob could find his public information by navigating to

Q: How can I change the look of my User Page?

A: There are several ways to give your User Page a distinct look. Whether it's simply uploading a custom header or tweaking the layout to put your favorite content on top, the links in the User Page Configuration section are the way to do this.

Account Options

Q: Where is my Forum Signature used?

A: A user's Signature appears after every post – past and present – made by that user in the NG Forums (formerly "BBS"). Users are permitted a maximum of 175 characters for two lines of text; they also have the option of including an image as part of this signature, within the following constraints:

  • Max file size: 40k
  • Min file width: 20 pixels
  • Max file width: 595 pixels
  • Min file height: 20 pixels
  • Max file height: 50 pixels

Q: What is File Storage?

A: File Storage, also called "Dumping Grounds," is mainly for users to share works-in-progress with their friends and collaborators. Upon upload, each file is given a random URL and linked only to the uploader's list of stored files. The only other people who have access to them are those who are given the URL for a particular file.

File Storage is not an image gallery. It was not designed for the purpose of showcasing art or photos, but so that users who are working on a project together can post their work for each other to view and download. Privacy is the main function of this feature.

Q: What kind of files can I store?

SInce it was designed mainly as a collaboration tool, the only file types allowed are .fla, .swf, .png, .gif, and .jpg. Whether you share these files with anyone else is up to you.

User Favorites

Q: How do I view/edit my Favorites?

A: Located on your account page, the Configure Favorites section is where you can edit any artists or submissions you have identified as a favorite. If you want to simply view one of these lists, they are also displayed on your User Page.

Q: What if I accidentally delete all my Favorites from a particular list?

A: Unfortunately, if you click the link to clear an entire list of favorites and then confirm your decision by selecting "OK" on the subsequent dialog, you will have to recreate your list from scratch. We do not archive this information, so make absolutely sure you want to clear an entire list before pressing the button.

Flash Portal Options

Q: What are Portal Buddies?

A: Portal Buddies, also called co-authors, are people with whom you might eventually start collaborating on submissions. When submitting content to the Flash Portal, a list of that user's co-authors appears on the submission form. If any of those users have also helped with the submission, a user may check their names and they will be credited as well. A list of these co-authors can be found on a user's account page.

Q: How do I manage my Portal Buddies?

A: A list of co-authors can be accessed from the Flash Portal Options section of a user's account page. Once in the Multi-Author Environment, a user may block, remove, or approve additional co-authors.

Adding Buddies – To add a co-author, use the "Add Another" field located at the bottom of every page in the Multi-Author Environment. Simply enter the name of the NG user to invite and click "Add!". That user will receive notice that a new user has been added to their Pending Co-Authors list.

Removing Buddies – Co-authors may be removed by checking their names on the list of Approved Co-Authors and clicking "Remove User(s)".

Approving/Blocking Buddies – Users who request to collaborate with another user appear on that user's Pending Co-Authors list. Names on this list can be approved or blocked by checking them and clicking the appropriate button.

Additional Account Features

Q: What are the secrets mentioned in various parts of the site?

A:There are several secrets that a user with an account may obtain by achieving certain experience levels. The secrets are simply unlockable features that are meant as a reward for depositing experience points. Unlocked secrets can be accessed from the top of a user's account page, next to the requirements for reaching the next secret.

Q: What is Fan-Net?

A: The Newgrounds Fan-Net is a list of users who have linked to NG from their web page. As they attract more people to our site through that link their Fan-Net rating goes up. The higher that rating is, the more exposure they receive from NG visitors. On the list of Fan-Net sites, the "In" and "Out" figures are how many users have been referred to and from our site, resepectively.

The unique link necessary to join Fan-Net is located in the Miscellaneous section of a user's account page.

FAQ: Flash, Art & Audio Portals

The Flash Portal is a total Flash free-for-all. Anyone can upload a movie, anyone can view it, and everyone will vote on it. Good movies will stay high in the ranks, while bad ones will fall to the depths of obscurity. There is a complex system behind this original Portal, and this FAQ will attempt to answer any questions.

The Audio Portal is a place where aspiring musicians can upload original music, and where Flash authors can obtain royalty-free music for their submissions. It's a win-win situation!

General Questions

Q: How is content divided into various lists in the Flash Portal?

A: Because we want to always provide get fresh content, but do not want (potentially crappy) new submissions to flood out existing quality content, we break the rankings into four major sections:

50 Most Recent – The far left column is the most dynamic: it is a listing of all recent submissions. Entries in this column are still awaiting an official ranking and thus do not exist in the other two columns. Active users are encouraged view and vote on every movie in this list, as it will help determine their entry ranks into the other listings. The entries in this list are uploaded instantly and are completely unpredictable – they may be really good, complete crap, or completely inappropriate.

Top 15 of the Week – The top of the middle column contains the top-ranking submissions from the previous week. This list is updated every Wednesday but will remain unchanged during the week. For visitors who visit once a week, this column is the most convenient way to see the best of what's new.

Top 50 of All Time – The far right column is the top rankings of all time. This is a list of every established movie in the Portal, ranked by user votes. Movies in this column will shift constantly as a result of user votes but new submissions will not join the list until Wednesday of each week. To be included in this list a new submission must have a minimum number of votes (the exact number will shift as the amount of traffic grows). If it does not meet the minimum requirement, it will carry over to the following Wednesday.

Past 15 Daily Winners – Every day, the #1 movie of the day is showcased on Newgrounds. This bottom of the middle column is reserved for a list of the previous 15 daily features. It is a good way to see what has been good in the past few weeks.

Q: What are the different awards a Flash submission can possibly win?

A: We give out awards for the following achievements:

Daily Feature – The daily feature is based on whatever movie had the highest score the previous day. Only movies that were uploaded that day are taken into consideration. If a movie is uploaded before midnight and doesn't have enough votes, it will carry over until the next day.

Weekly Users Choice – Every Wednesday at midnight the movie with the highest score is chosen as movie of the week. Only movies that were uploaded that week are taken into consideration. If a movie is uploaded near the end of the week and doesn't have enough votes, it will carry over until the next week.

Review Crew Pick – This follows the same criteria as the movie of the week, only it is based on the scores given in written reviews (rather than votes).

Underdog of the Week – The underdog of the week is the movie with the biggest discrepancy between votes and reviews. If a movie receives low votes, but the people who review it give it high scores, it will be eligible for this spot. This is why it is important that you review movies that you like: because you have the chance to help them get exposure even if the general voting public hates them.

Turd of the Week – Users shouldn't aim for this spot. The Turd of the Week is whatever movie managed to make it through the week with the lowest score and without being auto-deleted. We showcase these because they are usually funny (in a bad way).

Q: What is a BLAM?

A: A "BLAM" is our home-grown slang term to describe the deletion of a Flash Portal movie due to low user scores. Users are credited for BLAMS, and have even formed a BLAM Club!

Q: What can I do if I find an inappropriate movie in any of the Portals?

A: If a movie is racist, excessively pornographic, personally threatening, or generally much more offensive than regular Newgrounds fare, there is a good chance we don't want it here. If a user deems a movie inappropriate for the Portal and the entry is still under judgment, he/she can blow the whistle using the appropriate whistle option. If the entry has passed judgment users should contact us, and be sure to include the submission's URL and a brief description about why they think it is a problem. We will then look into the submission and decide if the movie/game stays or goes.

Q: What can I do if I find out a movie is stolen?

A: The last thing we want is people uploading stolen content. If a user finds a movie that is stolen, and it is still under judgment, he can blow the whistle and leave as much information as you can as to the source of the stolen work. If the entry has passed judgment users should contact us and be sure to include the submission's URL. If possible, they should tell us from whom and where it was stolen. We will then either delete the movie or contact the author to see if they would like it edited to give them proper credit. Users should not take it upon themselves to submit really cool Flash animations that aren't on Newgrounds; instead, we recommend contacting the author and suggesting they submit it to Newgrounds themselves.

Voting on Submissions

Q: How does voting work?

A: The quickest and easiest thing to do in the Portals is to vote on submissions. Voting establishes an entry's rank, so users who like or hate a submission should want to influence its exposure on the site. Users can vote on as many movies, games, or songs as they want but can only vote on each submission once per day.

Q: What does it mean when it says, "A similar address already voted on this?"

A: In order to avoid voting abuse, we only allow one vote per IP address per submission per day. Your IP address is a unique identifier assigned to you by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). While your ISP is unique to you at any given moment, the same IP address may be used by different customers over the course of the day. In this case, it is possible another user from your ISP has visited Newgrounds and voted on the same submission you are trying to vote on. Either that, or someone in your house, school or office has already voted on that submission. Or maybe you're just crazy, that's a possibility too.

Q: Why should I register just to vote on submissions?

A: Unregistered users are welcome to vote, but registered users receive some immediate benefits, such as the ability to write reviews and gain more voting power, so they have more control over the site rankings.

In addition, a user's voting power can be augmented by earning experience points or acquiring Blam and Protection points. More information about this can be found in those respective sections.

Reviewing Submissions

Q: Do you have review guidelines?

A: All users are given the privilege to write constructive reviews for submissions. However we do have guidelines that must be followed. If you violate any of our guidelines your account may be temporarily or permanently banned from reviewing and the offending review(s) removed. Multiple offenses may result in all of your reviews being removed, or your account being terminated. Creating multiple accounts to evade bans and commit multiple offenses may result in your ISP or the authorities being contacted.

  • Stay on the topic of the submission and do not make personal remarks or insults towards the author. This is a big offense. Telling artists "You suck!", "You should go kill yourself!", "You are gay!" etc., will get you banned and you may lose your account. Without our contributors Newgrounds wouldn't be what it is, so we take seriously any insults directed at them by reviewers.
  • Do not post TONS and TONS of crappy reviews just to get high in the rankings. If we catch someone doing this we will delete all their reviews - wouldn't that be a pain in the ass? Take your time and write a sincere review for every movie you wish to critique. Make sure your review is relative to the submission. Reviews that are found to offer no benefit to the author may be deleted.
  • Do not use the review space for the purpose of promoting things. Stick to reviewing the movies - we don't want to hear about how great your website is. Also, posting links to websites that reward you for sending hits is prohibited; we will delete your account for the first offense with no warning. Posting unrelated links is also prohibited and will result in a ban.
  • Do not flood the review title or body. Examples would be long strings of characters or words with no breaks or repeating words or phrases over and over. Do not submit images made from text and characters, as this will also get you banned.
  • Do not use reviews to express your feelings that the entry should be BLAMMED. If you post "BLAM this" or something similar you will be banned. Use the review option to tell the author how they can improve their work.
  • Do not use the review field to address other user's reviews you didn't agree with. You are to be reviewing the submission, not other people's reviews.
  • If you believe an entry is stolen, do not comment about it in your review. If you are wrong, you may convince other users that the entry is stolen and you may cause a legitimate entry to receive an unfairly low score, or have the whistle blown on it. Use the whistle option, if available, to flag the entry as stolen when you believe that is the case. If there is no whistle option available (the entry is no longer under judgment) contact Wade with as many details as you can about the stolen Flash and where you think it was stolen from.
  • If you think a submission doesn't belong on the front page of the site or shouldn't be featured in special sections of the site, keep it to yourself. The submissions on the front page and in special sections of the site are put there by our staff, not by the author. Keep your focus on how the person who submitted might improve their work.

If you see other users violating these terms you can help report them by clicking the "Abusive" link under the review. Clicking "No" only states the review wasn't helpful and not a violation; be sure to use the "Abusive" link if the review needs to be brought to our attention.

Q: How do I respond to my reviews?

A: Users can respond to reviews from their account pages. The Flash Submissions and Audio Submissions links, located in their respective Portal Options sections, contain links to respond to reviews for each submission. We added this feature so artists can get in the last word. Let's face it, NG users can be pretty harsh when they write reviews.

Submitting Flash Movies & Games

Q: I want to make movies for the Flash Portal! How do I learn Flash?

A: Go to the NG Flash Tutorials page. There are links to download the software, get tutorials, and ask questions. Please don't e-mail us directly, because if you can't figure out how to get through the door you're lazy and hopeless.

Q: Are there any general submission guidelines?

A: Yep. Here they are:

  • We do not seek movies that are racist or excessively pornographic. Artists should use their best judgment, based one what they see here at Newgrounds.
  • We do not want "demos" that have no functionality. If an artist has a decent demo then he should consider posting them to the Alphas section. If we see multiple entries in the Portal such as "Crap Movie v0.3" then "Crap Movie v0.5", we will delete them because they are annoying.
  • We despise movies that auto-redirect or auto-spawn windows to other sites. If people like a submission they will click on a link that takes them there anyway. If we catch a user using an auto-redirect or auto-spawn, the offending NG account may be deleted.
  • Artists should not beg for high votes. If a comment reads "Vote a 3 or higher and I'll make more" or something similar, we will most likely delete it. Also, ploys like "Vote a 5 if you support Napster!" warrant deletion too.
  • Users MUST NOT upload movies that they did not make. We will ban the IP address of any offenders and Newgrounds suddenly won't be so fun anymore. Also keep in mind that a user uploading a movie to the Portal is making a legal claim that it is their original work. It is a good idea to put a Newgrounds validated e-mail address somewhere in the beginning or ending of a movie so we can easily determine if the movie is stolen or not. We also love it when users put the NG tank logo in their movies. Check out the NG Preloaders page!

Q: Why won't the Flash Portal accept my submission?

A: Users need to make sure their movies are in .swf format. When a Flash movie is created, the source file is labeled with the .fla extension, while the compiled movie is an .swf file. Selecting "Export Movie" from the file menu in Flash is the simplest way to create a Portal-compliant Flash file. The Portal will also reject a movie if it is too big.

Q: Why is it that my submission "exceeds the file size limit" of the Flash Portal?

A: The Portal has a 10 MegaByte file size limit. We set this limit to encourage more optimized Flash submissions. Making a 150k Flash movie and adding a 2.5meg .mp3 file is just wasteful. Just remember, Pico was only 300k! Users who have files over 10megs that are more than just stick figures shooting each other can e-mail them on the off chance that we'll watch them.

Q: Why can I only submit two entries per day to the Flash Portal?

A: There are people who will squeeze out new movies every 10 minutes and would upload every one of them if we let them — we don't want to expose our audience to that.

The daily allotment is two movies per day. If a user is caught using multiple accounts to upload additional movies, all of those movies will be removed and the IP used to submit them will be blocked from further use.

Q: How do I edit my submission information once it is posted?

A: Users can make changes to their submissions from their Account Options area, a link to which is located at the top right corner of every page on the site while logged in. Once there, the link to edit Portal Submissions is located in the Flash Portal Options section. Each movie may be edited individually, so updated files can simply overwrite the old ones; this option is preferable to creating duplicate entries. In addition, any changes made to a user's personal profile (name, email address, website, etc.) will be instantly updated in all of that user's Portal entries.

Q: My movie was on the Flash Portal for a while, but now it is gone! What happened?

A: As a safeguard against being flooded with crap, the Portal will auto-delete movies if they reach certain criteria at specific checkpoints. If a movie is auto-deleted, it should not be re-uploaded. Make something better and try again!

Submitting Audio

Q: Why doesn't my audio submission appear instantly in the Audio Portal like it does in the Flash Portal?

A: Audio submissions go through an approval process. We do this because it's much easier to pass off stolen audio submissions as original work than it is for movies and games. Once users become approved they may continue to submit original tracks and loops.

Q: What do I do if I discover stolen music in the Audio Portal?

A: Please report all stolen audio to Wade via the staff page. If a user is discovered to have uploaded stolen content our policy is to delete the account and all related submissions – no questions asked.

Q: How can I get my music featured on the main audio page?

A: A-Bot plays the top submissions of the week based on user votes. We have no control over what his choices are, he's a robot with a mind of his own.

Submitting Art

Q: Why doesn't my art appear instantly in the Art Portal like it does in the Flash Portal?

A: Art will appear instantly on your user page, but you will need to be scouted by an approved artist before your art appears in the Art Portal. These "approved artists" aren't necessarily moderators, merely fellow artists who are already members of the Art Portal themselves.

Q: How do I get scouted?

A: Do NOT ask to be scouted! Do not ask in the Forums or send the staff a Private Message about being scouted as these will only hurt your chances. Just submit at least four pieces of quality art and be patient, someone will find you! Every single person with art in the Art Portal has the ability to scout others, so there will be a lot of people with their eyes peeled for great submissions.

Q: Once scouted, can I lose my ability to scout others?

A: Yes, if you scout people who don't take the Art Portal seriously, you may lose your ability to scout further people. You will still be able to submit your own art for as long as you remain scouted.

Q: Can I be unscouted?

A: If you break the rules or simply submit bad art — stick drawings, circles and squares, etc. — you will be unscouted. Your bad art will remain on your user page but art that breaks the rules will be removed.

Q: What are the rules for the Art Portal?

A: The rules are:

  • No photographs! We recognize photography as an artistic endeavor, but we're not including it in our Art Portal.
  • You must be the owner and creator of the work you are submitting.
  • Racist or hateful material will be removed.
  • Illegal material will be removed.
  • We try to be tolerant, but reserve the right to draw the line on adult material. In general, funny stuff gets a pass but downright pervert-bate may cross the line.

Q: No photographs? What about a photo of a painting I did in real life?

A: A photograph of a sculpture, painting, or some other piece of art you have made are in fact exceptions to this rule. Feel free to submit scans and photographs of your art if it's not already in a digital format.

Q: Do animated .gifs count as art?

A: Only animated .gifs that YOU have created may be submitted. Do not upload animated .gifs that you have gleaned from the Internet, as the Art Portal is not your personal storage space for things you find funny.

Q: What about art created using a tutorial of some kind?

A: If you created a piece of art by following a tutorial, please refrain from posting it. The Art Portal is for artistic endeavors, not images created by following a set of instructions. Tutorials are a great way to learn to draw but their final products aren't necessarily art, they are merely your copies.

Q: What do I do if I discover art that breaks the rules?

A: Please use the "Report Abuse" link underneath each artwork to report art that breaks the rules. Moderators will review every complaint and delete the offending submissions.

Q: I'm not an artist, can I still help discover talent?

A: On every unscouted artwork page, where the vote bar usually appears, there is a link to "Recommend [a user] for the Art Portal". Clicking that link helps move an artist up the "Most Recommended" list available to scouted artists in the private "Unscouted Art" section.

FAQ: Site Moderation

There are a lot of people who work hard to keep the site up and running. In addition to the Newgrounds staff there are countless moderators who help to maintain civility in various sections of the site.


Q: Who are the site administrators?

A: While technically every member of the Newgrounds team could technically be considered administrators, the day to day workings of the site are handled by Tom Fulp, Wade, Jim, Rob, Josh, and Tim.

Q: Can I contact them about problems with the site?

A: We'd prefer it if you reported problems using the appropriate site tools. If you absolutely need to contact the staff, you can use any of the links you find on the staff page. Please keep in mind that the entire staff is working hard to develop new site features and that we might take a while to respond.


Q: What do the moderators do?

A: Site moderators (also known as "mods") help maintain select areas of the site, generally making sure that members of the NG community are somewhat polite and policing the site for stolen content.

Forum Moderators – These guys and girls enforce the Forum rules, and they can lock threads, delete threads, posts, signatures or signature pictures, and ban users. When a user is banned from the Forums by a moderator it only affects his posting privileges; the rest of NG is still accessible.

Audio Moderators – The audio mods are in charge of audio artist approvals and judging whether audio flagged as stolen gets removed from the site.

Review Moderators – They enforce the review guidelines, and judge whether reviews flagged as abusive are deleted or not.

Icon Moderators – They approve icons uploaded (via the iconhelpers page) for submissions that don't have a custom icon.

Art Moderators – They review art that has been reported for being stolen, offensive, or in violation of other Art Portal rules.

Q: How does one become a moderator?

A: Do not ask to be a mod! Users who are model poster, act mature, and help point out problems to the current moderators if they appear to have overlooked something (without being annoying about it) are invited to become mods themselves. If we decide we need more moderators, this type of consistent, helpful user will be more likely to receive an invitation.

Q: Who are the moderators?

A: Forum Moderators: 4urentertainment, absent, Afro-Ninja, Auz, aviewaskewed, Back-From-Purgatory, BananaBreadMuffin, bob, BrokenDeck, Carmilla, Clickteam, Coop, Dean, Diki, DirtySyko, Dry-Ice, EJR, Elfer, Evark, EyeLovePoozy, idle, jarrydn, JeremyLokken, Joe, Jonas, JoS, Kid, Kirk-Cocaine, knugen, M-Bot, Malachy, MindChamber, Murray, NegativeONE, NEVR, ornery, poxpower, Rage, reverend, Rig, Rucklo, Sam, SardonicSamurai, SevenSeize, stafffighter, StarF68, STEM, tigerkitty, Timmy, TurkeyOnAStick, UltraBear, Zachary, Zendra, Zerok, and ZJ.

Icon Moderators: Afro-Ninja, Alexander, Asandir, Auz, bob, Captain, EJR, EyeLovePoozy, ForNoReason, Heinrich, Joe, Jolly, Krinkels, life, Loki, Luwano, M-Bot, Magical-Zorse, Mr-Shark, Murray, NegativeONE, Rage, reverend, Sectus, shunshuu, simon, TehSlapHappy, Zachary, and ZJ.

Audio Moderators: B0UNC3, Back-From-Purgatory, Bad-Man-Incorporated, bob, Breed, BrokenDeck, CarrotClock, DarKsidE555, Decibel, Echo, EchozAurora, Envy, Gian, InvisibleObserver, jarrydn, Joe, Jonas, Khuskan, Kirbyfemur, Krank, LJCoffee, M-Bot, midimachine, MindChamber, Rage, Rig, Rucklo, Sequenced, SineRider, Spikrodd, Step, SymbolCymbal, TMM43, and Zendra.

Art Moderators: AlmightyHans, bob, BoMToons, Captain, deadspread83, EyeLovePoozy, ImpendingRiot, Jonas, LegolaSS, M-Bot, MindChamber, ornery, poxpower, sucho, and TurkeyOnAStick.

Review Moderators: absent, aviewaskewed, bob, Captain, Coop, deckheadtottie, Evark, EyeLovePoozy, kidray76, life, M-Bot, Malachy, MindChamber, NEVR, ornery, Rage, reverend, SevenSeize, tigerkitty, WavyGravy, Wylo, and Zendra.


Q: What?

A: You read us correctly:  Bots.  As in robots.

Q: Really? What do they do?

A: Yes, really. These guys help us out with all the automated tasks that are too time consuming otherwise.

Q: Who are they?

A: We currently employ five bots. We only send official notifications using the ones listed here. If you get a message from a bot by any other name, please disregard this fake bot's ramblings.

P-Bot – Picks the daily Flash Portal winners and announces them on the front page every day, and removes unworthy submissions from the site with his BLAM cannon.

A-Bot – Sorts and ranks Audio files submitted to the Audio Portal, and picks and highlights weekly winners.

G-Bot – Creates, validates, and ranks user accounts.

M-Bot – Assists site moderators by notifying users of bans and removals regarding forum posts and submission reviews.

I-Bot – Helps users filter and sort Art Portal submissions, and picks each day's winning works of art.

FAQ: Store

T-Shirts & Apparel

Q: What are the different methods of shirt printing available?

A: Currently, all of our shirts are screen-printed, a technique employed by most T-shirt vendors. They are not created using an "iron-on" or "direct printing" technique, which sometimes results in discoloration or quicker fading.

Q: What brands of T-shirts does Newgrounds offer?

A: For each design we currently offer one of two brands: "Hanes Beefy®" or "American Apparel Fine Jersey" T-shirts. Here are the descriptions taken directly from their websites:

  • Hanes Beefy-T® — "6.1 oz, special cotton process that requires two extra steps of refinement that leads to a much softer, more durable fabric"
  • American Apparel Fine Jersey T-Shirt — "Made of 100% fine ring-spun combed cotton, this lightweight fine jersey is exceptionally smooth and tight-knit"

Our preferred shirt brand is the Hanes Beefy® T and therefore choose it for most of our styles. It resists wear and tear better than other brands because it's a heavier cotton, and it doesn't taper down to a thinner width at the waist.

Occasionally, the Hanes Beefy® color palette is a little lacking, in which case we print a design on American Apparel. While these are also quality shirts, the fabric is softer because it is thinner.

Check the size chart in this FAQ to see how the different brands measure up to your expectations, and make sure you're comfortable with the brand on which a particular design is printed before you order.

Q: How well will this new T-shirt fit?

Toggle Alternate SizingA: Here is a chart to help you determine which size is right for you.

Men's Sizes¹: S M L XL 2XL 3XL 4XL 5XL
Hanes 34 - 36 38 - 40 42 - 44 46 - 48 50 - 52 54 - 56 58 - 60 62 - 64
American Apparel² 34 - 36 38 - 40 40 - 42 46 - 48 48 - 50 50 - 52
Women's Sizes XS S M L XL 2XL
Hanes 0 - 2 4 - 6 8 - 10 12 - 14 16 - 18 20 - 22
American Apparel² 0 0 - 2 4 - 6 8 - 10 12 - 14 16 - 18
¹ Men's sizes measured in inches across chest.
² American Apparel T-shirts are tapered and measure up to 20% thinner at the waist.

Stickers & Posters

Q: Regarding stickers, what's the difference between die-cut and a sticker sheet?

A: Our die-cut stickers have custom shapes, and are typically sized larger like a bumper sticker. Sticker sheets, on the other hand, are several stickers cut out but left on a single page.

Q: Does the sticker material actually make a difference?

A: Yes! Vinyl stickers are water resistant, won't rip, and take much longer to wear out – think of them as oddly-shaped bumper stickers. Paper stickers, on the other hand, are a little thinner and are sometimes harder to remove from certain surfaces without ripping.

Q: How does the finish affect how my sticker or poster will look?

A: All of our stickers have a shiny look and "feel" glossy. However, there are subtle differences between the surface coatings used

  • UV Gloss — A liquid coating is applied to the sticker, which is then bonded and cured with ultraviolet light, helping protect the printed image. The resulting laminate gives the label a glossy finish and prevents the ink from rubbing off or fading in the sun.
  • Varnish — A clear, shiny ink is applied over the sticker to produce a glossy finish.

Artist Discs

Q: Why don't you list the running time for certain DVDs?

A: The information for the DVDs is taken right off the packaging. If the creator didn't see fit to list the running time on the package, then the best we could do is list the number of episodes. Hey, it's better than nothing, right?

Shipping & Handling Policies

Q: What is the "minimum order charge" listed on my invoice?

A: We have a minimum charge of $5 for all orders. To avoid being charged this fee, increase your cart's item quantities until your order total is above $5 and the minimum order charge will be removed.

Q: Are there any other handling charges?

A: We charge a $0.35 handling fee for non-Priority Mail® shipping options, to help defray the cost of shipping supplies. It is already included in all displayed shipping prices.

Q: Why do you limit the shipping options to my country?

A: Sadly, we've had some bad experiences shipping to certain countries. If you don't see "USPS First Class International" as a shipping option, then we're sorry to say that you're one of the unlucky ones. We regret that we have to restrict our customers in these countries to the more expensive international options, but we find it necessary to require a shipping option that offers international tracking and package insurance. Ultimately, it means we are able to provide better customer service.

Q: Will I have to pay import tariffs if I'm ordering from overseas?

A: Maybe! In some cases — Scandinavia, we're looking in your direction! — import taxes can be as high as 25% of the total order charge. There is no way for us to collect these tariffs up front and redirect them to your country; they are your responsibility! PLEASE be aware of your country's tariff restrictions as they have nothing to do with us. For our European customers, Wikipedia has a handy list of import rates for countries in the European Union.

Q: Are your items legal to import to my country?

A: That depends on where you live! You probably know more about your country's import policies than we do; please check with the appropriate government agency about import restrictions specific to you. For example, Australia has extremely strict regulations against importing items that contain beans of any kind, so purchasing one of our plush toys may require your item be subjected to Gamma radiation for an additional fee before you may receive your item.

Q: Who should I contact if I have problems or questions about my order?

A: Due to the complexity of running an online store, we must request that you contact us using, the official store email address. We will respond to your request for information within 1-2 business days. Sending anyone a Private Message or contacting us in any other way will likely result in a delayed or missed response.

FAQ: Forums

The Newgrounds Forums section (formerly "BBS") consists of multiple forums. Some are all-access, where all users are welcome to read, post and reply. Some are reply-only, where users can't start a new topic but are welcome to read and reply to existing topics. Other forums are private, such as those for use by forum moderators.


Q: What do the forum moderators do?

A: There is a description of moderator functions in the site moderation section.

Q: Why was I was banned?

A: Every user who posts in the forums agrees to abide by our forum rules. When these rules are broken a "ban" is often the consequence and can last anywhere from one day to an entire month.

Moderators may seem harsh at times but they are necessary to maintain a manageable maturity level. Without them the forums would turn into flame wars and spam threads, so please respect their decisions.

Q: Who are the current BBS moderators?

A: A current list of moderators is always available at the bottom of each forum page in the "User Base" section. Moderators currently online are labeled bright green in the "Users online" list.

User of the Day

Q: What are the requirements for being the UOTD?

A: To be selected as user of the day, a user meets the following criteria:

  • has a profile
  • has posted to the forums
  • has a properly-sized profile picture

Please don't ask for the spot, our system chooses it randomly.

Q: Can a user be UOTD more than once?

A: Nope.

Q: Where can I find a list of past UOTDs?

A: Lucky for you, we keep a list of past winners.


Q: Are there any limitations?

A: To limit abuse of our forums, we have imposed the following posting restrictions:

  • 6,500 characters in a post
  • one post every 60 seconds
  • four posts in a thread every 30 minutes
  • four new threads every 24 hours

Q: What about pictures?

A: When posting to the forums there is an optional field for uploading a picture. It must meet the following criteria:

  • file type: .jpg, .png, or .gif
  • maximum file size: 50k
  • maximum dimensions: 500x400 pixels wide/high

Exceptions to this rule are found in the Art Forum, where the maximum file size is 150k and the maximum dimensions are 595x700 pixels wide/high.

Q: Can I use HTML in my posts?

A: Sure thing. We allow basic formatting of forum posts. Here are some examples of common tags:

  • <strong>Strong</strong>
  • <em>Emphasis</em>
  • <ins>Underline</ins>

While we promote the use of proper HTML we also allow older, deprecated tags such as <b>, <i>, and <u>.

Additionally, here are some examples of different links you may use:

  • <a href="">Newgrounds</a>
  • <a href="">Email me!</a>
  • <a href="aim:goim?screenname=eldorado642">AIM Me!</a>

FAQ: Private Messaging

Private Messaging (PM) is the internal mail system. Anyone with an NG account can send a message to anyone else on the site simply by entering their username or clicking any of the "Contact" links throughout the site.

Contacting Other Users

Q: Where do I access my Private Messages?

A: While logged in to the site, there is a button at the top of every page labeled "Inbox" that will redirect registered users to the Private Messaging system.

There is also a section of every user's account page that provides a direct link to compose a new message and a disk space indicator to help gauge how much space is left in the Inbox.

Q: Can I PM anyone I want?

A: Every registered user may PM any other user. It's up to each individual person to decide whether to respond to, ignore, or in some cases block incoming messages.

Q: How do I email another user?

A: Private Messaging is the preferred method of contact on Newgrounds, and the only contact link provided throughout the site. We keep all email addresses provided during the sign-up process hidden well away from prying eyes and probing scripts. PMs give registered users a way to contact artists directly while still protecting their privacy. If you need another way to contact someone try visiting their website.

System Features

Q: How many messages can I receive before my PM Inbox fills up?

A: Every user is allotted one megabyte of space, which translates into roughly 2,000 messages depending on message length.

Q: What happens when I reach the limit?

A: Messages cannot be sent to users who have reached their limit. Instead, an error message is displayed indicating that the intended recipient's Inbox is full.

Q: So many people… how do I keep track of them all?

A: There is a button to access a list of contacts, located in the navigation menu atop every page in the Private Messaging system. Frequently-messaged users can be added to this list directly using the fields provided or by clicking the button located at the top and bottom of every message. The Contacts list can be used to tag usernames with reminders, seeing who is currently online, or quickly firing off a message.

Q: How do I stop people from spamming me?

A: At the top and bottom of every message there is a button to block the user who sent it. When a user is blocked in this manner, that person is added to a Block List accessible from the Private Messaging navigation menu. That username will remain on the Block List until active steps are taken to remove it. Users who are flagged in this manner will no longer be a nuisance.

Q: How can I see the list of people I've blocked?

A: The button to access the Block List is part of the Private Messaging navigation menu located atop every page in the PM system. This list can be used for removing blocked users, blocking additional users, and tagging listed users with reminders as to why they've earned a spot there. There's also a convenient time stamp for every blocked user to help serve as a reminder.

Q: Are there any size limits for my Contact or Block Lists?

A: There is currently a limit of 100 names for each of these lists. When the limit is reached, users need to remove a name before being allowed to add a new one.

Q: Where are my sent messages?

A: The system does not currently keep a copy of sent messages.

FAQ: User Page Statistics


Q: What is a level? What is it based on? What is it good for?

A: A level is a number (between 1 through 60, inclusive) along with an icon of a fist, glove, or weapon for a user based on that user's experience. Levels 1 through 8 are static in that their level requirements and range remain fixed; each is 50 experience points apart. Levels 9 through 60 expand to even out the experience point differential between those levels. Because they change, their requirements and range cannot be accurately given. Levels serve no purpose except to increase the voting power in the Flash Portal and to indicate amount of experience. For this reason a higher level often commands a certain amount of respect.

Rumors that there can be only one Level 60 user are untrue. There can be any number of users at the highest level provided they all have an equal amount of experience points.

Q: What do the different level icons look like?

A: You can see the icon for each level, as well as the amount of experience required, by viewing our levels page.


Q: What is an aura? What does it do? How is it determined?

A: An aura is a self-selected indication of a user's voting disposition. It was originally determined by one's voting habits but this is no longer the case. A user may select or alter his aura in his general configuration.


Q: Why do I have a Rank?

A: Rank determined by a user's Blam and Protection Points. View the complete list of ranks to see where you fit in.

Blams / Saves

Q: How does one receive 'Blam' or 'Protection' points?

A: Blam and Protection points are earned by voting on a movie or game that is "under judgment" (submissions marked as such in the Flash Portal). If a user votes a 0-1 on a movie and it is subsequently deleted (see deletion qualifications below), the user receives one Blam point. Conversely, when a user votes 2-5 on a movie that successfully passes the judgment phase then that user receives a protection point.

Movies are deleted if they fall below the listed score at the listed number of votes:

  • 100 votes: 1.0
  • 150 votes: 1.25
  • 200 votes: 1.60

Q: What are these extra points good for?

A: Blam and Protection points increase a user's voting power (which otherwise would be strictly based upon experience). The increase is a percentage bonus based on the user's level. For information on the Blam/Protect levels, including rank names, badge pictures, and associated voting percentage bonus, view the complete list of ranks.

Q: What if a movie is removed because it is stolen, malicious, or unsuitable?

A: Users who voted 0-1 on a deleted submission while it was under judgment still get a Blam point.

Whistle Status

Q: What is the Whistle and what does it do?

A: Due to the large amount of abuse to Newgrounds by malicious users we have implemented features that allow users to help police the site. A user's Whistle level can go up or down depending on how accurately the user flags questionable content. If a user abuses their use of the whistle to flag portal entries and reviews that do not violate our terms they will lose points and eventually be stuck with a broken whistle.

Users with broken whistles have no effect on anything they attempt to flag. However, users with a broken whistle may still receive negative or positive points so they can either dig themselves a deeper hole or try to regain a normal level and effectively flag entries once again. Users who blow the whistle accurately many times can increase their whistle level to bronze, silver, gold or deity levels. Users with a higher whistle level pull more weight when they use it.

Q: When may I blow the whistle?

A: The whistle may be blown on new, "Under Judgment" Portal submissions that fit into one or more of the following categories:

"This movie is stolen" – Use this option if you are certain an entry has been submitted by someone other than the creator. After blowing the whistle you will be asked to indicate from whom or where the entry was stolen; provide links when possible.

"This movie is malicious (e.g. auto-spawns pop-up windows, multiple submission)" – Use this option if an entry has malicious intent such as spawning pop-ups to other sites automatically, trying to run a script or interact with your computer in a malicious way, or was submitted repeatedly after being Blammed with no effort made to improve the entry. After blowing this whistle you will be asked to indicate which malicious acts the entry committed.

"This movie is unsuitable (e.g. hardcore adult, porn slideshow, hateful, illegal)" – Use this flag if you feel an entry goes beyond what is appropriate for While we host a lot of extreme content we do not seek content that is racist, hateful, or illegal. Examples include child pornography, bestiality, photos or video of hardcore adult acts, pornographic slideshows, and images of people or animals being killed, tortured, or mutilated. (Note: If someone submits a Flash movie or game that merely uses hardcore material in a humorous way and the submission is at least rated accordingly, it may be acceptable. Again, after blowing this whistle you will be asked to indicate what you found to be unsuitable.

If enough users blow the whistle on an entry it will be automatically pulled from the Portal until it has been reviewed. Upon review, if we decide the entry is in violation of our guidelines we will delete it and those who blew the whistle will receive positive whistle points. If we find it is not a violation of our guidelines we will release it back into the Portal and those users who blew the whistle will receive negative whistle points.

Q: Is there any other way to affect Whistle Status?

A: Whistle points may also be earned by flagging reviews as being abusive. Users who are logged in to will see the following text below each review: "0/0 people found this review helpful. Did you? [ Yes / No / Abusive ]". When enough users flag a review as "abusive" it is marked for our review. If the review violates our review guidelines, it will be deleted and users who flagged the submission will be rewarded with positive whistle points. If we clear the review those who flagged it will receive negative whistle points.

Experience Points

Q: What are experience points?

A: Much like a traditional role playing game, registered users may acquire experience points and gain levels resulting in higher status.

The best reason to gain experience points is added weight to your votes. Users with an abundance of points will have the strength of multiple voters, meaning they can hurt the movies they hate and help the movies they love. We make the assumption that anyone who visits the site daily will have a better idea of what good content is, so frequent visitors have more influence over the rankings. Remember, you must be logged in for your voting power to be augmented!

Experience points also unlock secrets, which can be accessed from your Account Options page after you log in.

Q: How do I acquire experience points?

A: There are several ways to gain points:

  • Every day (by Eastern Standard Time), you may vote on at least five Flash Portal submissions to deposit ten experience points. Voting on more than five in a single day does not give you additional experience points.
  • When creating a Grounds Gold user account a user can earn a few extra points by signing up for mailing lists and creating a public profile.
  • Aside from the methods listed above there are no tricks or secret ways of boosting your experience. Anybody who tells you otherwise is either making jokes at your expense or trying to get you to serve them somehow.

Experience Rank

Q: Who am I being ranked against?

A: Your rank is determined by comparing your experience points to the experience of every other user on Newgrounds. Currently, your experience is ranked against just over 1,000,000 users.

Voting Power

Q: How is Voting Power determined?

A:Voting Power is based on a user's Level and Blam / Protection points. Take a look at the respective sections to see how voting power is affected by each.

Batting Average

Q: What is one's Batting Average?

A:Batting Average is average score for an author's Flash submissions. Only users who have submitted at least three Flash movies/games have this statistic. Posts, Experience, Blams/Saves, or popularity do not factor into a user's batting average.

Q: Where can I find this statistic?

A: There is a list of top batting averages which takes into account all of an author's submissions. In addition, every author has a separate batting average which takes into account only his/her top three submissions; that average is listed next to the results of an author search.


Q: What is the Sticker stat?

A: For a while now we have offered high quality tank logo stickers. It used to be one of the best ways to get the word out about NG, and even today users who order stickers and include their username can have their order credited to their profile. We still maintain a list of users who have placed the most sticker orders. Head over to the NG Store if you want some!