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Comic-Con 2005San Diego, Ca.

BRIEF BACK-STORY: In 2002, Dan Paladin and I made a Flash game called Alien Hominid. In 2003, we teamed up with John Baez and Brandon LaCava to form the Behemoth and independently develop a console version. It was released in November of 2004 to lots of praise and even won some awards! You can learn more on the Alien Hominid website.

We had originally premiered the console version of AH at Comic-Con 2003 in San Diego. We later showed a near finished version at Comic-Con 2004, just months before release. Comic-Con 2005 marked our first chance to actually sell Alien Hominid at a public event. We also took the opportunity to introduce our new console game for the first time ever!

15,000 buttons in 25 varieties!

2John sorts buttons and stickers.

To prepare for the event, we worked feverishly for a month and a half on our new game (it's a very preliminary demo). John and the Behemoth team in San Diego also prepared goodies, such as 5,000 buttons (all hand-pressed in the Behemoth office) and stickers.

To add to the pre-Comic-Con stress, I was invited to guest-host Attack of the Show on G4! I flew out to LA on Tuesday, July 5th, fresh out of July 4th weekend. I went straight from the plane to the G4 office for my first live episode. John picked me up after Friday's episode and brought me down to San Diego, where I was back to work on the new game that night. I'm a machine!

1Guest-hosting on G4TV the week before Comic - Con.

2Only a few days left to make the game work.

Tuesday was booth set-up. We arrived at 6:30am so we could get parking under the convention center, which opened at 7:30 for unloading.

1Setting up the booth.

2John surveys the chaos.

For the previous year, we thought it would be fun to give away free alien antennas to the crowd! We ordered 5,000 and they went like hotcakes. Devoid of any better ideas this year, we decided to try the same gimmick again; only this time we brought 20,000 antennas!

1Unpacking antennas... 20,000 of them!

2Tina helps unwrap antennas.

1The crowd swarms our booth for free antennas.

2Everyone loves alien antennas!

Even bigger than the antennas, however, was the announcement of our next game - a medieval fantasy four player hack 'n slash adventure! This was the first time anyone had ever seen it, in all its buggy glory!

1Our next game is unveiled... Without a name!

2Someone is jealous we aren't making AH2 yet.

1The new game features 4-player medieval fantasy action!

2Think this guy knows how to play as a knight?

The unveiling of our new game meant we got a lot of attention from the press. The downside was that when most companies introduce a new game, they arrange for exclusives and provide press-packs with hi-res screen shots. We sorta blew our load on this one, letting everyone just see it all at once and take crappy pictures off the TV screen. I like it, though; it's like oldschool press coverage, for our oldschool game.

1We had tons of press interviews over the four days!

2Ricardo from came by to check out the game!

Day one of Comic-Con was a huge success, but we decided some changes were in order. For one, the antennas were a mess. They got tangled up when we tried to lay them out on the table, so John went out and got a pipe to line them on.

1On day two we introduced a better distribution system.

2Dan waits as the convention center doors open to the public.

We also brought in a special surprise on the second day - an exclusive game! For the European release of Alien Hominid, we had created a four player mini-game called "All You Can Eat" (PAL users - try playing it with beer). Players take the roles of Fat Kids and have an insane eating competition where the fastest button masher wins!

1Four player mayhem with All Your Can Eat!

2We went head-to-head with the fastest button pressers.

The frantic action whipped the crowd into a frenzy, so we decided to give out prizes! The winner of each match got a button. If you could win nine in a row, your tenth match was against the Behemoth team. Winners received their choice of either a copy of Alien Hominid or an Alien Hominid t-shirt! We met some insanely fast button-pressers. The fastest was probably a guitarist named Vlad. He was insanely fast. Vlad isn't pictured above, though.

1Intense focus is necessary for the eating competition!

2Everyone is having a great time!

Did I mention a lot of fans stopped by? Dan and I had to sign so many autographs, I thought my hand would fall off. It rocked, though. I never, ever sign autographs in Philly. I never get spotted, I never get my picture taken. Comic-Con is an entirely different world. I've been asking people to email me the pictures they take with us, since I don't have my own copies otherwise!

1Doing the Bedn!

2-Frank- wanted me to share this with everyone.

1Look who decided to stop by!

2John shares some laughs with Kermit!

Rog from I-Mockery was also in attendance, in all his Pickleman glory! Rog spent the week wandering around, taking pictures and giving out stickers. Check out the page he made!

1Rog (Pickleman) of I-Mockery loves AH!

2He's still afraid of the alien, though!

1Strawberry Clock makes a punctual appearance!

2Don't ask me, I don't know.

Saturday was the busiest day, as visitors from LA made the trip down the coast to check out Comic-Con. Shok just happened to be one of those unfortunate visitors - what would normally be a 2.5 hour drive ended up taking him six hours! It was worth it, though, as we were all able to get in to a party for game developer "Foundation 9", makers of Death Jr. for the PSP. At least, I think it was the Foundation 9 party. Free beer, free food... I'm happy!

1Shok made the drive from LA to visit!

2Hanging out at the Foundation 9 party.

Of course, it wouldn't be Comic-Con without the Alien Hominid mascot running around creating chaos. Here is the alien, making friends!

1Gotta Kill 'Em All!

2Happy Tree Friends and AH: Match made in heaven!

1Aliens get all the babes!

2I didn't know it was a three-legged alien!

1Her boyfriend was asked to step away.

2They make a nice couple!


2Re-creating my favorite Elian Gonzales moments.

1The rebels wouldn't stand a chance.

2Ok, I'll stop now.

With only 30 minutes left on Sunday, we had sold out every copy we brought of AH for the PS2 and were down to just a few copies for Gamecube. People love buying stuff when there isn't much left, so I made the announcement and everyone got all grabby for a copy. In the end, we sold out completely! This was especially nice because it was less stuff to load into the van.

1The last few copies of AH sparked a buying frenzy!

2The van is almost loaded and we're about to get loaded.

To celebrate the successful week, a few of us decided to grab dinner in San Diego's Gaslamp district. Rog from I-Mockery and his wife Re joined in on the fun!

1April, Billy, Tina, Emil

2Re, Rog, John

1Celebrating a successful Comic-Con!

April and I flew back to Philly the following morning and I felt like I could sleep for days. It was a great experience this year and I hope next year will be even more fun! There is a growing presence of people from the NG community at Comic-Con. This year, Broken Saints and College University both had booths. I regret not taking any pictures with them while I had the chance! Maybe next year!