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VoyeurBus Philadelphia, Pa.

One night a bus pulled up in front of our place. It wasn't any normal bus - inside was a bathtub, toilet, couches, etc. The best part was, the entire bus was transparent!

This bus was the VoyeurBus, as seen on TV and at! We had never heard of it before, but here it was, parked in front of our place. It was actually parked in front of the dorm across the street. We aren't sure why, but it was perhaps picking up some new girls for the tour.

You see, these girls ride around the country in the VoyeurBus, taking dumps and showers for the whole world to see. Their purpose? To protect our First Amendment Rights. If there was ever a political statement I'll support 100%, it's this one!

buspicThe bus!

buspicThe bathtub!

buspicThe slogan!

Rather than just take pictures of the bus, I decided to get a little crazy!

buspicI had to have the girls plug Newgrounds…

buspic…and of course I had to tag the bus!


Things turned ugly when it came time for the bus to leave!

buspicThe bus is leaving in a hurry!

buspicLook out Big Steve!

buspicOn to the next stop!