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NG Game Jams

In a typical game jam, teams show up on a Friday and are provided with a theme. Teams then have until Sunday night to finish their games!

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    NG Game Jam 10 Devs had on weekend to develop games with the theme, "The Unknown."
  • flash_620910_medium
    NG Game Jam 9 Teams had two weeks to develop games based on fake game screenshots.
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    NG Game Jam 8 Teams had 48 hours to make games with the theme, "Cabin in the Woods."
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    NG Game Jam 7 Games built in 48 hours around a core mechanics diagram.
  • flash_585063_medium
    NG Game Jam 6 Teams made games with the theme of hallucinations.
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    NG Game Jam 5 Teams had to make games based on literary classics.
  • flash_567740_medium
    NG Game Jam 4 Teams had a weekend to make games based on constraints.
  • flash_562927_medium
    NG Game Jam 3 Game Jam with random game themes by IdeaTron.
  • flash_557910_medium
    NG Game Jam 2 The second Newgrounds online game jam!
  • flash_542591_medium
    NG Game Jam 1 Newgrounds online game jam!
  • flash_527945_medium
    Power of Three 2009 Games made by teams of three: Artist, Programmer and Musician.
  • flash_387592_medium
    Rock Out A contest to make the best rhythm game!