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Game Jams

Game Jams are events where people come together for a short time (usually a weekend) and make games. We're managing an archive of all the game jam entries that have also been posted on Newgrounds, including entries from our own NG Game Jams!

If you make an entry for one of these jams, please tag is based on the jam naming convention. Examples include "ludumdare23", "minild35", "globalgamejam2012", etc. Some jams go by number, others by year.

  • flash_542591_medium
    NG Game Jams Teams make games with provided themes and short deadlines.
  • flash_601778_medium
    Ludum Dare Web game entries from the Ludum Dare competitions.
  • flash_594788_medium
    MolyJam Games with themes pulled from @petermolydeux's Twitter feed.
  • flash_589286_medium
    Global Game Jam Games made during an annual event with 100s of locations.