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Britney Spears

The only good thing that has come of this Britney phenomenon is that Pepsi used her to replace that even more annoying Pepsi Girl.

It isn't enough to just kill Britney - many creative Flash artists went out of their way to downright humiliate her in the worst ways possible! My hat goes off to EvilDave in particular, who's sick animations always make me pee my pants.

If hating on Britney isn't enough, perhaps you'd like to hate on K-Fed, too!

Fun Fact: Britney gets more parody videos than any other musician on Newgrounds, with the Backstreet Boys being a close second.

If you want something more interactive, these little gadgets are a good way to kill a few minutes. Dress Britney has to be one of the most popular Flash gadgets ever made! Scary, aint it?

Before you write off Scott Torment as getting lucky with his Dress Britney game, be sure to check out Star Wars: Lo Mein. Scott is definitely a funny bastard, with a lot of talent beyond naked dress-up dolls!

Last but not least, we have some fun Britney animations. Don't count these out - they are hilarious!