Backstreet Boys

It seems like it has been years since I made the original Backstreet Boys Assassin mission - the first anti-Backstreet Boys Flash game! I think it was the first game I made with Flash 3, having made Telebubby Fun Land and a few previous Assassin missions with Flash 2. You can see how I was experimenting with looping movie clips - it wasn't long before I pumped out the much more impressive NSYNC Assassin mission (be sure to find the easter egg). I later updated both with a Flash 4 "tell a friend" form. I don't even know how many people even use that thing...

You would think we would have many more movies to showcase after all this time, but at least we have some great ones. Be sure to check out the original, along with the DK Project and Miss Dynamite cartoons below. The rest are all good as well!

There are two submissions in particular that inspired this collection. These are our two favorite anti-Backstreet movies!

Here are some other zany BSB games and movies. I'm sure everyone will appreciate the song.

We have even set aside a special corner for Nick Carter, and his non-BSB brother, Aaron. Enjoy!