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    Animals Cats, dogs, penguins, bears; they're all here!
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    Anime We've received tons of anime-themed submissions over the years!
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    Art Games Games that were made as art.
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    Assassin Killing and humiliating celebrities and pop-culture icons since 1996!
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    Clay Take Flash, clay, a webcam... This is what you get!
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    Culture Religion, Politics, Lifestyles, etc.
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    Game Dev Platforms Showcase of games made with various development tools.
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    Game Jams Games made during various game jam events.
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    Global Game Jam 2016 The theme for GGJ 2016 was "Ritual."
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    Holidays A collection of chaos for every occasion!
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    Lemon Demon Music videos featuring the songs of Lemon Demon!
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    Memes and Trends All Your Base, Numa Numa, etc.
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    Newgrounds Everything related to NG and the NG community.
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    Ninjas and Samurai Hi-ya! It's sword fighting time!
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    Pirates A whole page of pirates!
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    Pixel Day A celebration of pixel art and the 8-bit/16-bit era!
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    Pop Culture Film, Television and Celebrity Nonsense.
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    Robots Do you like cartoons about robots? Look no further!
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    Songs to Wear Pants To Andrew makes music from your instructions.
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    Sticks Vast numbers of stick movies and games await you.
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    Ultra Violence A fun collection of violent submissions!
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    Vampires Creepy vampire Flash for all you people who like vampires!
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    Video Game Parodies Parodies of all your favorite video games, whether 8-bit, 16-bit or a bazillion bits!
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    Zombies Terrifying zombie-themed games and movies!