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WillKindricks WillKindricks programmer / musician Message looking for programmers, musicians, writers

I am a 5 years in experience c++ programmer, 2 years experience musician and if anyone is willing to pay for a project I am willing to stay dedicated to the project and work until you have what you want!


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paras123 paras123 artist / programmer / voice actor Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hi Everyone,i Am paras123 and I am looking forward to Program Or Animate,i am having much experience in all but I am most experienced in voice/Animation/Programs.So,I am Looking forward with you to create a much better thing....!

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DGStudios DGStudios artist / programmer / musician / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, writers

Looking for anyone to help with my new game, Skype name : Britzblitz please contact me and we can talk there too.
This is some of my artwork:

(i am also a game design student)

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TitchyToon TitchyToon programmer Message looking for artists, musicians, voice actors, writers

HI, I'm Sam.

I've wanted to create my own game, especially a J-RPG style game, ever since I was a child (and I'm aware of the fact many people share this dream). I've already made one of my dreams come true this year through hard work, so I don't see why this would be impossible either. I am doing my game development inside Unreal Engine (UE4 to be precise). This allows the group to push graphical potential to the limits (but obviously music, storyline, gameplay and voice acting are just as important). Furthermore, it means whatever we create i can do my best to redevelop, based on the content we already have, and release versions for IOS and Android as well as allowing for out-the-box compatibility with the oculus rift.

As a starting point, we need to get the group together and develop a story idea. From there, I'll go and start planning out basic level maps in UE whilst any artist(s)/animator(s) work on drawing up character designs and begin modelling/texturing/rigging/animating (the game will be 3D, so models will also have to be 3D). Once we get all that down I'll need to start adding in some Blueprints (in reference to UE4's visual scripting system) so that we can insert music and voice acting as well as make sure the behaviour of all the game's objects work as scripted. But I'm sure you all get the idea...
I would primarily like to start the project as just a bit of fun with people working together to reach a dream, but ultimately if we did create something that we are all proud of, I wouldn't mind making the game commercial (of which obviously everyone would get a fair split of anything made - but hey, for now it's about having fun reaching a dream).

In detail, I'm looking for;

- Texture artist(s) // (as it's a game, using UV texture maps are useful and provide a good sense of realism in materials)
- Writer(s) // The key to any game is a good story, so make it full of epic moments/twists and emotive stuff
- Composer(s) // Since I'm aiming for a J-RPG maybe more orchestral music may be appropriate, although it goes without
----------------------- saying that many other styles can sound amazing when integrated and scored properly (much of my
----------------------- favourite J-RPG music is from the Final Fantasy series, Tales of Series and Dark Cloud Series etc.)
- 3D animator(s)*
- 3D modeler(s)* // I've paired these two as they commonly go hand in hand. I'm looking for someone who can create high
---------------------- quality high polygon 3D models fully textured, rigged and with some animation sequences. I have
----------------------- // a 3-year student copy of Maya 2014 myself but I'm terrible at 3D modelling...
Voice Actor(s) // Obviously a key part in many modern day games, VAs should be able to convey realistically in their voice
----------------------- // how the character is feeling at this point and make scenes all the more dramatic - this will be done later.

Drop me a message if you are willing to join my team!
Thanks for reading,

*NOTE* - Unreal Engine 4 is a very recent version and therefore (obviously dependent upon what you use in your game world) requires as they say on the site a 'beefy' computer. My computer can simulate all this fine, but I use a custom build for the sake of 3D designing and gaming. The software's intended use is for next-gen computing, however I'm sure I can cut some corners and try and make it as lag free as possible. As the engine is updates also, this situation will likely improve and if not general computer components definitely will.

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