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Sushin00 Sushin00 programmer / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

I'm looking to make a short game with someone or a small group of people from the ground up, idea and all. I'm mainly a programmer and designer but I'm capable of filling in all voids on a team, including music and art. What I want from you before you contact me is evidence of previously completed projects. That's all. They don't have to be good per se, I just want to see that you finished something.
Some other things. The game has to be 3D and developed in Unity (doesn't necessarily mean 2D art is out of the question). The game idea WILL be built from the ground up based on my capabilities as a programmer (or yours), and what we want to do and want to get out of the project. If you think you're going to come to me with your game idea for me to program, you're going to be disappointed. I'm doing this for free because I want to work on a side project with other people that can turn into an impressive portfolio piece. Don't be shy if you think you're bad. What matters is that you have enough dedication to finish the project with me and are willing to improve.
Please contact me if you're interested!

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NarutoAE NarutoAE programmer Message looking for artists, musicians, voice actors, writers

HI!!! I'm NarutoAE(Lucas) and I'm an ActionScript 3.0 Coder!!!
I'm looking to collaborate with anyone who has an idea for a game or whatever,
I work for free since I want to develop my skill as a coder and just to get something awesome on my portfolio!! :D
I am dedicated and will work as hard as I can, putting the project before myself,
Note: That if we can't get a prototype running in about a few weeks time you're probably doing something wrong!!

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TheArcadeGamerBros TheArcadeGamerBros artist / programmer / musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

so yeah basicly were a group of 15 yr olds that have fun all the time and we chat and also we play games multiplayer on steam
and like to draw/animate and stuff like that so if you guys wanna be part of the group send me a message and your skypename

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