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Vinstigator Vinstigator musician Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians

I had a popular flash series.back in 2003/2004 and have now since gone on to making music. Feel free to use any of my songs in your flash projects. In fact, feel free to use as many of my songs as you want! Whether it's a music video, for a game, or even a short scene, I would love to see it! Here are links to my top 6 songs...

Time -
On My Mind -
Don't Really Wanna Know -
One Must Die -
E vs. Vinstigator -
Aether -

If you guys have any questions, feel free to message me here or email me

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NightRaid-NG NightRaid-NG artist / musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hello, let me introduce myself

My name is Chris Schroeder. I'm a 15 year-old who can do music and art.

What I'm hoping to do is make art and music for anyone who needs help. You don't have to pay me, but it would be nice. :)

Here's some examples of my art:

Here's some examples of my music:

I'm also looking to write for people to animate.
If you animate what I write, I can promote your animation career.

I hope to hear from someone soon.

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Wondermeow Wondermeow artist / musician / voice actor Message looking for artists, musicians, voice actors

Hi Guys,

Looking for some talented voice actors, background artist to work on a few projects. If you are interested it's pretty simple send me examples of your work and I'll get back to you it's that simple. Look forward to what all you guys come up with and seeing you all on the team good luck.

Kind regards,


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jambrother2 jambrother2 musician Message looking for musicians, voice actors

This really is a longshot but I'm a noise/noise rock/power electronics producer and i'm looking for somebody to shout/scream (sincerely) at the top of their lungs over some of my tracks.

heres three examples of the kind of vocals i'm looking for:

I don't have any lyrics but i would be more than happy to help write them (i'm looking for shocking, degrading, violent and generally unpleasant lyrics(but none of that death metal-esque, "abominable lacerations" type shite) topics such as rape, abuse, insecurity, and disease would sit nicely (i swear to god i'm a normal well adjusted person, i just like to shock people.)

some level of vocal flexibility would be useful, as i'm also looking to work on some quiet, more eerie tracks with whispered vocals such as this one: (please do mind my semi-awkward vocals) i'm looking for somebody who can do this but better.
A decent quality microphone is a must. as well as the ability to sound sincere.
I'm NOT looking for a screamo vocalist as these kinds of vocals just sound fake and you can tell that the vocalist is using a technique rather than just going for it.

Here is a link to one of the tracks i'm currently working on:

please inbox me with a sample of your vocals if you are interested.

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TheSpacePunk TheSpacePunk musician Message looking for artists, musicians, voice actors

Hello everyone!
I'm TheSpacePunk (THE cuz spacepunk is already taken), I'm 22, and I'm french (sorry if I'm speaking bad so).
I'm lookin for singers and pixels god (Pixel art specialist ^^) and another musical collaboration.
And cuz everybody gave up all projects we have began... this time I will pay you for at least one project. As musician-Producer, cuz, why not?

Here are the details :
-I'm lookin for -Female singer- first, I love their smoothy voice. (But if you are a Male, and if you sing very well, no problem dude!)
-I'm lookin for an pixel art artist, for a new album picture.
-And finally, I'm also lookin for a musical collaboration, if you are interested, please listen first to my song, cuz our style must be kind of similar.

I'm making music for 4 almost years! And I really need something new...
If you are interested, send me PM . (Send me a link of your best creation in your opinion)

Have a nice days guys, bye
(If you can speak french, you'll receive extra payment! ;) )

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slugrapist slugrapist artist / programmer / musician / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians

I'm Making A Game Based Off The South Park Movie I Need Character Designs Backgrounds Music Writing And A Beta Tester
I Also Need A Title Card That Says SOUTH PARK THE GAME
This Is Like Pokemon Type So Remember To Make All The Characters Tiny

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PureJoy PureJoy musician Message looking for musicians

Hi there ! I miss inspiration these last times, so I looking for someone to collab with ! I do mostly hip-hop beats with some kind of video-game melodies in it, but I'm open to whatever idea you might have !

Feel free to contact me for maybe team-up !

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DeltAV001 DeltAV001 musician Message looking for musicians

I am looking for co-producers and vocalists for my tracks and weekly mixes (coming soon). If you are a house or EDM producer or singer, please consider me. Please DM me on Soundcloud -->

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SP2004 SP2004 musician Message looking for programmers, musicians

Hello! I am Ssha Play and i make not bad music.

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