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gold5472 gold5472 musician Message looking for musicians, voice actors

Hi guys,

I am just looking for any musician who can do one off collaboration with me. All you have to do is message me.
Many thanks,


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kingkez kingkez artist / musician / writer Message looking for musicians

Im working on an EP and I need features
You can DM me on here or email me at
Rappers must be versatile

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DIBLIS DIBLIS musician Message looking for artists, musicians

I'm simply looking for someone to do a music vid style animation for my new song Your Not Alone.

Plus the song is open for remixes.

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Yardood Yardood musician Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hello NG, I am a composer & producer.
Am looking for paid projects, I put a lot of time and energy into my tracks.
therefore I am looking for serious partners!

have a listen:

Contact me on
Newgrounds or Email:

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JLBSubzero JLBSubzero musician Message looking for artists, musicians, voice actors


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HauteCouture HauteCouture musician Message looking for musicians

Haute Couture is a mid '80s inspired synthpop project looking for singers that sound like the vocalists of that era and guitarists that can play big dance grooves. If you're interested I'd love working with you!

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JoshuaFinnie JoshuaFinnie musician Message looking for musicians, voice actors

I made a song, but I made it to have lyrics. However, I did not write any lyrics or find anyone to sing it. So, I am looking for someone who can write and sing a song based on the instrumental version. The instrumental version is here: and if you are able to please PM me and we can figure out anything that needs to be figured out. PLEASE KEEP THE LYRICS P.G. AND DO NOT INCLUDE ANYTHING LIKE; Sex, drugs, violence (that basically covers it). Thank you

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