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aliaspharow aliaspharow musician Message looking for programmers, musicians

I am an electronic Music producer with 7 years of Fruity Loops experience.
My music has received a total of 150,000+ listens on this site and I write anything from Ambient to Dubstep, house and anything in between.
I am looking to work with anyone on any game development for little or (depending on the project) no pay. I am also interested in music collaboration so hmu!

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pftq pftq musician Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors

I mainly compose film/game music that go best with a scene or story. Not sure what the genre is - probably cinematic, thematic, or trailer. Feel free to have a listen and let me know if you like what you hear:

I'm open to collaborating on games, films, or even more music (with other musicians), but it's best if the style of music stays the same.

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jacklehamster jacklehamster artist / programmer / musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for programmers, musicians

Announcing #awesomemusicjam:
Some games have gorgeous graphics, some have an amazing story, others have innovative gameplay. In this jam, we only care about one thing: It must have awesome music!

If you'd like to participate in this jam and you're either a game maker or music composer (or both), find a partner, team up and submit your game here:

Note that the jam will occur between Dec 20, 2014 - Jan 20, 2015

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CarelessShenanigans CarelessShenanigans artist / musician Message looking for musicians

HEYHEY, I have an outro song for a cartoon series that I'm working on and all I need is somebody who is skilled in sweet Electric Guitar work. If you're interested in helping a poor boy out, gimme a ring please~

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Jaykwub Jaykwub musician Message looking for artists, musicians, voice actors

Looking for sound based work. (Mixing/eqing/mastering)

Do you want a nice clear sound for your project? Well I can do that, weather you're a band who needs your stems to be mixed and mastered, someone who need the voices and music to blend seamlessly in your animated project, or if you are a voice actor who needs his voice samples to be perfect for an audition.

PM me or message me on facebook

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chewynouget chewynouget artist / programmer / musician Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians

Programmer / 2D Artist / Amateur Musician looking to collaborate with similarly-skilled/inclined people. No need for payment, I just want to collaborate, and hopefully have fun while doing so. Simply PM me and we'll talk!

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Aliondark Aliondark musician Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians

I am an electronic Music producer with 2 years of Fruity Loops experience.
I make the subgenre of Hands Up!, ChillStep, Ambiental and Dance.

Contact me:

Look my SoundCloud for listen my music!

Have an amazing day! =D

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IntoneifyProductions IntoneifyProductions musician Message looking for artists, musicians

Will write music for animations, games, and anything needing music really! I prefer to be paid for my work, but I do need to get my name out there, so maybe we can work it out? I can write in many types of genres, just as and ill make a sample, if you like it, ill make it into a full song. here are samples of my music creating skittlez. CANT WAIT TO START WORKIN!!! :D

44-Bitz Of low (old video game sounding music):
Mari Daze (lullaby sounding music):
LolScape (silly background music):
Willow (classical music):
Game Click Pick (metal music):
BoomBaleep (rave music):

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EnderJG EnderJG artist / musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hello Everyone! I am EnderJG and I have a small but good amount of experience working with flash and photoshop. I also have Magix Music Maker 2014. I am interested in assisting anyone trying to make a flash cartoon, weather I need to help write the story, draw line art, color, do in betweens, make a soundtrack, or provide voice acting if needed. I am simply trying to get more experience and expand my skillset by working on Ideas that arent mine. I spend about 3 hours a day working on art so commitment and motivation for me is not an issue. Please feel free to contact me at as I check that more often than my newgrounds messages. Again, I am happy to help out in anyway possible.


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MattOHaira MattOHaira musician Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hello, my name's Matt and I'm a composer and sound designer for videogames and films.
Recently worked in the game Dash Tap and always looking for interesting projects needing my services.

I do several genres, professional guitar player I compose from Rock to 80's electro, Industrial Ambient, Chiptune, Orchestral, Classical, and many more.

Links to my portfolio below,



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EpicTora EpicTora artist / musician Message looking for programmers, musicians

I am starting a game company, "Toragate." I am looking for:
4 Programmers
2 Musicians
3 Beta Testers
2 Leaders
Tell me if your interested in joining!
Just P.M. me!

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8bit-panda-strike 8bit-panda-strike artist / musician / voice actor Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hi guys and gals. I draw and I make music. Just looking for people to collab and toss the idea ball around with. Hit me up if you are interested Thans!.

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alphiewily alphiewily artist / musician / writer Message looking for artists, musicians

Hi there
I am a music artist for hire
Need music for your games? let me know.
Paid work only please & thank you.
Email me:
All rights reserved.

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SoundGalaxyOfficial SoundGalaxyOfficial musician Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hello everybody!

Great Idea (preview)
This is a watermarked preview version of a short music that I wrote for some advertisement,
but you may use it in your games or videos if you buy it for only 11$.

Click on the following link to check my AudioJungle page and buy this song:
Sound Galaxy - Great Idea (preview)

If you are interested in an exclusive music for your game,
please send me a private message here,
or send me an e-mail to

I never made exclusive music before,
so I've decided that I will make my first exclusive music (or music set for game)
FOR FREE for the person who writes to me first! :)

(I am interested in any style of music.)

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Lajkoolaidman Lajkoolaidman artist / musician / writer Message looking for artists, musicians

Hi my name is George I am young artists my rang in art is unlimited until i set one and that does not looking like its ever going to come even in old age I like to draw on paper and doing graffiti I would like if some one could help me learn how to take my drawing from paper and move it to computer to make it look cool like the other great artists on here I also make my own music from rap,r&b, Hip Hop, dubstep, houseparty, rave, but I might be ok about all the stuff I can do I like other people be the judge. The last thing out of this rant about me and what I am interested in to I really just want to start up a team of artists and dj's and to have fun with it like life so if you taken the time reading this I would appreciate if you would help out

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acrios90 acrios90 musician Message looking for musicians

I am looking for musicians and Producers who are interested on collaborating on a Remix EP (Or Album if I get enough people to contribute) On the "Video Game" theme
My Idea Is for anyone who wants to be on the album send me a PM either saying that you are interested or one with a link to a video game remix that you made and wish to submit.
I will PM more info to anyone who is interested
The deadline is not set yet but I am hoping for a release by January!

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Analogstik Analogstik musician Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Our mission at Affinity Pixel Entertainment is to create a unique gaming experience for our audience by providing high quality game assets for developers all over the world. Eventually we will expand our company to create and publish games on Android, iOS, Steam, Nintendo’s eshop and Sony’s PlayStation Network.

Our Lead Sound Designer
Our founder and in-house music producer, John Montoya, creates various songs and jingles and releases them on sites like Jingle Punks, AudioJungle, and soon to be gameaudiobox. Not only does he create music for these music libraries, he has also created music for Xbox Live Indie Games, Ford Motor Company, J2 Labs, Red Robot Labs, and many more. You can find his music under the artist name “AnalogStik” on Pandora Radio, Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, and all other major online stores and SoundCloud.

AudioJungle –
Ford Motor Company/Ford Fiesta Movement -
Independent Film -
J2 Labs -
Jingle Punks -
OverClocked Records -
Pandora Radio -
Red Robot Labs -
Xbox Live Indie Games -
YouTube -

“John is a talented musician. He was able to strike the right balance between his own workload and the work we requested of him for Chronoblast, while still delivering quality mastered tracks in a timely fashion. Despite the pressures of working on a production title, John’s tracks maintained the high quality I would come to expect from a full retail game in the genre. I would, without question – ask John to work with us again on future projects. “
Steven Redmond, owner of n0rtygames

"I asked John to create music for my Fiesta Movement video sponsored by Ford. John was extremely fast and professional in getting exactly what I needed for the project. His music worked perfectly with the video and I could not believe how quickly he was able to get me his final product, which I got the same day. I would definitely recommend Analogstik Music for any custom music needs."
TimsVlogs, YouTuber and Ford Fiesta Movement Agent
Jory Caron, YouTuber and host of Is It A Good Idea To Microwave This?

John's Social Media Pages
Facebook –
SoundCloud –
Twitter –

Contact Information

Follow Affinity Pixel Entertainment
Facebook -

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