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TheMillz TheMillz artist / programmer / writer Message looking for musicians


I'm planning a sequel to my flash game "Astrocreep". You can play the first here on NG:

This is a long-term project, basically doing what I did in the first but more of it and on a grander scale. It's NOT a paying gig but you will be credited in the game as the musician. I basically need eerie/syfy meets total alien invasion. About 5 or so short loops including a "theme" that fits the game. Loops should be kept around 30 ish seconds but can go longer/shorter depending on what we're using it for. If you want to talk more about the project, pm here on the site or email me at this address:


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53xy83457 53xy83457 programmer Message looking for musicians

Hello. I've got a game planned for Pixel Day (Jan 21st 2017) and need chiptunes fairly urgently.

Full details here if you think you can help-

- Dan

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linda-mota linda-mota artist / writer Message looking for artists, musicians, writers

I just noticed this feature so I'll give it a try. I'm in my final year in Grad school and I do a great deal of painting with acrylics, and some ink illustrations. My specialties are creepy art, comics, and book illustrations. I'm looking around for some paid gig, of even commissions. I try to be fair with prices and much of my work with both video, ink, and paint are up on both my Instagram and art profile here

I also paint animals and still life and have had previous commissions for those, and I do have a store that shows some of the ZINES I do with examples of the type of ink work I do.

Thanks for reading, PM me for anything!

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torithefox torithefox artist Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

I'm a 2D/3D artist for hire! [paid only, no rev share]
2D SKILLS - I can do comics, illustration, character designs, and pixel art. I do not do animation.
3D SKILLS - I can model, texture, rig and animate, primarily characters. I work in Maya and Zbrush. Sketchfab:
You can pm or email me at

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VLStaticFire VLStaticFire artist / writer Message looking for musicians, voice actors

I'm making the Christmas Animation, but i need some voice actors and musical for the animation video but it will be one month...

The video will be short.

but... the deadline will be in Christmas Day (December 25th)


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TrinaTan TrinaTan voice actor Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hey there! I'm Trina Deuhart (Sometimes credited as RawrKittyPanda or Trina for other projects.) I've been voicing in online productions since 2011. I like voice acting and I would love to lend my voice to your project.
My vocal range ranges from high to medium. I can voice children of both genders, teenagers, and young adults. I have voice characters of all types and am willing to try out for anything.
Demo for 2016
Or here to see my voice in action in characters:
Payment is highly negotiable. I'd be more than happy to work it out with the team. I know the majority of the developers/game creators here are just starting out so budget can be squishy tight
Turnaround Time
This depends on the project.
I record frequently on weekdays and weekends. I will keep people updated of my progress. If you have an set deadline, do let me know and I will do my best to get the lines to you before or by that date.
Yes, i do record anything with 18+ content that deals with any sort of erotica or sexual themes.
Please e-mail me directly at or feel free to pm me. [=D]

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No-Brainer No-Brainer artist / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hey there, looking for some guys who wanna group up and make a game. MAINLY NEED A PROGRAMMER WHO HAS EXPERIENCE. I can take first time programmers but just be ready for anything.

Want to make an action game, some simple stuff. Lets get something going!

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JDZ5 JDZ5 artist Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Looking for everyone and anyone. NOT PAID! Like ever. I'll never pay you, and you won't pay me. Short films, character takes, Games, writing a script all sounds like fun. Check out my work, and if you like what you see or would like a free sketch of something, give me a message.

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freakinbehemoth freakinbehemoth voice actor Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers


here is a demo for yall interested:

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ValterValyun ValterValyun artist Message looking for artists, musicians, voice actors, writers

Looking for some animation for your project, take a look at my portfolio --

Need something animated for a short story, song, or a simple voice acting line?
Need a few backgrounds or a few storyboard pages for your video?
Then send me a PM providing with a few details!

My Commission Prices --

NOTE -- Please do not PM me if you cannot guarantee any payment; I will not reply back.

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guitarrob guitarrob artist Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hi everyone,

I am a 2D Artist/Animator looking for some work (paid only). If you are interested in what I can do then you can see my showreel and my recent animations from this link-

I also do some 2D Art commissions if anybody is interested. You can view my art work from this link-

If you are interested then you can email me on

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thepixelizer thepixelizer artist / writer Message looking for musicians, voice actors

I just finished animating my cartoon Platformer Pests 2! Now all I need are some voice actors and actresses for it. The following characters need voices.

Flying Felisha: the witty sarcastic and always bored character (not too high pitched female voice, or Latina voice)

Groomy :the female barber ghost,friendly well mannered, and generous (maybe an old lady voice)

Doomer :the loud insane serial killer that kills people via touch of death!

Deg(TAKEN) :the oddball who always speaks nonsense and tells jokes about two topics that are opposites. (a deep voice)

Pinch the Cat: a con artists cat

And a soldier background character with a speaking part.

And the Narrator

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felimimimi felimimimi voice actor Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Female Voice Actress for hire!
Looking to work with you for all of your kick-ass lady/fantasy/scifi/videogame/animation needs!

Please check my demo out here:
Please check out my website here for more examples of my work:

I know that a lot of you are doing projects with very little budgets - which I can definitely work with! Message or email me to start discussing a project - I will always deliver on time and in time.

Cheers! ;)

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groovyguy groovyguy programmer / voice actor Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hi, I'm a programmer looking to work with others. Paid positions would be preferable, but I'm willing to work for free if the job is right. I've been working with Unity for years and making games in C#. As well as studying other languages such as C++, Java and JavaScript.

Also if you need help making a website, I also study HTML, CSS and PHP. And also been using Wordpress to work with website templates. And I can help make your website happen! Please message me with any potential work opportunities.

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gamerraven gamerraven artist Message looking for musicians

Hello everybody! It's GamerRaven here.

I'm looking for somebody to compose me an intro theme to my YouTube video game review series. I need a style of video games in this theme.

Here's the synopsis of this show.
A guy named Liam has to live with 10 creations while reviewing video games. The outcome of all this is havoc.

Please send me your agreement to do this first and the final theme song at

Plus, I've got ChinoKnight animating the intro so check out his channel on YouTube.

One more thing. It needs to be 1 minute long.


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gold5472 gold5472 musician Message looking for musicians, voice actors

Hi guys,

I am just looking for any musician who can do one off collaboration with me. All you have to do is message me.
Many thanks,


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kingkez kingkez artist / musician / writer Message looking for musicians

Im working on an EP and I need features
You can DM me on here or email me at
Rappers must be versatile

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DIBLIS DIBLIS musician Message looking for artists, musicians

I'm simply looking for someone to do a music vid style animation for my new song Your Not Alone.

Plus the song is open for remixes.

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Secretmapper Secretmapper programmer Message looking for artists, musicians

Hi! I'm a professional programmer with years of experience in webdev and gamedev. You can view my portfolio here:

I'm making a very fun and unique puzzle game based on a popular game in the past that has not been rehashed yet, and I believe it can be a big hit if executed right. I already have the main mechanics and even a level editor working, so polish is just the next step!

I'm looking for a collaborator because I really believe in this game and I want someone who I can bounce ideas with as the game can be brimming with personality due to it's mechanics, and can potentially be a huge hit in the casual market.

For reference, the art style that I think will work greatly for the game is something similar to Pudding Monsters and cut the rope (cute vector style)

Also, a great thing about this is if the game works out right we might have the opportunity to fly over to gdc 2017! (Expenses paid!)

I'm an experienced programmer, so you can count on this game being professionally done and not flaking out and becoming unfinished. We also have a tight schedule so feature creep will not be a problem for this game.

Feel free to view my portfolio at Thank you!

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Yardood Yardood musician Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hello NG, I am a composer & producer.
Am looking for paid projects, I put a lot of time and energy into my tracks.
therefore I am looking for serious partners!

have a listen:

Contact me on
Newgrounds or Email:

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xXQUAKExNEXUSXx xXQUAKExNEXUSXx artist / voice actor Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

I am currently studying Computer Game Design at Priestley College and I'm willing to contribute 3D Modelling skills (I'm a 6/10) and artistic skills (I'm a 7/10) and due to me wanting experience more than anything, I will work for free or little pay depending on how long the project will take.
If I do not respond, email my email account at


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harry-law harry-law artist Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hello i'm an artist and animator who is looking to work with others.
I'm happy to do work for anyone and do anything however this will be all payed as it is not feasible to work for free. I work very quickly and cheaply - I will do all the work before you have to pay me, and if you are not happy you won't have to pay (this is unlike many other people) If we do work with eachother i am willing to discuss prices and such. Here's my website with old work -

I hope we get to work with each other, Harry :)

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JLBSubzero JLBSubzero musician Message looking for artists, musicians, voice actors


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Zeno-Sensie Zeno-Sensie artist Message looking for musicians, voice actors, writers

Singers and songwriters needed for holiday jingles.

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HauteCouture HauteCouture musician Message looking for musicians

Haute Couture is a mid '80s inspired synthpop project looking for singers that sound like the vocalists of that era and guitarists that can play big dance grooves. If you're interested I'd love working with you!

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JoshuaFinnie JoshuaFinnie musician Message looking for musicians, voice actors

I made a song, but I made it to have lyrics. However, I did not write any lyrics or find anyone to sing it. So, I am looking for someone who can write and sing a song based on the instrumental version. The instrumental version is here: and if you are able to please PM me and we can figure out anything that needs to be figured out. PLEASE KEEP THE LYRICS P.G. AND DO NOT INCLUDE ANYTHING LIKE; Sex, drugs, violence (that basically covers it). Thank you

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FanManDan16 FanManDan16 artist / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, writers

I need programer I simply want to make a game I can provide Pixel and writing. Am looking to make dark rpg I am also looking for a storyline. please email at if you can't then just message me.

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DJHavik DJHavik voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hey, Everyone! I'm deciding to put my skills out there for anyone who wants to utilize them. I am a decent Writer and video editor, while I can voice act it's very amateur but if you need a voice actor I can help you. I work for free because I just want to expand my portfolio and help people realize their ideas. So, if you need anyone of my skills drop me a message and I'll try to respond in a reasonable time.


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