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BenjaminTibbetts BenjaminTibbetts programmer / musician Message looking for artists

Hi, everyone! I'm developing a modest HTML5 game, and I could use some help with the visual assets. If you're interested, please email me at this address for more details:

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Butsaay Butsaay musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, writers


Voice actor here looking for any work, I do not charge but, (unless you can't offer any previous work to show your experience, I've had too many cases of voicing shit loads of characters which are just scrapped because of many different, usually annoying reasons).

I'm also a musician, mainly making beats, instrumentals and video game loops, you can check out some of my production on my newgrounds profile, but for some other stuff not there here's my soundcloud: -

I've also started focusing a bit on writing, and recently have scripted (voiced and made music for too) 'Captain Handicapped', of which there will be more episodes coming soon: -
So I could also help out with scripting a bit, if anyone's looking for some... pretty dark comedy, though I could probably manage other stuff.

So, if you're looking for a voice actor, I'd be more than happy to help. For some examples of my stuff here's some links:

(Captain Handicapped - Myfuckinmess)

(THE DONG - Myfuckinmess)

(Dark Souls parody by Myfuckinmess)

(Justice League - The Nearly movie by Mfuckinmess)

(Just A Normal Day in GTA - Myfuckinmess - hosted by Happyhour) - (I voiced the main character)

(Wake Up Call by Zenith Quinn: Hosted by HuHa!)

(Starved for Soul - Comicdud)

(Hizdahr zo Loraq - Myfuckinmess)

Long fuckin post I know,

Thanks for your time

- Daniel

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pftq pftq musician Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors

I mainly compose film/game music that go best with a scene or story. Not sure what the genre is - probably cinematic, thematic, or trailer. Feel free to have a listen and let me know if you like what you hear:

I'm open to collaborating on games, films, or even more music (with other musicians), but it's best if the style of music stays the same.

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DjGubkafish DjGubkafish musician Message looking for artists, programmers, voice actors

Hello . I compose music for games and animations in over 30 genres . You can apply for paid or free commissions . Please read guide lines on my profile .

Samples: Minefield OST Ambient Void OST Horror Space Loops Girl's Graveyard Roller Joe Live Recording

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FuzzzyDice FuzzzyDice musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Salutations My Friends!

It Is I, "Fuzzzy D" (Lets Be Mature Here)

I Am Ermmmmm

........Once Again Ready To Collab.........

And I Am Ready To Please You! (Non-Sexually Of Course..... Of Course...)
For Those Of You Who Don't Know The Name Feel Free To Listen And Feel The Pain!
(And Many More...)

And I Have Some Voice Demos As Well!
(Kinda Sorta New To That!)

And I Know A Thing Or 2 About Writing Comedy! (I Can Definitely Give You Something Out Of The Ordinary! With A Setup Of Course...)

If You Love Me, Hate Me, Want To Kiss Me, Visit My Account Attached To This Collabination Post Or...
Email Me:
Tweet Me: @FuzZzd1ce
Tumbleaaa Me:
Skype Me: *Fuzzzy* #Dice#

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Jaykwub Jaykwub musician Message looking for artists, musicians, voice actors

Looking for sound based work. (Mixing/eqing/mastering)

Do you want a nice clear sound for your project? Well I can do that, weather you're a band who needs your stems to be mixed and mastered, someone who need the voices and music to blend seamlessly in your animated project, or if you are a voice actor who needs his voice samples to be perfect for an audition.

PM me or message me on facebook

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rig2000 rig2000 musician Message looking for musicians

Hello, I would like somebody to remix my music on here!!

and make it sound different or better!! plus you get to do this for FREE!!
so find a track you like, download it!! and start remixing it!! send me a PM here telling me that you remixed my music and give the link here so I can hear it!!

I'll leave you a review on your remix aswell =-)
Happy Remixing!!


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Alyctro Alyctro musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for musicians, voice actors, writers

Jello everybody,i would like to collaborate on a song of any genre with anyone,above is my cover of a game theme.

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jonswe jonswe musician Message looking for artists, programmers, voice actors, writers

Im a producer of all genres atm.
Just send me a pm and ill send a demo of the selected genre.
I am willy to collaborate with any kind project that needs music.

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Sonik-TLA Sonik-TLA musician Message looking for musicians

Looking for a composer with FL studio (legit copy) and proficient with jazz/blues composing, owning a saxophone would be advantageous but not necessary, long as you can compose well. I've been making music for years and am starting to try and make liquid D&B, I do alright sometimes with the drums but be nicer if someone more skilled than me at jazz would jump in for melodies and backings. Skype is also compulsory. Check out my soundcloud (link in my profile) for my latest works.

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Joshster21 Joshster21 artist / musician Message looking for artists, programmers

I am making a game called "Domino" featuring a black cat with a white face roaming around a London Victorian time setting. I have 1 programmer (who I personally know) who is to make this with Java, I need someone who can make a flash version. The game has not been developed yet but I intend to make and publish the flash version first so I can use that to create the Java version.

I am contributing to art but I am making the whole composition for this game. I will learn flash in the future but I would like my ideas put onto a project with someone making the game who knows flash.

If you would like to contribute to the project my programming the game in flash or doing some art, please contact me ASAP.

Thank you for reading this and I hope good things come to you in the future!


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acrios90 acrios90 musician Message looking for musicians

I am looking for musicians and Producers who are interested on collaborating on a Remix EP (Or Album if I get enough people to contribute) On the "Video Game" theme
My Idea Is for anyone who wants to be on the album send me a PM either saying that you are interested or one with a link to a video game remix that you made and wish to submit.
I will PM more info to anyone who is interested
The deadline is not set yet but I am hoping for a release by January!

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mariber mariber musician Message looking for artists, programmers

Hello, I'm a student at Southampton Solent University, studying BA Music production(final year).
Im looking for a game to compose music and sound effects for. I have experience for making music and sound effects for games in the past, I'm used to compose music in different genres so it does not matter what kinda game it is.
I have a deadline to relate to which is 10th of april. So I need to compose for a game that at least have a beta ready for that date.

You can check my recent work at:
or (my personal work, has nothing to do with game production)
Please feel free to contact me on

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LE-SIUL LE-SIUL musician / writer Message looking for musicians, writers

Hi there. My name is Louie, Im 29 years old and I am from Argentina (SouthAmerica). Im a music producer /sound designer/Dj/Lyric Singer. I work with Ableton Live & Pro-tools. I love videogames like everybody in here, but i feel i have to return something back to videogames . Im a freelance guy so I have plenty of time to spend doing this like a hobby, a very serious Hobby. So if there is any gamedesigner team with some experience ( you dont have to be LvL 100... Lvl 20 Its good for me) or programmer searching for a serious person, send me any of your works and I will help part-time with the sound design or music... and If you need some help with a story too... YOU BETTER CALL SIUL!

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RoTbCoffee RoTbCoffee musician Message looking for programmers, musicians


I'm an 8-bit music producer looking for someone needing some short/long loops for their game.
I make tracks using Famitracker.
Some examples:

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Ob2se Ob2se musician Message looking for artists

I'm a semi-aspiring musician and I really want my profile to show this. All I need is a profile pic to use. I'm looking for someone who can take two different themes and combine them into one, i.e. wood and metal, corrupted life, etc.

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Nuclace Nuclace musician Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hello, I'm a composer looking to get involved more with music seeing as I'm about to lose my job, I'd love to get involved with video games or animation, so if you're looking to add music or sound effects to anything just send me a message, I've posted some of my tracks here for you to check out you can also check some of my other work on soundcloud at the following links

and this bandcamp link

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greg8337 greg8337 artist / musician Message looking for programmers, writers

I DO music and art and wish to collab i got a particular style so let's do it

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