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Ayrayen Ayrayen musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers

I'm a musician who's been working on a couple of projects.
As of late, I've accumulated a lot of knowledge that will help others (and or if hosting by myself, our project).

I am looking for a programmer who has past experiences with programming games earlier.
If you've worked on a project before, that is a plus.

If you are an artist of any kind whom sticks with the projects til the end (Of course that's a big plus) then please consider messaging me.

I'm open for writing and composing music for your project. (Check my channel for further music examples).
As I mentioned above, I've been working on a lot of projects in the past, so hosting one isn't new to me.

If you have ideas of a game, hit me up.
If you want to collaborate with me hit me up. (I mainly would love to make pixel/retro styled games. Such as interactive rpg's with a twist. But there are also other interesting projects as well.)

Got questions? Ideas?
Hit me up!

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PascalPalomino PascalPalomino musician Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers


I'm looking to work in a team providing interactive music. I could also help with the game sound effects but I can't do the audio programming. I'm familliar with Wwise.


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Alexwilsoncomposer Alexwilsoncomposer musician / writer Message looking for artists, writers

Hey writers and artists! I'm interested in making a concept album with story and art all created by you guys! I think it it would be really cool to work together and push eachother creatively to our limits to make something special and hone our skills. PM me if interested! Thanks. :)

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Goombalo10 Goombalo10 musician / writer Message looking for voice actors

I'm working on an interactive video which will play out like a game. The viewer is able to make choices based on what they think is a better option. It takes place on a space ship with a captain that ends up killing one of the crew. I need a female VA to play Vanessa Doyle, an engineer for the ship. Like I said, I can't pay you because I'm not making money off of this, this is purely for entertainment. You need a decent mic. You need to be available most of the time. My team uses Skype to send files and messages so it would be really helpful if you have that too. If you don't you can get it for free at

You can PM me but I might not notice it as quickly. It's way better if you add me on Skype: 'Goombalo10' and send me a message. I would love some help with this and I can give you further details if you need any.

Thanks for reading, even if you don't want to help!

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4evercdi 4evercdi musician Message looking for artists, musicians, voice actors

Band Name: The Futuristic Girls
Type of Band: Virtual Band

Gracie Stephens: Singer, Vocal Range - Soprano
Veronica Markers: Singer, Vocal Range - Mezzo-Soprano

Genre: Pop, Pop Rock, Electropop, Power Pop

Logline: Together, they will become a vocal duo group as Gracie Stephens and Veronica Markers were best friends.

Synopsis: It was a journey that they fought it was. Let's just say that it was science, but not science, they're taking real things to do. Gracie Stephens and Veronica Markers were best friends. They're both singers. And now, a new era for the girls that they will become a vocal duo group.

For all artists: 2 characters will be designed in anime style.

For all voice actors: Choose any song you want that it has to be a pop song.

For all musicians: Please write the pop songs that I need your help for my virtual band.

Please do so and good luck.


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queryxx queryxx artist / musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

small comic about people with splitted personalities.
juli 15th 'till august 15th
There are some ideas,
but we need a lot of people to join!
You should think of a few hours per week to be spend on the comic.
We mainly need artists and writers, but if every kind of help is welcome!
Most important thing is being motivated and enthusiastic!
You don't have to have experience to join :)
Send a message to join the project!


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JuicedRobot JuicedRobot musician Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hi everyone

I'm a composer and I'd love to write music for your indie/commercial game projects.

There are thousands of composers out there, but here are 5 reasons I'm the one to hire:
1- Been gaming since age 5 (now 30)
2- Been playing music since age 6
3- Been a professional filmmaker for 8 years
4- Obsessed with games, music, and film
5- Just the best chap ever

I'm fundamentally a Rock and Heavy Metal guitarist and composer, but recently moved into Games and TV when I saw a gap for dark, mischievous, metal-themed synth music.

For examples of my work, please visit my soundcloud page at:

Fur further information on my Music and Video business, visit my website:

Your friendly South African music-man,
Mark Allnutt

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omithealien omithealien artist / programmer / musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hello everyone Welcome to the laboratory planet.
Everything is 1990s Live action, 1990's CGI animation, ZX spectrum video games, and 1990's 3D art. So I am working on the 1990's style live action short film which is called The Infinite Perils of eye-ball Shaun: a Live action short film which is rated T for Teen(Ages 13+). So good luck.

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numnizzle numnizzle artist / musician / voice actor Message looking for artists, musicians, voice actors

--Voice Acting--

I've been involved in all types of art and creative things except for voice-overs/acting. I've been told I have a voice for radio and I've always wanted to do voice acting. I'm looking for a project to help with, possibly a character with a dark style or a deep voice. I do voices for all types though deep or vibrant.

--Visual Comic Collab--

I've always had the idea of a story to do as a visual slightly animated comic. I'm not highly skilled in comic art, though I've been trying. Story is basically a dark Vigilante slightly inspired by Rise of The Dragon a video game of the early 90's

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Isau Isau musician / voice actor Message looking for musicians, voice actors, writers

Hey! My name's Isau! I am a musician from D.C. capable of playing live instruments, and is becoming proficient in creating digital music off of my computer. I would also like to get into voice acting. I am capable of following a script, and I have a strong voice that I can lend whenever it's needed. I work for free, and I have many open hours daily. I'd love to work with animators, singers, rappers, other musicians, and actors (Live and voice-over). I'm excited to work with you all in the future!

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Omnipony Omnipony artist / musician Message looking for artists

I am Onmipony. I will do anything related to MLP art and I can make multiple and various MLP characters. I am hoping for a MLP suggestion!

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jy142848 jy142848 musician Message looking for musicians

Hey, all. I'm a metal guitarist and electronic musician who's looking for a vocalist of any genre who'd be willing to add their voice to one of my tracks as well as musicians who'd want to start a band. I'd also be willing to contribute to a song or something of the sort if you're looking for a guitarist or an electronic music producer to write some stuff. I'll leave a link to my Soundcloud below because I only just started using Newgrounds tonight and haven't uploaded much. Feel free to message me if you're interested.

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DzastaBeatz DzastaBeatz musician Message looking for artists

I'm an amazing up and coming producer who makes music for Artists, Tv shows, and various projects all over the world! I'm currently working on a huge project that is going to drop worldwide real soon. It's a EDM song.... I'm in search for an animator to make a really good cartoon animation to the song! You can add your logo, and if you wish to be compensated please let me know! I need the best animators, and the ones willing to work in a timely fashion! Thanks @DzastaBeatz

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ZacCurran ZacCurran musician Message looking for artists


I'm a musician in the UK, and I'm looking for animators/filmakers etc who need music for their projects. I have two songs currently up on my NG page, although I've also created for-purpose instrumental tracks of varying genres if that's what you need.

Message me on here or through my email on my website if you want to use one of my songs or work with me.


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Nepharix Nepharix musician Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hey there!
I'm Nepharix and I'm a composer/music producer. ALSO, GENRE IS NOT AN ISSUE. I CAN WRITE ANY STYLE. Do you want high quality movie music? Done! How about high quality game music? Done! Or what about a song just to have? Done! I'll work for you! Just DM me and I'll respond right away! Just remember, you don't have to worry about your music needs any longer!

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l3ocreative l3ocreative artist / musician Message looking for programmers

Programmers who search for Artist and/or musiciens send me a private message ;) I also do pixel art

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BlueWolfDevelopment BlueWolfDevelopment artist / programmer / musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for programmers

Hi im looking for a game maker studio programmer that can: Make online and make highscores You will be paid in this project!

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