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AnimeArtist04 AnimeArtist04 artist / voice actor Message looking for artists, writers

I'm a beginner voice actor and experienced traditional artist, I use MS Paint, Gimp, and Pixlr as my main tools in digital art. I'm open to any ideas that don't contain sexual content or bad language. : )

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GamedevStudio GamedevStudio writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hello fellow New Ground members,

Game Dev. is a nonprofit group on steam that helps Game developers make better game. We would like your Skills in any kind to help these game developers in any kind. There are some basic rules you need to know:

1: You here are willing to take alot of free time to help game developers.
2: You here are going to work on a project till its done.

If you would like to join and help Please join the steam group on steam called Game Dev. and add Bets Troop on steam.

PM us if you need more information.

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disoxyde disoxyde artist / programmer / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, writers

Looking for animators, artists and programmers to contribute to a Monster RPG style (flash?) game with smooth art, training & battle. Nothing is defined yet even if I have some concepts in head, looking for a small team (2-3 people) to share ideas and create. No salary yet, profits (if any) will obviously be shared.

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Caboos318 Caboos318 artist / musician Message looking for musicians

Hello! My art is nothing thats here on NG, well not what I am needing to collaborate for (though I'm new I would love to do music with peeps, though thats not why I am here). I am a video guy, film and editing. What I am looking for is people that are willing to let me use their music. I will absolutely credit you and put all the links you need me too with the video. I need a lot of music and different music for a lot of videos I am to make this snowmobile race season. I offer the chance to be heard by thousands of people on Youtube. My most resent video has over 3k views on youtube and has reached over 68,000 people on Facebook. Please let me know if you are interested.

Examples of my works upon request. :)


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Toxicfume619 Toxicfume619 musician / voice actor Message looking for artists, voice actors

Voice actor for hire.
I'm trying to learn and increase my range and skill
In voice acting, so I do anything for free.

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sidstickmad1 sidstickmad1 artist Message looking for programmers, musicians

i am a normal artist as everyone, ia have a professional sinthesizer and guitar player at my hand or on my service so no charge for the trial later charges will be discussed.

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BicepsMeister BicepsMeister artist Message looking for artists

I am an artist and i male logos, you just have to give må tre idea and i Will make it

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MarioSonic4Life MarioSonic4Life musician Message looking for musicians

I can find really cool music! So if you need someone to find music for you, you've come to the right guy.

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RaShaw RaShaw artist / voice actor Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

I'm currently an Art Student who is ever improving his skills. However, I do with to play my hand a bit into voice acting in projects and expanding my network.
My style of art is in a way, stylised realism; though I am able to draw in a more cartoon/comic-like format as well.
As for voice acting, I'm a young adult male with a rather deep voice as my standard everyday speaking voice. Though am able to play it up if required for other types of characters. (Not too high as it strains my voice)

Hope to be of assistance to others, be part of projects/collaborations and meet new people.

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Noah10Bat Noah10Bat artist / voice actor Message looking for musicians

So I am working on a animated project and I need a musician to make some music for it I don't care if your experienced or new but you will get full credit for anything you make so if you would like to help message me.

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SoulSedge SoulSedge programmer Message looking for artists, musicians

I make desktop applications not limited to custom audio visualizers and games for the Windows Platform. I work for free. Hit me up for free stuff.

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unidentified0110 unidentified0110 musician Message looking for musicians

Well, I can help with gaming music if you want. However, I am a freeware user, so frankly speaking I cannot make a very powerful high quality audio. But, my production are satisfying to me (at least haha). So, if you are interested, I can send my own midi sample and I leave the rest for you to work with. PM me what kind or scene of music do you want, and I will try to make it. Cheers!

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