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xyedabz xyedabz artist / programmer Message looking for voice actors, writers

2.5D pixel based cinematic platformer
genre : noir

I need someone to do voice acting for the characters also a writer who can write dialogues+story for the game
inspiration : calvino noir,this war of mine(gameplay wise)

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Detramax Detramax artist / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hello Talented individuals,

Im a traditional artist, with some pixel art experience and was just wondering if anyone needs help in any of those aspects feel free to contact me. im willing to help for free or commision depending on the assingment.

Thank you and have a nice day,

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SniperHuntress SniperHuntress artist Message looking for artists

Would you like to see fanart of your favorite character?
would you like to see a drawing of your beloved OC?
Want a drawing to give to someone on their upcoming birthday?
or do you want some sexy custom made fanservice of that hot character you saw on TV you been fangirling over lately?

.... whatever it is you wish to see I am the artist willing to make all your visual dreams come true! I can do a variety of things from furries to mythical creatures, I
work fast and if you wish, discreet for no extra charge!

Anyways! if you are interested please PM me on my page so we can talk my prices range from 5$-50$
and here's my commissions reff

Hope to be working with you all soon!

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zeedox zeedox artist Message looking for artists, programmers

Experienced freelance background artist available for work on animations and games!

Portfolio over at
I'm willing to offer large discounts to animators working on independent cartoons.

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Midgesaurus Midgesaurus artist / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Willing to provide artwork for projects. Looking to build on my own skills in character design and development. After my exams in May/June I would love to start some comics!
Also willing to provide my writing skills for projects. Looking to practice writing scripts and dialogue as well as original stories!
Deviantart Gallery >>
Wattpad >>

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rinrue rinrue artist Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Let's keep this simple.

You have an amazing album/book/game/project that needs amazing cover art.

And I am an artist capable of providing such art.
Check me :)

Let's make this happen!

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Melissa-Carey Melissa-Carey artist / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists


I am new here so I don't know much about Newgrounds. I came across these postings tho and I am beyond myself.
I am a artist who needs more skills but I don't do so well without having a task to practice... it would be nice to find someone to help me and to work with me to better my skills.

Things to know about me:
- I am mostly looking for (but not a must) someone who is some where in the middle (drawing and graphics design and other art forms knowledge)as I feel that I am bellow that line and would like to grow along side with someone but have someone still skilled enough to help me
-I have a hard time sometimes to keep going on something, so Ill need someone to help give me that extra push when I need it and to be understanding.
-I have worked in Gimp and and starting to work in Photoshop and am looking to understand everything there a little more
-I am pretty good on paper but copying my idea on the computer is often a challenge and keeping the quality of the art is even more so and I am hardly ever happy with the outcome

In return I am willing to help you out with reasonable requests. Please just ask and I will answer.

Please send me a message if you are willing to help me out or would like to understand more as to where I want to go and if they line up with yourself.

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StrikerAnimations StrikerAnimations artist / voice actor Message looking for artists, voice actors

Hi! I'm an Animator/Artist (Pretty bad at it though.) and a voice actor. I'm looking for somebody to work with.

I can do a verity of voices including a brute/psycho, a lazy/tired person, and just my normal voice.

Here are some things to be noted: I do not have a good microphone, I am still quite young (13) and I cannot say swear words or sexual phrases.

Contact -

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torithefox torithefox artist Message looking for programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

2D/3D artist for hire! I'll take hourly(12$) or per asset, no rev share
2D SKILLS - I can do comics, illustration, character designs, and some pixel art styles. I do not do animation.
3D SKILLS - I can model, texture, rig and animate, primarily characters. I work in Maya and Zbrush. Sketchfab:
You can pm or email me at

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GalacticPenguinz GalacticPenguinz artist / programmer / musician / writer Message looking for musicians, voice actors

Hello there! I'm looking to host the most massive musical collaboration on Newgrounds! What I'm hoping for is using a starting drum loop, then passing it on to an underrated artist, they add a part or effect to the song, then we pass it on to the next artist! Hopefully we can end up with an awesome song! All contributing artists will be credited (Of course) And the song will be uploaded to the GalacticPenguinz Newgrounds account, but will be open for all contibuting artists to post on soundcloud, youtube, or pretty much wherever! And depending on its quality, will be uploaded to ITunes, Spotify, Google play, etc with a shared revenue! If your interested, please message me! or respond to this message!

Thanks a lot! Hope to hear from you soon! -GPZ

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SpareMatt SpareMatt artist Message looking for artists

I am hosting a reanimate of sorts please read this google doc to get in:

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B3yondMusic B3yondMusic artist / musician Message looking for artists, programmers

So, Me and some friends are creating a game. Its gonna be kinda like a fallout / dayZ type game with it set in the area where me and my friends live. We have a lot of ideas, but we need experienced coders and 3D modelists to help. Plz reply if you are willing because this game could be a huge success. We will be uploading it to steam or maybe some other platform. Thank you!

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thepixelizer thepixelizer artist / writer Message looking for voice actors

Hello Newgrounds I need a voice actress to play my character Flying Felisha.

She's a strong, sarcastic, and has a lot of nerve, she's usually bored, and not too much impresses her.

The following are voice example that might fit.
1. a popular brat voice

2.a female Hispanic gangster voice

3.a deep female voice with no emotion like Raven from Teen Titans, or Mandy from the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.

4. Anything that you think will suit her. (I'm desperate so any voice actress will do.)

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dustin2006 dustin2006 artist / musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Idea: A flash-animated series for YouTube of 5-15 minute episodes that are based on dreams people have. The series would simply be entitled "Dreams.” Fans comment their own dreams on videos and the best ones, especially those upvoted, would be selected for episodes.

A subreddit devoted to submissions would also be practical. It'd be a nice back and forth engagement with fans that’d inevitably lead to many episodes. I can draw characters, backgrounds, etc. but my experience and patience with animation is limited, so I’d need help from a talented animator. Voice actors, musicians would be fantastic too. PM me if you’re interested.

Logo idea for episode intro:
Some of my digital art:

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LumpyBiscuits LumpyBiscuits artist Message looking for artists, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hello, I’m currently looking for some musician(s) to create some theme songs for me and looking for a V.O for my channel trailer! THIS IS NOT A PAID PROJECT!!!
(You will all get credit!!)
For proper credit please link me your twitter,linkedin,Facebook page, etc

Voice Over Line Try outs! : “ Do you like cartoons? Animated Sitcoms such as American Dad, SuperMarioLogan, Archer, Bobs Burgers and so much more? Then you’re going to love it here!”

For Musicians please send me a demo reel!

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Wondermeow Wondermeow artist / programmer / musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hello Newgrounds,

Currently in the search for a talented individuals (after effects artists). Unfortunately this isn't a paid role however if your interested to join us examples of my of my work can be found on my main page:

If you like what you see send a demo reel or examples of your work.

Kind regards,


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K-B-Miller K-B-Miller artist / writer Message looking for voice actors



My Email (Please Contact Me for Voice Acting):

My YouTube (Please Subscribe for Regular Updates):

My Newgrounds (Pop-culture Site Where Most of the Viewing Will Be):



We are in need of two more characters! They are lead roles that I'm very particular about, but if you wanna shot at 'em, please don't hesitate to do so! We need them now!

- Male. A sailor-like character with a veteran vibe and VERY strong voice. He gets ALL the one-liners, pretty much, so I need someone who can hit the mark and be strong about it!

- Male. Main antagonist. A very 'Star Wars Emperor' character. Flat out evil. Need a good evil laugh.

Please inquire at the Email above!


*Help Support this Project*
My DeviantArt:…
My YouTube:
My Newgrounds:

Made to Inspire. Made to Touch. Made for You. ~*

This series is NOT be made for profit of any kind and does NOT reflect the views of Nintendo or Hal Laboratories. The Kirby Franchise and the Characters, Music, and the like associated with it are property of Hal Laboratories, a branch of Nintendo. All Rights Reserved.

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drlcreativo drlcreativo artist Message looking for artists

Hello people!
I am an artist who is in this vast world of the internet, I like the styles, manga, comic and cartoon.
The programs that I usually use are photoshop, adobe flash cc, corel draw, aduacity (basic audio editing), adobe audition (basic audio editing).
I focus on the illustration, design of characters and animations. If you want to see my works I invite you to spend my art: and if it is for animation youtube:

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Animashun Animashun artist Message looking for artists

I am new to newgrounds . I have made some random animation . I am good at sketches and drawing . I know a little bit of music. Please let me know if you need my help.

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Aluis-Santiago-Shiru Aluis-Santiago-Shiru artist Message looking for artists

I need some more animators to join the Miraculous Ladybug collab! I'm looking for some talented folks to participate and create friendships! :> The Miraculous Ladybug Collab rules are in my Newgrounds news! If you are interested, please read the rules and private message me! Thank you

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ColeBobAnimation ColeBobAnimation artist Message looking for voice actors

Hi, I'm looking for a female voice actor for a short cartoon. The character that needs the voice is very laid back so keep that in mind. Either PM me or contact me via Skype (colebeaulieu). Hopefully we'll be able to work things out.

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