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Kaxlene Kaxlene artist Message looking for artists, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hello, I am a ecchi/hentai-like artist looking for work within what know what to do. I am centered around an anime and manga style so please keep that in mind~

Thank you

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TehCrayz TehCrayz artist Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

i make animations, PM me for whatever

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uricksaladbar uricksaladbar artist Message looking for artists

Hey, I make art/illustrations.
I'm mostly proficient with drawing women but feel free to ask me to draw anything (includes nsfw) and I'll see what I can do.
So if you want an illustration/icon for something work related, pin-up just for fun, hit me up.
Depending on your request I may do it for free, so feel free to PM to just negotiate; otherwise some payment is required.

Thanks ^-^

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SonHototo SonHototo artist / writer Message looking for artists, musicians, voice actors, writers

I am looking for a group of talented people who could collaborate with me into making a kickstarter.
I have a story of my own, but I haven't thought of it all the way through, so I need others to help me brain storm, writing and scripting.
And my capabilities in this project is drawing and sketching the animation. Let's put the animation on the side first, I can draw characters pretty well, not so good with the dynamic poses. And background, my level is poor, but I have learnt the basics and tricks in the past, so all I need is to practice and by the time I'll get better somehow.
Now about the animation, I use adobe Flash and I know how to animate and make an object move, frame by frame, a bit of the effects and putting things together. But my problem is that I cannot draw an object or a character cleanly if you know what I mean. Basically I am very sketchy and I don't know the right tools todo so.
I need an animator who can make the character or object animate and outline smoothly.

Pm if you are intrested.

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aliceperdomoDev aliceperdomoDev artist Message looking for programmers

I'm a 2D artist, I also have programming skills with Action Script and a bit HTML5.
I consider myself especially good at character design.

Watch some of my artwork and style:

In case you are interested send me a PM (make sure of reading my post before do it)

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sketchysketchist sketchysketchist artist / writer Message looking for artists, musicians, writers

Looking to start an animation team.

To be brief, I want a group who can switch off on responsibilities of animating, coloring, audio, or after effects; or being solely responsible for one thing but great at it.

To be clear, only come to me if you can animate, color, do audio, special effects and/or have a skill that can make our team's animations stand out. Your scripts/ideas should be a bonus to your one or many skills.

1) I'm not paying anyone. The whole point of this is to build connections, improve, and get our names in more credits.

2) I'm not really looking to work on projects that requires a years work. Come to me if you're more interested in improving and getting practice, rather than hoping to make the next viral thing.

3) I'm not interested in people who just write scripts.
So please don't ask me(Or whoever I manage to sucker in) to animate your scripts while you sit back and wait for us to finish. I don't even have time or energy to animate my own(Main reason I'm looking for a team even though I could do this all myself.)

4) No drama queens. If you're a dick, I will personally tell you to fuck off.


Contact me with some work you've done for further details and we can discuss our limitations. And if I like what you can do and are cool, we can do a group skype thing to discuss our things.

Looking forward to you joining me!!!

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VLanimate VLanimate artist Message looking for artists, musicians, voice actors, writers

Need an animator? Go check out my stuff at my website:

Like my stuff? Good!

If you got a project that requires anything to be animated, then PM a summary of your project's details and I'll be happy to work with you!

No game projects, sorry. :(

Be warned that I will only accept paid projects. The more you ask me to do, the more expensive my services will become. However, I'll be happy to accept monthly payments. Click the following link for a rough idea of how I'd charge. Then perhaps I might negotiate.

Do NOT ask me directly to do a collab; post it on the Collaboration forums first. I'll read it first, and if it grabs my interests, I'll give a shout.

Hopefully I'll hear somebody soon!

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thepixelizer thepixelizer artist / writer Message looking for artists

Hello all. I'm looking for some animators to help make my cartoon named Mabel's Super Duper Party.
It's a parody of educational television.

Starring a ditsy energetic girl named Mabel who has the ability to create portals.

Super Duper Dupey, a gender-less adorable creature that has the ability to make a double of itself.

And Hupert the drunk, cranky slob.

It's going to be frame by frame animation. With a super powered, exciting, battle in the end.

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Qwertfx Qwertfx artist / musician / writer Message looking for musicians, voice actors

HEY YOU yes you

Im trying to make a story based podcast centered around a spooky/mystery theme. something similar to the BLACK TAPES or LIME TOWN. No its not a paid project, its just something that ive been wanting to make for a while now but never really had other people to make it with. anyway if your interested in helping I could use some voice acting and some help brainstorming. lets make something spooky!

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chewynouget chewynouget artist / programmer / musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors


I'm a guy looking to collaborate. I can produce art, music, and voice acting. Please hit me up if interested. And no I don't charge, don't be silly.

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SambinhaBoy SambinhaBoy artist / musician / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors

Hey, I'm looking for some folks to make animations with, everything i have up here on newgrounds sucks, so i guess if you also suck you should join me and we could make less sucky stuff.

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EnochCychet EnochCychet artist Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hello, I am a 2D animator for hire! My style is anime-inspired and I use Adobe flash CS6 to Animate and I will animate anything SFW and NSFW. Here are some examples of my work:

Here are my rates (which by the way are highly negotiable:

-For an animated short - I charge around $2 per second of of the animation. ($1 if it’s nsfw)

-For a 2D animated YouTube intro- I usually charge $5 for 10 seconds.

Payment method - Paypal

If you are interested, please PM me or send me an email. My email address is:

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The-Cloaked-One The-Cloaked-One artist Message looking for musicians, voice actors

I am working on an animation based on the Tlingit legend 'The Star Shooter.' This is what I have done so far: . Examples of completed work are here: , and .

There are two boys in there that need voices. Preferably the voice actors are Tlingit or at least Native American for even a tiny bit of authenticity. Same thing with music. Atmospheric music also works very well.

I've got three more weeks to work on the project, the sooner I get responses and start working with you, the better. During this time, I'm going to get as far along the story as I can get. My focus, though, will be on polishing and cleaning up what I get finished rather than adapting the whole story.

I'm unable to pay for anything, at most I can credit and post the work in as many places as possible. There are no plans to monetize this work in any way. I feel this is going to be my best work to date, I will work with what you have to offer.

If I missed anything, feel free to ask questions or make suggestions.

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NDG-1313 NDG-1313 artist / writer Message looking for artists, musicians

Hello, I'm an animator who is searching animators and musicians for a collab. Preferably madness's animators. But I'm open to new ideas. Contact me here:

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ZombieWolfdotNet ZombieWolfdotNet artist / programmer / musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

At we are looking for many people to collaborate with us!

-Series with 10 episodes in the first season
-3 Episode series
-Comic Artist

-Level Designer (Game Maker Studio)


Voice Acting:
-15 Year old (Male or Female)
-30+ Year old male

-Comic Writer

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Straginski Straginski artist / writer Message looking for artists, musicians, voice actors

"One day, one dark, rainy night, a great evil has awakened, and ready to return to the world. But that same night there appeared one who can stop this evil. He rose from his grave, feeling of impending horror. And his name... Howard Phillips Lovecraft!"
This brief description of my project. And I need animators, as I myself, at the moment, can't do animation. But is willing to act as screenwriter. And, since I'm poor, all this will stay only on enthusiasm.

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no5850 no5850 artist Message looking for programmers

Iam an artist lookin for people i can work with. i maybe busy at alot of times but i will get the job done. if ya got a project i should help ya with, i will work hard for it to be finished (only the way ya wannit to be) i wil improve so that i will get it all done

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PTheCarrotMaster PTheCarrotMaster artist / programmer / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers

I Need Advice, and possibly skype training. Im working on an appocolyps based cartoon thats a scify comedy based in the year 2050, after a genetic zombie appocolyps had come and passed, reducing the world to a communistic nomadic society, but inspiring technological advancement to ghetto realistic hights. I cant pay anyone because this project is currently for fun. Any related inquaries welcome.

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Epicminion Epicminion artist / voice actor Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

I need an animator,another voice actors,more artists,progamers and musicians,ok? send me a mesage if you want to do this and say what you want to be.

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wuck88 wuck88 artist Message looking for artists, programmers, writers

hi, i am a 2d artist.
I am looking for a wide platform where my interest and professional that can be applied, so I always seek to cooperate with game studios and publisher.

I hope there are some interesting opportunity, perhaps to allow me to provide my skill and ability to be a great asset for the projects of ours someday. Please feel free to visit my art page or contact me.

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thatsniperkid thatsniperkid artist / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

I will make anything at all. email or pm. Will do 18+ and free work! I work really well in comedy, puzzle games, and apocalypse games. Need help in making a 3D telltale game parody!

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danfrombuffalo danfrombuffalo artist / musician Message looking for artists, voice actors

I'm making a really, really bad animation about Cory in the house 家の中でコーリーとさえカワイイ乙女 and I need the shittiest voice actors out there.

That's really it.
Bonus points if you

-Have a really bad voice
-Sound bad
-Cup the Mic
-Have alot of background noise
-Use Vocaroo
-Upload in Mp3

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DCMegaFan DCMegaFan artist / musician Message looking for artists, musicians, writers

I'm looking to make a J-Pop/Metal band. Animators are completely optional, but I'm definitely in need of a drummer, a bassist, song writers, and 2 more singers. I'm also going to need an audio mixer and a solo guitarist. I can't pay now, but I will divide up all of the money we make off of Newgrounds, Nico, and You[Tube].

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Donno576 Donno576 artist / musician Message looking for programmers, musicians, writers

Im trying to make to make a flash game and i need help doing it i already got the music and art down so all i need is a person who can Program,Make Animations,do a little bit of the music,and do some writing.

if you have any of these talents then feel free to pm me on their here or on Twitter and we will talk.

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CaptainPlazma CaptainPlazma artist / voice actor Message looking for musicians, voice actors, writers

Seeking someone to draw backgrounds for animations.
This would have no pay so it could be a side job. I am collaborating with someone right now to make a web series and I am not the best at drawing backgrounds. Requirements would be just to be able to make backgrounds for this show.

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squaretoxic squaretoxic artist Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hello! I am a pixel artist who will work for free!

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HellaSonicFan HellaSonicFan artist Message looking for artists, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hi there! I would like to make my own project called Project Boom Unleashed a reality, i am looking for people who are willing to help! Project Boom Unleashed is gonna be an original animation. Basically, Project Boom Unleashed is as how it sounds, if you are familiar with those Sonic games. It combines Sonic Boom (in a good way) and Sonic Unleashed, while developing a sense of characteristics and ideas along with designs.

I honestly can't do this all myself sadly so i just wanted to give this a try

The best place to message me is on Skype.

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