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Troisnyx Troisnyx artist / musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers

Hey everyone, Troisnyx here. NG regular for 5 years, and also spearhead behind the 20th Anniversary Collab. I'd like to make a small-scale game in the style of what we'd do in a game jam, but without the restrictions of one. Theme can be discussed! If you're a programmer and/or an animator, hit me up! (Access to Skype is preferred, of course.)

Come visit my NG page for examples, and be immersed! ^_^

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ManuelTacoface ManuelTacoface artist / programmer / musician Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hey there! My name is Manuel and I'm an artist/musician/programmer who's up for hire and/or commission requests! With over 8+ years of experience in a variety of different mediums and critical acclaim amongst the NG community, I can get any job done quickly and efficiently for a very low price.

Don't believe me? Here's some of my work:

ART (Photoshop/InDesign/Illustrator/Flash):

MUSIC (FL Studio/Famitracker):

PROGRAMMING (Actionscript/HTML):

Feel free to drop me a PM or an email ( for more details. Thanks for the consideration!

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Cheetoh Cheetoh artist / voice actor Message looking for artists

I am currently working on a few cartoons and one series. I would love to have some artists who are willing to work for free (cause lord knows I have no money) help me with some backgrounds. Here's the first episode of the series I'm working on

and here is just one random cartoon i've done

just PM me if you're interested, and i'd prefer it if you had skype :)

with love, Cheetoh

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Sirmi Sirmi artist Message looking for artists, voice actors, writers

I enjoy making backgrounds, and I understand that can be a boring task for some people. Id love to help out.

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MetaMike MetaMike artist / programmer / musician / writer Message looking for programmers

Looking for someone who specializes in AS3, please contact me if you're fairly experienced with this type of coding.

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Wondermeow Wondermeow artist / programmer / musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

HI All,

I have an idea but needs other animators to jump on board to make it work. Basically as we all know YOUTUBE has been very cruel to independent animators unless you were already popular. Plus its payments have drop way down compare to the past payouts in general.

The idea is pretty simple looking for 8 dedicated animators you don't need to be a pro. However have moderate skill to back yourself up.

We would be rotating for every week but that would give us a month to create a minute each. It would workout for us to have one new animation release a week.

We would share the same YOUTUBE account any money made would be shared. The target groups would be game and animation forums.

Lastly if we have any promoters or those who can advertise we will be pretty set. One way or the other it's just an idea if your up for this let me know and we can slowly build this team up.

Kind regards,


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CourageousCosmic CourageousCosmic artist Message looking for musicians

Need a good artist to illustrate your music? I may be of assistance. I can draw in a variety of styles, mostly the cartoonish appeal. You may want to check out my gallery to give you some idea.
I don't have a PayPal account (yet, anyway), but if you're creating (or have created) an online album and need something to give your work an "edge", I'd be happy to help for free.

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DrBreadgun DrBreadgun artist Message looking for musicians

I am an animator, making a new series with a rather unique atmosphere. This of which, cannot be completed without the help of a musician who is proficient in creating chip-tune songs (aka, 8-bit).

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La-Boudoir La-Boudoir artist Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

I make free artwork for albums/backgrounds
Check out my art here:

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TheSpookyWood TheSpookyWood artist Message looking for voice actors

Hello! I'm looking for a voice actor for a cartoon I'm working on. It involves Australia so I'll need a bit of a gruff Australian man accent! It's only a few lines and probably some grunting? Anyways if you're interested in more details please feel free to send me a message!

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omithealien omithealien artist / programmer / musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Well so i am finishing a Fierce The Bandit vs The Titan saga (1996) trailer first, and then Finish BOOM HEADSHOT! (1996) a promotional game for Fierce The Bandit vs The Titan Saga (1996), and finally Finish Fierce The Bandit vs The Titan Saga (1996). So i am looking for everything. So send a Private message for me. So get your popcorn ready for theaters and newgrounds because Fierce The Bandit vs The Titan Saga (1996). So good luck.

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Luibluw Luibluw artist Message looking for artists

Hey Guys and Girlguys it's luibluw here with some asesome news! A year ago i collaberated with three animators to create the video game parody special known as PIXELCLIP, This year i want to make somethin better so i gathering animators from all around to collaborate with me to make a sequel to pixelclip(but better) who's in

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Pikawolf27 Pikawolf27 artist / musician / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, writers

I'm looking for some people to help with an RPG I'm making. So Sorry it's not a paying job until I actually get money (pff) If someone is willing to volunteer and then get payed after there are starting to get donations that would be helpful... Anyways I've thought up about 3 or 4 (4th one is a maybe) and already made two songs I've also been writing some dialogue and thinking of the mechanics! All I need is a programmer to actually build the game. I do not have the software or the skill to. Thanks! I really hope someone will help owo|||

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AlAlmonds AlAlmonds artist Message looking for voice actors

I want a bigger contact list of voice actors so please hit me up.
My skype is AlteyibHordes

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pannashdesigns pannashdesigns artist Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hey everyone.
I am a Freelance artist looking for work. I can do several things ranging from realistic illustrations to cartoons and even photo editing. I do paid commissions, though the exact payment can be negotiated.

If you are interested, PM me and we can discuss what you want done. Examples are on my page, or at


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ericpolley ericpolley artist / voice actor Message looking for artists, voice actors

I am a 2D animator, generally character design, more on the cartoon side. Also capable of doing voice work, via MP3 by dropbox. I need something to add to the portfolio and reel. Check out my page for reference.

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ConceptSama ConceptSama artist Message looking for artists

I'd like to make some animations but right now I just need someone to help me outline/color or ink...

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ImBobbyProductions ImBobbyProductions artist / voice actor Message looking for voice actors

Making a Fallout 4 parody, and I need a male voice actor. Since I'm 13, I can't voice act a grown man. I'm pretty good at animation, and I will give you a full shoutout! Also, I'm broke, so I might only be able to pay you $10 or less. Feel free to E-mail me or PM me. My Email:

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RUFFLZ RUFFLZ artist / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Im an artist, writer, voice actor looking for animators voice actors to create some flash movies or games im looking to collab with any kind of project I just want to make something for people to enjoy

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BradleysGames BradleysGames artist Message looking for programmers

Games Artist/Animator looking for programmers to collaborate with (Unity or Flash). Link to my work here-

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Cobra6000 Cobra6000 artist Message looking for artists

Hi everyone.
My name is Eliahu Bitton.

I can draw characters (oc.fanart), backgrouds, graphic design and some animations
i'm using Photoshop,Illustrator,Premeire, After-Effects, Flash, Toonboom animate pro and anime studio pro.

i can make some works for free and/or money (if you want).

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Haxtrich Haxtrich artist / musician Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors

Hi, I'm an artist and animator. Wondering if anyone wants to collaborate with some kind of project or something? I also do electronic music like glitch hop and future bass.

My Art and music:

My Animations:

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QuiteANerd QuiteANerd artist / musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, musicians, voice actors

Ok. Help interwebz. I exist and I want to make a thing. Yup, a thing. I need good musicians, artists and voice actors to help me. I'm making a short animated film about modern discrimination and I want it to look and sound good. Which means I m useless. If you can voice act, compose or animate could you help me? I can't pay you unfortunately, I'm as broke as... er... something broke. I'd love it if you could help and i can't wait to work with you. Thanks- Rees.

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rubysolis523 rubysolis523 artist / musician / voice actor Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors

Hi there!! I am a 14 year old just trying to start a voice acting career!! If you have any animations or animes or any kind of sort, please pm me or send me an email here: I will be honored if you hire me!! Thank you.

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KombatMaster94 KombatMaster94 artist / writer Message looking for artists, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hi everybody. It's KombatMaster94, and I'm finally back with a script and an outline for two animated shorts featuring my original ideas. I plan to introduce them as full blown animations and I'll need your help.

I'll do some concept art and storyboards with other artists who can draw well in a superhero style like you see on TV (or at least close to it). I'll also turn my outline into a script with co-writers, and I'll need voice actors and music composers. I'd like voice actors who can do good impressions of professional actors, or at least follow the guidelines for my characters which I'll send to you.

I plan to post these on Youtube after a test on Newgrounds to see how they do, and monetize the videos there. I'll share the profits with you all. I've already done a handful of concept art, so we'll be using those as a guideline for the characters they're assigned to. Any improvements and suggestions you'd like to make will be acknowledged and considered, and I'll let you know if they're good.

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MicAwesome MicAwesome artist Message looking for programmers, musicians, voice actors

I just want to help work on a game, Need character art or assets?
Im your guy!

Here are examples of my art

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BrandonAnimator BrandonAnimator artist Message looking for musicians, voice actors

Hey everyone!! Im a Student studying animation. I am about to start my final project for the year and want it to be fantastic! I have been animating for quite a few years now and am looking to collaborate! I need a FEMALE VOICE ACTOR who can do a cheeky voice as well as a SOUND PRODUCER who is able to create an Epic style backing song for my animation. Check out my Instagram to see similar characters that will be used in the animation. Unfortunately I am only a student and will be unable to Pay anyone but be assured that you will get Giant recognition within my University at the Screening.

What I need:

Female Voice Actor:
Literally a 1 liner - "Hey there stranger" ***Giggles*** (Cheeky Accent)

Sound Producer
An Ancient/Fantasy style song. The song should start of mysterious and then enter into an Epic/Rock and Hybrid battle sound. Some sort of Chinese Battle music could work? Or even a anime style rock instrumental. (1-2 minutes)

The Animation:

It will most likely be a 1-2 minute animation. The animation will be based on two fighters fighting each other, similar to games such as Mortal Kombat, Tekkan and Street Fighter. It will take place on Floating Islands. It will end with the dominant fighter who was winning being killed by a mysterious cheeky female fighter.

If you are interested or have any questions please email me at:

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Tradarrius Tradarrius artist / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors

I mainly need some MUSICIANS, and good PROGRAMMERS for my game. If you are interested in voice acting, just message me. If anyone is good animations, let me know if you can help, but keep in mind that this game is 8-bit; Same for people who are good with making backgrounds. We'll using Gamemaker, so i need programmers who know how to use codes and scripts in Gamemaker with little to no problem, in order to complete this game and get it out of it's current demo state.

I'd also need someone with huge connections, say someone who has 1000 subs or more on YouTube, so they can spread the word about this game and projects after this (or maybe you want to collab with my channel).
Depending on how successful things go, payment for said contributors is possible, but talk to me about that first.

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AnimeArtist04 AnimeArtist04 artist / voice actor Message looking for artists, writers

I'm a beginner voice actor and experienced traditional artist, I use MS Paint, Gimp, and Pixlr as my main tools in digital art. I'm open to any ideas that don't contain sexual content or bad language. : )

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disoxyde disoxyde artist / programmer / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, writers

Looking for animators, artists and programmers to contribute to a Monster RPG style (flash?) game with smooth art, training & battle. Nothing is defined yet even if I have some concepts in head, looking for a small team (2-3 people) to share ideas and create. No salary yet, profits (if any) will obviously be shared.

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Caboos318 Caboos318 artist / musician Message looking for musicians

Hello! My art is nothing thats here on NG, well not what I am needing to collaborate for (though I'm new I would love to do music with peeps, though thats not why I am here). I am a video guy, film and editing. What I am looking for is people that are willing to let me use their music. I will absolutely credit you and put all the links you need me too with the video. I need a lot of music and different music for a lot of videos I am to make this snowmobile race season. I offer the chance to be heard by thousands of people on Youtube. My most resent video has over 3k views on youtube and has reached over 68,000 people on Facebook. Please let me know if you are interested.

Examples of my works upon request. :)


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sidstickmad1 sidstickmad1 artist Message looking for programmers, musicians

i am a normal artist as everyone, ia have a professional sinthesizer and guitar player at my hand or on my service so no charge for the trial later charges will be discussed.

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