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Poniiboi Poniiboi musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers

PAID FUCKING JOB, DORKS. Looking for a character designer/animator/maybe programmer for a game to be marketed on Steam. Paid fucking job.

I already have some people working on this, but I am going to continue to put this listing up until the project is finished. Bottom line is I want this game done & animators tend to drop out without notice, so if you have a great idea for backgrounds/character designs/animation as you read the storyline, feel free to submit. If the idea is great and MORE IMPORTANTLY you have the discipline to FINISH the project, you'll get paid.

You can immediately begin doing enemy character designs upon being accepted to the Facebook group for this game. I am paying per frame for every completed design (all animation frames done)

If any of the guys who are already working on this project see this, this is NOT a diss at you guys. Just like I said, I'm putting this up until the work gets finished. If you guys are the ones who do it, then you're the ones who get paid. No hard feelings.

Below is the almost finished version of the storyline. If you are an animator/character designer/programmer & this makes you wet in your happy place, PM me on NG. Poniiboi, bitch.
Game Title: Undecided

Gameplay: 90s 2D sidescrolling beat em up a la Streets of Rage, Final Fight, Double Dragon

Main Characters:

Professor Christopher Economy, 29 year old black history professor. Married to Jasey Jennifer for 4 years, loved by all his students, hated by his neighbors for an unknown reason. He is an upstanding citizen. Balance character.

Jasey Jennifer, 23 year old yogi and painter, black woman. Married to Economy. Speed character.

The Forbidden, the mysterious 16 year old blonde, white head cheerleader from the neighborhood high school. Babysits Economy's son, Jason. All attacks demonic/Satanic in nature. Her look is a mix between Quiet in Metal Gear Solid 5 and Jessica Nigri cosplaying the zombie cheerleader girl. Power character.

The World: Economy, Jasey and Jason are the only normal things in the world. Everything else has a slightly demonic, surreal quality to it, with the negative attention focused on Economy, Jasey and Jason. The point is to show that the world that these three live in hates them. However, the horror is somewhat subtle. For instance, the trees have frowns in their bark and wrinkles. The people in the background frown when Economy or Jasey walk by in the game. The animals run away from them. The clouds form frowny face shapes or middle fingers or gravestones. However, there is nothing overt or to the point of caricature. The cumulative effect is that the player should feel put upon and heavy although there is no real single thing to point to in the atmosphere. This is the same kind of character design that should be applied to The Forbidden as well.


29 year old Professor Christopher Economy and 23 year old yogi/painter Jasey Jennifer live together as husband and wife with their 2 year old son Jason. One day, they come home to find their window smashed and their son missing with a note attached to his crib. The note also says that Jason will be killed if a million dollar ransom is not paid. The kidnappers accentuate this point by attaching a picture of a crying Jason with a gun to his head. He has a cut on his finger. Though the room is dark in the picture, there are ominous Illuminati symbols in the background. There is a blood note scrawled along the bottom of the picture, "YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID." The implication is that the kidnappers traced the blood note out of Jason's blood.

As Economy is trying to figure out who might have written this note, Jasey is calling the police. The detective on the other end seems uninterested and finally ends the conversation by saying, "YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID." Faint laughter is heard from what Jasey assumes are other officers in the room.


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LegendofDelza LegendofDelza voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

I'm a Voice Actor for Hire!!

Check out my latest audio submissions on my profile for samples of my voices!

I work on commission normally, but I consider otherwise based on viewership potential and quality of work.

PM me ANY and ALL details if you're interested in my services!

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SonHototo SonHototo artist / musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, voice actors, writers

honestly, my goal here is to team up with a group of people or create our own group on making project.

info about myself and my capabilities:
1. i could draw traditionally and digitally,characters and nature, but a potato on drawings hands and fingers. not too many problems that is.
2. i have been writing and mixing ideas on making stories , for years now. i'm okay with any genre , but i'm really bad with grammar.
3. i'm starting to learn how to use adobe flash to animate for , it's going great , bad , i dunno. a noob you could say. BUT BUT I AM PRETTY SURE do know how to use adobe photoshop's animation .
4. i dunno if i could voice act~ i talk in many different accent from time to time... and i have a voice and i guess i'm good with acting? nah i'm bad nevermind.

i sound like a total mess.

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Midorimaou Midorimaou artist / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hy guys my name is Alex,i'm an illustrator/animator from Hungary.Looking for project to expand my portfolio.I do animation,concept art,video editing,3Dmoddeling/animation. My gallery: and my small portfolio:
Let me know if you interested working with me :)

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bombard423 bombard423 artist / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians

Me and a friend of mine, who is a musician, have decided to make a game for the first time, and we are in need of at least one other musician/sound designer, a programmer or two, and one more artist. The art for the game is supposed to look colorful yet retro at the same time. The whole game is supposed to give off an 80s sci-fi arcade-like atmosphere, with brightly colorful pixelated art and interface, music and audio of a Lazerhawk ( ) sorta style, and the whole thing will be put together in the free version of Stencyl. ( ) The game is, to a degree, a non-profit project. The game itself is free to play. If you are interested or have any questions about that game, please PM me and I will answer whatever I can. Thank you.

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sebbdk sebbdk programmer / writer Message looking for artists, musicians, writers

I have a preliminary script and a framework for first instalment of a small interactive multiple choice game.
I need a artist to do character graphic for a single character with some variations, a background and maybe a few short animations of said character.

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Ilovescience66 Ilovescience66 musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, voice actors, writers

Hello. I need help with two projects. One is an RPG video game named "Tirawyth", and the other is an animated film my friend and I are working on.
For Tirawyth, I'll need an artist and some voice actors.
For this animated film, we'll need an artist, an animator, and some voice actors.
If you're interested, contact me at

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ClimaxTiger ClimaxTiger voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, voice actors

Hey there! My name is Valentine Stokes and I'm an amateur voice actor I also dabble in writing. Feel free to message me with any offers for parts in: Games, Animations or whatever you're doing that you feel I could help with or contribute to. I look forward to any messages I get

Here's my demo reel:

Most recent thing I've voiced in:

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octochan-animation octochan-animation artist / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

**I am happy to animate, script, or create art for DIRT CHEAP.** Only conditions are that I need to be paid promptly through Paypal. If interested, check out my stuff on NG; here's a sample:

:) pm me if interested

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UltimaBurnie UltimaBurnie voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, writers

I am looking to get into any projects I can! I am primarily here as a voice actor, but could help with writing (if need be). Here is my newest demo

I am in the works of making one for accents and one for cartoon voices. If you are interested in working with me, pm me!

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digufudge digufudge writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians

me and scepterDpinoy are making a game called Zx3 we have all the art done but if you want to polish up a few things that would be cool. I need a programmer for the game though and maybe someone to do the music. Anyway just pm me if you want to help.
In Zx3 all you need to know is that humans have gone extinct and cats have formed into human like creatures. Actually if you count zombies as humans then they haven't gone extinct. Buy guns shoot zombies get achievements unlock cheat codes and protect the energy core.

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GameDev408 GameDev408 programmer / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hello, I'm a game developer and programmer looking for any sort of work. Do you have a great game idea? Hire me! Do you need to create a game app or web game? Hire me! I have a very high work ethic based on efficiency, time, and quality. I'm currently working full-time at home. Here are some of the games I've developed My rates are fair. I accept hour [$10/hour] and fixed fee positions but also revenue share in same scenarios. Please contact me if you are interested in hiring me or if you're looking for more information. Skype: brandonburnett12 Gmail: Or: send me a PM; Looking forward to your messages, Brandon Huynh.

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RONBURGANDYI RONBURGANDYI voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Whats up! Voice actor, writer, director here and I am looking to collaborate with with you on your projects!! I have been on and collaborated in several animations. Check out my YouTube channels for my portfolio! Look forward to making some top shelf videos with you!

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BillionthVirus BillionthVirus voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, voice actors, writers

I want to do voice work for any project that needs it.

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darkelite9 darkelite9 artist / programmer / writer Message looking for artists

Hi Newgrounds! With summer approaching, I am picking back up on my animation project! I'm looking for key animators and in-betweeners for a PAID position. I'm a college student so I can't offer a lot, but please contact me with a sample of your work if you're interested!

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Yokajoker Yokajoker voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hello I'm not very talented when it comes to animating and I'm looking to collab with someone to make something funny that everyone would love I can voice act and I'm also a writer if you'd like to assist me then just send me a pm if you don't that's fine

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HorrorshowMania HorrorshowMania voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Recently I've been running low on funds and am attempting to make some profit as the small town i live in does not hire anyone and i do not have the money to drive into town every day.
To get me started ill be trying my hardest to supply voice acting and writing to whatever projects you work on we can talk about prices later and i can guarantee that you will not find a VA cheaper than this

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DimensionBucket DimensionBucket artist / musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

I work as an audio engineer primarily, but I also do lots of graphic design/artwork, animation, and composition work. A majority of my creations can be found here - . In particular, my genre of choice is horror, but I'm willing to work on most projects. Whether it be an audiobook, animation project, or otherwise, I would love to help out in any way I can.

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AuronAnimation AuronAnimation artist / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hey howdy hey what's the haps in the biznasty.

Animation I have so far:

I'm an animator/comic artist who's currently working on some projects of my own, but I'm really trying to expand my horizons and meet other talented artists who I can collab with. I'm stuck in Florida man, nobody draws here, it's just old people and alligators. I'm not currently DEVOTED to any projects currently aside from an animation and a comic I'm still working on 'touch-ups' wise. So I would like to be able to work with others, even if it's rather small, like backgrounds.

I'm currently working on a specific comic idea revolving around creepy ghost towns, heavily inspired by Silent Hill. I'm also working on a separate comic, Horrorshow, a horror comic based on Call of Cthulhu. So it would be mega rad to get some help on that since I had a bit of a broad and experimental way of making it, which might require VA's and decent Musicians proficient with ambiance. MORE IMPORTANTLY! I'm currently making a rather small animation based off of pizza delivery which I DESPERATELY need VA's for because my voice is AWFUL for it. I'll post what I have so far in the links above. (NOTE: I'm reworking the character animations, since there's a much faster way to do it, and a lot more pleasing to the eye)

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DapperWolfTV DapperWolfTV artist / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, voice actors, writers

I need someone to assist me or do it all, Id like to make an animated intro and I need help getting started. Message me for details.

Skype: theyawningduck

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LeTuckers LeTuckers artist / writer Message looking for artists, musicians, voice actors, writers

Looking for some really cool dudes to make something with. i have semi decent skills in photoshop and art. I Need anyone really,as long as you have said skills. This is only really going out as a something i hope we can all learn from, not necessarily something to gain money from. Im up for making anything (preferably a cartoon). If your interested please contact -

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AramZaqaryan2015 AramZaqaryan2015 artist / programmer / musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

cg hxghxf

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LordLeovuld LordLeovuld artist / programmer / musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

I want to make a Pokémon parody titled PIKABITCH. I have some animatics and stills finished. It's traditional frame by frame animation made in Adobe Flash. Will post pictures on my channel ASAP If I can get my hands on my computer again things will be smoother. Currently I'm using the data saved in my cellphone.

Again, I am currently unscouted and unfamiliar with many things here on Newgrounds.

I was mentioned by JAZZA here:

I don't know when depression might strike again but I will share as much of my work as I can in the week to come.

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sergioira sergioira voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers

I'm not a professional writer or voice actor but both of them are things that i love!Writing:i have lots of ideas in my minds for series or animated series,manga/books or comic books but sadly i cant draw!
Voice acting:voice acting is something that i love,i always wanted to become a professional voice actor,if some1 have a game,video or anything i can help him/her using my voice,i can voice male characters from teenagers to middle aged men!(btw im a 16(to 17)year old boy living in Greece))p.m me or send me a message via e-mai,my e-mail is! :D

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HanOle HanOle musician / writer Message looking for artists, programmers

Hey! I've created a few soundtrack-projects that I've put out on my profile! You could check it out and if you like any of it you can ask for using it in a project, or ask me to make something else. I can work for free ^^

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BunnyWabbitGaming BunnyWabbitGaming artist / programmer / musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hey There! Does Anyone Need A Voice Actor For A Kid In One Of Their Games Or Projects? (I'm 11)! I Can Do Several Kid Voices That Are Chibi, Of Course. If You Need A Little Cutest In Your Game, Come Ask Me! (FOR FREEE :D)

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