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SilenceIsGood SilenceIsGood programmer Message looking for artists, programmers

Hello everyone! I am currently working on a game with a small team and I need more people. I need pixel artists for help on objects and robot sprites/animations and a Unity programmer to help me with my coding. Here is a link to some information about the game.
Keep in mind that if you join the team to work on this game you will NOT be paid. I look forward to working with you! Pm me.

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GMR516 GMR516 programmer Message looking for artists

I am making an Undertale fangame called "RuneTale". For updates of how the game is going so far, feel free to visit here: "".

Anyway, I'm looking for a battle enemy spriter/animator. I will supply Aseprite for you to use or you can use your own program, AFTER YOU'VE BEEN ACCEPTED. I'm not giving the program away.

You will be spriting a total of maybe 6 or 7 enemies depending on a few factors. Guidelines will be given after contact. If you're interested, feel free to email me: "" or PM me here.


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Aprime Aprime programmer Message looking for artists

Looking for an Artist who would be interesting working together on an Escape the Room game.

I just make games for fun, so ideally money won't be the motive but merely creating something we're both happy with.

I'm pretty open to the story.

Here's one I created before:

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MonoFlauta MonoFlauta programmer Message looking for artists

Hello, everyone!
First of all, I will tell you that my native language isn't english so if something isn't clear please ask me!
I am looking for someone that wants to work in a small flash web game, doing the art. I already have some game ideas but I am open to making others if they are more interesting.
Just so you know who I am, my latest game was Asterash (First daily pick :)!) and I am working in Witchcraft (a game made in Unity that recently passed GreenLight). Yes, I am already working in another game but I want to work in something small during my spares times :)
Hope to hear from you, you can pm me if you want or email me at
Also, here is my personal website if you want to check for more works:
Best regards,

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RaduLepdatu RaduLepdatu programmer Message looking for artists

Hi guys,
I made a Android game, it's very very addictive and I would like to go further with it but i need some new graphics.
The graphics i need should fit in with the game.
I need an artist, i will give all the credentials and an email / website on the game

Newgrounds (not updated)
Google play

And I think i will need an incon too.
I will invest some money in advertising, after it, btw.

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StuffedWombat StuffedWombat programmer Message looking for artists


My name is Josh and I made some flash games (some of them are even ok! check them out here:

Together with batou ( we will participate in Aprils Ludum Dare! (check it ot here:

While I can create makeshift pixel art, I really want to focus on designing and coding during the game jam.

So if you are a pixel artist who has time from the 21. to the 24. April and wants to join our small team, hit me up! (including links to previous work would be awesome)

cheers, josh

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PowerKnight PowerKnight programmer Message looking for artists

I need a good artist for my games, one who can design game menus, sprites, and environments.

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