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StudioGlitchNet StudioGlitchNet artist / musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists

Hello everyone. I'm working on a feature length animated film called Glitch Out Episode 1 - Freedom Lunar. I'm key framing it all myself but I need Inbetweeners to help me get it done more quickly.

I've been working on the pre-production and planning of this series for years and now I've finally started production. I'm initially making a version in a manga style (only line art and few backgrounds). The movie will be for the web but if it's well recieved then I'll produce a full version based on the original with colour and backgrounds.

Here's a link to some concept art:

The story is about a boy and girl in the future who work together to assasinate the thirteen leaders of the World Government.

Send me a Message if you're interested. I'll be working In Adobe Flash CS5.5.

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willi010 willi010 voice actor / writer Message looking for artists

My name is William, and I need concept art for characters for a new series called "The Cult of Agrum" I need three characters, but if you'd prefer to only do on or two, that is fine as well. I'd prefer an anime-esque style, similar to cowboy bebop, but any style is really fine, I just need help establishing a look to work off of, at least for now. Message me on newgrounds if interested, and thank you for your time.

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PULSE2POSITIVE PULSE2POSITIVE musician Message looking for artists, programmers, voice actors, writers

I compose music for cartoons, videogames. My recent music in the projects:
Constantly I am looking for interesting projects. Feel free to contact if you have something to say!

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isaakwellsdotcom isaakwellsdotcom voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors

Hello all! My name is Isaak Wells and I am primarily a professional freelance voice actor.
I have worked for companies like Marvel, Rockstar, Activision and more.
You can find my character demos here

What brings me here today is that I and a few friends of mine are working on an idea for an original super hero series.
We are starting with a web comic but would ideally want to move on to short animated cartoon type videos.

We have tested many forms including live action but feel animation of some kind (or any kind honestly) would be the ultimate goal.
We already have a website and all social media set up and are about to release the first wave of web comics.
We also have some viral marketing planned and we will be looking for help for that as well.

The series is call "Kick Back Heroes" and it follows an array of original characters in a highly developed world where they run into all sorts of problems not all being super hero in nature. Something like going to the grocery store could be difficult ven for super heroes.

We are looking for animators to help out and want to move on to patron to eventually pay said animators but we need to have something out to show what we want to make first.

So here it is. Our goal is to get funding from any source we go after but we need help with that at first.
If compensation is a must we totally understand and can figure something out. (most likely very little right now)

Here are some links to help you learn about what we have so far
(Much more detail will be updated soon as there is not so much. Sorry.)

If you have any questions or want to contact up please email

Thank you.

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PackMan3 PackMan3 musician / voice actor Message looking for artists, programmers, writers

Ho Hey Newgrounds!
I'm back on the collabinator looking for some part-time work!
I'm a 18 year old male who's great at making music and a "goodish" voice actor / role-player.

Here's some samples of my music talent:

Here's a sample of my Voice acting:

I am available most of the time as I'm currently working on another project.
I would love to be a part in an animation but anything you offer is great as well!
Not really comfortable with using explicit words.
I like working for free (guess I'm a weird one).
I like to use voice chat to talk with everyone involved (Discord advised).
Pickle is a vegetable.
I can make a wide variety of music and sounds.

You can Private Message me via Newgrounds if you'd like to have me onboard with you're project!

Thank you for reading and I hope we can work together soon!

Pack Man3.

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normalgeist normalgeist artist / programmer / musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

I'm looking for artists with visual and/or musical talent to help put together an animated web series me and a few other people are working on. See more here:

I'm also recruiting people to join Influx Labs, which is an up and coming creation group that constantly produces a wide array of media such as cartoons, comics, music, books, games, and more. You may join the group, where you produce content to be released under our name with access to our resources and staff, or submit content previously made content for us to promote.

If you would like to join, please submit an email to, or simply PM me about joining.

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NobodyTM NobodyTM musician Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians

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Sadobeam Sadobeam musician Message looking for artists, programmers

Hey! I'm looking for projects to make music for. Check out some of my music:
PM me here if you're interested.

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PancakePocket PancakePocket musician Message looking for artists, programmers

Are you looking for a musician?
I am willing to make music for your project! FOR FREE!!
Ex Of My Classical Music
Ex Of My EDM Music
I hope you consider me for your projects!

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StudioCodeBlank StudioCodeBlank artist / musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists

Hello everyone, my name is Animator Kira! I am updating this post because we need several new things!
Currently, we are looking for storyboarders, concept artists, background artists, animators and a graphic/logo designer. Again, we are still not paying for anything.

Animators are always welcome! Currently we are not paying for animators, but first time animators, or experienced are welcome. We also would love some storyboarders! Thank you! Any level of experience is welcome!

Finally, we need someone who can create an anime title card, or anime logo. You know, those that define the anime's theme, like Death Note or Vampire Knight's anime logo. Not something like the geass, (Code Geass), but the actual title of the anime in a nice way, fancy writing that has to do with the theme of the anime. If you are interested, please email: or discord at Kiradelakira#9445.Thank you.

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AlexHerald AlexHerald artist / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hello everyone! Alex Herald's the name and I'm looking for anyone interested in collaboration! ^w^
I'm mostly an animator/artist, but I also dabble in other craft; such as writing, video editing, character designing and voice acting.

Here's my artist portfolio containing samples of my art:

I'm free for most of the week, and I work for free so I've got you covered! Please feel free to send me PM anytime you're interested in collaborating with me! :)

-Alex Herald

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MarcyV MarcyV voice actor Message looking for artists, musicians

i'm a starting animator, and i'm looking to collab with other people in the field. i'd love to voice in other animations, and i can also sing a bit.

here are some videos (where you can here me voice):

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TonyKekman TonyKekman musician Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hi! I'm gonna have to be quick about this, without any bla-bla-bla "I love making immersive music, look how deep I am" stuff.
I am a composer, urgently looking for work at many platforms as I can, because my grandma got severe burn, and basically we're trying to make enough money for a plane ticket.

Here is a link if you're interested to take a look, it's a playlist of my best work right now :

I forgot to mention, that I cannot afford to work for free. I'm talking about no-budget projects where people collab to complete the game, and share the revenue from sales.

Please do not be shy and just email me at :

Thank you.

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OfficialHenyx OfficialHenyx musician / voice actor Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Anyone need music for their projects? I've been a producer for a little over two years now, and I would love to be part of any projects you guys may have. (Free of charge btw)

Q: What type of music do you make?
A: I make EDM on my spare time, mostly for fun, but I also have a lot of experience in making gorgeous ambient tracks for any mood imaginable. (Very useful for OST's)

Q: How long does it take you to make a song?
A: It can take anywhere from a few hours to days, depending on the complexity of the requirements or my level of inspiration + schedule.

Q: How much do you charge?
A: 0$, Absolutely free for any project, however, donations are always appreciated! :)
(DISCLAIMER: I work for free, but if a project is given to me with payment involved, I will put priority on the paid project over all others first.)

Q: Can I use your already made songs here on Newgrounds?
A: Definitely! Just make sure to credit me in your projects for the music.
(Also, let me know what you made, I would love to see other's creations! <3 )

Q: Where can I contact you?
A: Here on Newgrounds, or via my business email:

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me.

I look forward to working with all of you soon!

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ImmaDrawOnYourFace ImmaDrawOnYourFace artist Message looking for artists

Hey guys.
I do a lot of art in my spare time, and I'm looking for some people to collaborate with. I'm not looking to redefine the Art Portal or design the next biggest video game or anything right now, so if you want to work on some quick art pieces, shoot me a message.

A few ideas for some projects are have someone do a cool background and I'll draw the subject (or vice versa), or maybe someone do some pencil work and I'll colour it, or we can try drawing the same character in two different styles. Anyone who wants to work something out, please feel free to message!!

Check out my page if you want to see some of the art I've made in the past.

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Midgesaurus Midgesaurus artist / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

I draw in a cartoon style and write whenever possible. I would love to work together on some projects! I also do some voice acting whenever possible. I don't do the whole skype calling or discord calling sorta stuff because I usually have a sibling in the same room as me 24/7 so it becomes difficult so I'd prefer to be given a script and then record my lines and send them via email or something :)
My main art posting site is here >>
My main writing posting site is here >>
My main voice acting site is here >>

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Nathaniel-M Nathaniel-M musician Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

I want to make music for any contribution with the limitations being that I am not profoundly good live. I can compose almost any type of music you wish and I do not desire money but only a mention of my contribution. My soundcloud is My work is original unless stated otherwise, and I don't do samples from others. My Vst's are high quality and so is my music. Send me a message if you wish to work with me.

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mmaccagnan mmaccagnan musician Message looking for artists, programmers, voice actors, writers


Hello, I work with music for videos. If your animation, short movie etc needs some music please get in touch. I work with many different styles of music and deliver the work very fast and with revisions so you can be 100% satisfied. Im based in New York City, please get in touch if interested, I can send my portfolio/resume/website and we can start some work together.

Looking forward to hear from you.


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BonfireCow BonfireCow artist / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists

TL;DR: Looking for Comic Artist to draw a short chapter of a sci-fi series.

Long version:

I'm currently looking for an artist who's interested in drawing for a sci-fi comic that I'm currently writing, I've gotten far enough to release some info and test to waters, and I'm looking for an artist who can match a gritty graphic novel style, however I'm open to other styles as long as I think they fit the theme.

Pay is included, but I'd like to know what we're looking at (your average rates) from the get-go so I can budget properly.

Contact me via Private Message or my email,

Thanks for taking the time to look at my colab idea, and hope to hear from you.

Cheers, Baz.

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Wondermeow Wondermeow artist / programmer / musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hello Newgrounds,

Just your friendly neighborhood cat, at this stage looking for After effect animators or post production animators to join me. To work on a few projects for a growing YOUTUBE channel:

If this sounds like your area would love to hear back from you. If you need to see examples of my work link below:

Look forward to hearing from you all, cheers.

Kind regards,


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badloom888 badloom888 artist Message looking for artists, programmers, writers

I decided to remake this add, because of some time constraints...

I'm Pablo, animator/Illustrator, specialized on character design; if you have a project and you're looking for someone to help you design your main character/villain/enemies/support characters, then I'm your guy! I can handle a wide variety of styles, and I can create from a cute, fluffy thing to a disgusting alien overlord!

I can help you creating from one or two characters, to even all the universe that you have in mind!
You can check my work here on my profile to see all the spectrum of characters that I can reach.

I'm specialized in Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash/Animate, with 2 years of experience in each; for the moment, I'm not working for free on projects, but if you're interested in hiring me, you can message me to

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TrinaTan TrinaTan voice actor Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hey there! I'm Trina Deuhart (Sometimes credited as RawrKittyPanda or Trina for other projects.) I've been voicing in online productions since 2011. I like voice acting and I would love to lend my voice to your project.
My vocal range ranges from high to medium. I can voice children of both genders, teenagers, and young adults. I have voice characters of all types and am willing to try out for anything.
Demo for 2017
Payment is highly negotiable. I'd be more than happy to work it out with the team. I know the majority of the developers/game creators here are just starting out so budget can be squishy tight
Turnaround Time
This depends on the project.
I record frequently on weekdays and weekends. I will keep people updated of my progress. If you have an set deadline, do let me know and I will do my best to get the lines to you before or by that date.
Yes I do record anything with 18+ content that deals with any sort of erotica or sexual themes.
Please e-mail me directly at or feel free to pm me. [=D]

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Golden-Bear Golden-Bear artist Message looking for artists

Looking for someone to design a logo for me!
It's for a group called Ice Creme Supreme Gang

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GMR516 GMR516 artist / programmer / musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hello! I'm looking for a group of beta testers to test my new iOS app. It will be going onto tesflight to test before launch. Please PM me your Discord name if you're interested in testing. Thank you! Details and others will be sent to you upon messaging!

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TheDoubleOne TheDoubleOne musician / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, voice actors

Hello, whomever is reading this my name's Double and i would like to try making a small game if anyone is interested please pm me for more details.

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PungentGallery PungentGallery artist Message looking for artists

Hey guys, I looking for some artist or animators that just wanna have fun and make somthing, if you wanna get a hold of me contact my discord (@TurboRamZ#1284,) or you can PM on NG.

Go check my NG profile to see my work and contact me if you want to see more of my art if that isnt enough, but yea I'm willing to join a group to work on an animation, maybe just be art friends, or just need help on an animation.

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jessieyun0404 jessieyun0404 voice actor Message looking for artists, musicians

Hi Newgrounds,
My name is Jessie, 17 years old and female. I do voice acting, also make some music. You can visit my profile to take a listen to my demo reels/music works. Contact me to if you would like me to collaborate.

Looking forward to your amazing projects,
Jessie Yun

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Petski Petski artist Message looking for artists, musicians, voice actors

Hey there, I'm an animator working on comedy animations and I am looking for other animators and background/character artists, send me a message if you are interested in collaborating!

Here's my portfolio:


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Naerbu Naerbu programmer / musician Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hi, I'm a programmer with no art skills (but I have some music skills) wanting to start and finish a game this summer. I'm looking for an artist and a designer to work with me.

I have no ideas for a game right now, but honestly I don't care what game we make.

Some conditions:
- The project has to be completely open source.
- No money will be made from this project. (We will have something for our portfolio, however!)

Let me know if your interested.

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Mattykins9 Mattykins9 programmer Message looking for artists

Hi! I'm an experienced programmer and intermediate game developer, currently working full time as a senior software engineer in the finance industry. I'm starting to get serious about some career changes and getting into game development and am seeking an artist/animator to partner with.

Here was my Ludum Dare 38 submissionl:

Also, here are some screenshots of a current game project I've been programming / doing the art for on my own (I can email you a demo if you'd like):

You can contact me at


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RankUpGames RankUpGames programmer / musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists

Hello Newgrounders,

We are a game development studio created by a few programmer college students. Currently working on a few games and unfortunately, we don't have an artist that can help create assets/art for our games. Currently, we don't have much money to invest in someone that can draw until we have a game we can present to investors or a publisher that can help with the costs.

Now with that being said, Most of the things you would be doing are as follows;
- Promotional Banners
- Game UI/UX Animations
- Game Character Animations
- Concept art

As for pay once we finally present our game and we secure a good amount of money you will be compensated for your time and work, of course, you will have the option to keep working with us but that's up to you.

You can PM us or Email us here: <a href=""></a>

We hope to hear from any of you soon! :)

Sincerely, Miguel A. Lopez
CEO & Founder of Rank Up Games LLC
<a href=""></a>

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