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Cdude7320 Cdude7320 programmer Message looking for artists

I want to make 2.5D web browser game. I am the programmer of the game as well as designer and everything but I am not good at 2D art or animation so I am looking for a FREE artist. I will give you credit for it (no paid money).

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ROBLOX-MAN ROBLOX-MAN artist / voice actor / writer Message looking for musicians, voice actors

A roblox thing

Profile link:

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StrikerSXAZ StrikerSXAZ artist / programmer / musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Well I am making an anime and I need GIRL voice actors and also animators. I shall give you a preview of what Ive written so you can see!

It was the year 2026; the world was at peace and harmony. That is, until the foreigners of Russia, China, and North Korea formed the New Axis. Their cause, to conquer the world and rule it by their own laws! It happened quickly, a seven day period; they attacked the whole world with new flying mechanized mechs called, Seraphs. Thus that period was called, the Oblivion! While many rebelled against this new order, but soon, they were slaughtered by the ruler of this new world, the Grand King, also known as the founder of the New Axis. Soon after, the world was plunged into darkness and chaos; all hope was lost!


"You... little... your gonna pay for that! I gave a chance to quit and now your time has run out!"

I stuttered for a moment. I felt my heart sank as if I was feeling true fear. I shrugged it off and I remember that I promised I would destroy this empire and protect my sister no matter what the cost. I stood still as I could hear the black mech racing towards me at high speeds. It came to me face to face as I panicked. I was paralyzed with fear, I didn't know what to do. The black mech grabbed my mech by the neck and threw me towards the ground.

"Prometheus will destroy you!" I heard a laugh as it quickly. It grabbed me again and it dragged me across the ground. I could hear the metal screeching and the pain I was feeling. Finally, it let go. I was on the ground. I could taste the blood in my mouth and feel the pain on my back. Was I gonna die?

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AlphaCroc AlphaCroc voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians

Hallo I am a new-ish voice actor i've gotten the hang of voice acting for the most part however I do still struggle but doesn't mean I will send anyone choke ups I will do my best and I am looking for someone to collaborate with doesn't really matter who as long as I get to help someone with their project please look at all my voice demos or at the very least one of them to get an idea as to what i'm capable of

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hotsacoman hotsacoman musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hi there! Been making music for quite some time now (7+ years) and would like to know if anyone or everyone would like any music, voice or singing in their projects. I do a little bit of writing as well. Though I do voice acting, I'll have to dig out some old reels as I haven't recorded anything in some time. In the meantime, check out my music. Thanks!

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RadiationFade RadiationFade voice actor Message looking for voice actors

I'm making a D.Gray-Man manga fandub and i'm looking for Voice Actors to fill these roles. For more information check out the link.

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Xanthous04 Xanthous04 musician Message looking for artists, programmers

Composer for Media


Hello all, my name is Travis Lohmann. I am a composer for media based in Las Vegas, NV and primarily compose for movies: both short and feature. This post is mainly directed towards game developers as well as filmmakers. I would be extremely interested in composing music any indie games (iOS or android based) as well as any flash-based films which might need music. Over the past year, I've amassed a good portfolio of music for various bits of media. My portfolio can be accessed from the following link:

I encourage all filmmakers as well as game developers to please give my site a perusal and a listen. I believe you'll truly find something you enjoy.

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Zutaka Zutaka artist / writer Message looking for artists

Anyway, I am searching for a drawer, who haves time enough to draw some few scenes for me, because I am making a story and wants some few pictures in it..
And no, I am not actually expecting someone to REALLY do it for free, but hey, I can´t draw myself and I am REALLY taking this story serious, I hope people will enjoy it and stuffs so..
Yeah, there is actually a price, maybe to get noticed more if the story becomes a hit?
Please write to me, on either Skype or here (Newgrounds) :)
Thanks for reading!
-Yes, I only seeks for manga and anime drawers because it looks good and fine, ps: the drawer HAS to be able to draw some kind of horror/castle stuffs and darkness (you know what I mean). :)

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FouriiiiArt FouriiiiArt artist Message looking for musicians

Hi,We are Vinny & Gemma we have started a new art project and have just started to make video's on youtube and thought it would be nice to collab with you guys here on newgrounds and share a link to your profile in the given video that your music is in.I Have looked down the collabs list and most people want to do music for games...So we are doing it this way you come to us PM us with your style and we would be delighted to have you in our videos as the audio component.Just an FYI our first video was 9:01 so music ranging from 10mins to 45mins would be great i dont know how long the video will be until after it gets edited :D

Looking forward to hearing from you Musicians...

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<deleted> <deleted> artist Message looking for writers

Looking for a writer to make a comic page. Just be able to write something decent, you don't have to be pro.

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Kirb-Star Kirb-Star artist Message looking for musicians, voice actors, writers

Hi! I'm seeking for talented Musicians and Voice Actors for my Flash series:
Kirby the Star Warrior (Beta opening:
The problem is: that I need someone to arrange some songs from the Kirby franchise, being able to use them as backgrpund music.
The music styles i'm more interesed in are: Jazz, Ska, orchestra, post-rock electronic, folk, funk, instrumental and Japanese lyrics (Yeah, I know it's not an anime, because it wasn't made in japan, but I want it to feel more like an anime than Hoshi no Kaabii, which I loved, but I felt it wasn't that good in terms of adaptation)
The music genres I'm not interested in are: Dubstep, Rap, Electronic and Trance
Don't worry, credit will be given.
Voice Actors ar needed too, since I can't tell the story if there's no dialogue.
I'm aware a I have bad english, that's why I need someone to translate scripts and related stuff for a proper english.
Sorry if I sound too demanding, but this is a project I've wanted to start for a long time, and I require help to accomplish this.
Contact me if interested.

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0661 0661 musician Message looking for artists

Hello good people of Newgrounds! I am new to this site and I hope to meet,greet and collab with awesome people of this community :D
So basically I wrote a short musical piece (1:30 long) and at the moment i'm looking for an artist/animator or anything alike. I have no idea what am I looking for (i mean how should it look like), so if you are interested you could just listen to the song and give me feedback of what popped into your mind listening to it or whatever, we could brainstorm together and make something of it :)
Here's the song :

Thank you for your time,

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BeatsFROAMyHeart BeatsFROAMyHeart musician Message looking for programmers

I am a pretty new music composer that's looking for new projects. I am looking to make OST's (Original Soundtracks) for games etc. If you're interested in having a music composer in your project, then contact me(On Newgrounds, E-Mail, Skype or KIK)


Skype: Sebbe.Alanen1
KIK: Snebbe

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HowlSpice HowlSpice artist / programmer / musician / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, writers

Looking for people to join a long term team. Right now we are creating a game. This game is a platform jumper where the screen chases you. We will also be creating a lot of different type of games, but I am still learning how to program games. I have so far, SFX, composer, graphics designer/artist, artist, website programmer, story-writer, and game programmer(me). Also I won't join you at all you join me. Since I already have a team.

We are looking for:
- World Designers
- Level Designers
- Video Editor
- Dialog Creator
- Particle Effects

We have found a lot of people to join us, and we are still looking for people.

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roffldroid roffldroid musician / writer Message looking for musicians, writers

I am a bass guitarist. If you need a bass guitarist, please read! I love percussion/rhythm-oriented music but I'd be willing to record for many other genres and flavours of music.

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wo1fb1t wo1fb1t musician / voice actor Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians

I write and compose different and unique styles of music often focusing on rhythm and atmosphere. Looking to continue my career into the full time realm and potentially get my music in video games or game apps. Please feel free to contact me about any of my music or potential work.

For a gander at my other material check out

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Zwilllare Zwilllare artist Message looking for programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hey im David, and i have a large yet slightly unoriginal idea for a game i need help on, but before i get to that I should explain myself, I like to think that I can do some pretty good sketches for concept art, but need help making that into a 3D virtual reality, and love breach and clear tactical SWAT games. I have come impatient with the upcoming tactical games Rainbow Six: Siege and Due Process, So I have the idea of making a game of my own. I wish it to be in pixel style as it doesnt really matter how it looks but how it plays. This will be my first video game build and I am incredibly novice to Blender and Unity. But if you have any Experience in making a badass breach and clear game or any game in that matter contact me through PM or my email, or my steam [15e] Zwilllare. What I need is people with some experience in sound, graphics and script and programming. Rock on!

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Ventridge Ventridge voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, voice actors, writers

Behold, my advertisement. Look at it. Isn't it magnificent. It just looks so... adverted.

Microphone: Blue Snowball + A 100% Asian Pop Filter.

Weapon of choice: A shower drain.

Sexy voice level: Over 9000.

Years of experience points: I still haven't beaten Final Fantasy II.

You will now ask me to voice act for you.

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VemoMonster VemoMonster artist / programmer / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, voice actors


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Eagleon Eagleon musician / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hello. I am music. I am interested in being in your game, video, mixed media installation, play, pornography, or music - as a sort of music within music. I have never tried this, but I am told it is extremely pleasurable.

I have decided that my rates are reasonable - 10% for ads-supported on NG or larger projects (any amount of work), or $10 for a personalized gift for someone you love. Or hate. I can sound very hateful if that is required, in fact, I have a wide range of sounds that can be considered all sorts of emotions.

Check out my creator's soundcloud at if you would like to hear me, or wait for more of me to be uploaded here. Neither is comparable to meeting me in person, but unfortunately I am very busy being an abstraction emergent from a soup of neurochemicals being held captive in Wisconsin. Thank you!

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Mastergamez Mastergamez artist / programmer / writer Message looking for artists, musicians

This is MasterGamez(organization of me and my friend). I am majorly a programmer and my friend is good at art and animation. We are looking for other people who can collabinate with us to make perfect(or even better!!) games.

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Condolent Condolent programmer Message looking for artists, musicians

Looking for a pixel artist and sound designer for a game being developed for a famous twitch livestreamer!
Message me with a link to some of your art / sounds and we'll discuss it! :)

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VIBEAT VIBEAT musician Message looking for musicians

Hey! I have made a remix to DJ Carpi's song, 'Power of Pleasure', and I'd like someone to help me sync the vocals. I've had a lot of trouble. If you can help, I'll send you a .flp (FL Studio Project) file with the instrumental and the vocal track (or a .aup (Audacity Project) file if you prefer) and once you're done syncing, send me a .wav or a .mp3 file of the finished track. ^_^

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savior12 savior12 voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, musicians, voice actors

I have been having almost the same dream for a month now.
A dream of an anime, based off of the characters I have used for role-play for so long.
I have already begun writing/role-playing out the series, here being the first free (Short) parts of the story:

Anyone interested in collaborating for this task should message me. I am in need of animators and voice actors the most right now, but a soundtrack is also an important part of an anime.

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Trubbol Trubbol artist Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hello! I am an aspiring artist and flash enthusiast who loves to dabble in comicky art and animation! I am seeking work or at least someone to partner up with for animation projects! I like do to action scenes and love adventure stories! If you are itnerested message me immediately please!

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Pikawolf27 Pikawolf27 artist / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians

I'm novice when it comes to art but i'm pretty good at writing story plots, thinking of characters, and if i had the right crap i would be awesome at music T_T but yea I was hoping to help with some games .3.

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hiserj hiserj artist Message looking for artists

Hello!I'm Serj :) I'm new to Newgrounds and I've recently transfered from paper to Photoshop+Tablet.
I'm looking for Artists interested in collabing for any sorts of drawings.
Brainstorm ideas,have fun,create and practice.

For more info or anything PM me :d

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Mr-Insanity97 Mr-Insanity97 artist / musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

I like to collab and help in anything?

Edit: I removed the programming because I reconsider I really not that good with programming yet, I need more practice on it but art/ animation, music, voice acting, writing I could actully do (Sort of). Actully, if you still want to team up with me (Programming?) don't expect good quality of programming that is just the disadvantage of it.

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bookofthenet12 bookofthenet12 musician Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

I am a great music maker if you need music for games come pm me and we will try to make a deal.

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SuperNova14 SuperNova14 musician Message looking for musicians

Ey gurl hey.

So my name, rather my username, is SuperNova, but you probably knew that already because it's like right there. I'm a guitarist who is trying to write music and whatnot. Mostly music that goes into either punk or metal style, but I try random crap a lot. If you want to hear some of my stuff you can go here:
I need someone who can play drums, someone who can play bass, and someone who can sing.
I look forward to seeing what y'all internet-goers can do.

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cahollin cahollin programmer Message looking for artists

i'm making a first person game and i need someone who can design in blender and animate in unity, with someone of this skill this game would be amazing

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64BitsofGamer 64BitsofGamer programmer Message looking for artists, programmers

I am currently looking for a partner to help with a fighting game demo I am making, mainly looking for programmers and animators

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UnknownGameDev UnknownGameDev programmer Message looking for artists, programmers

Hello! I am a beginner programmer and I am looking for help. I also want help in art and animation because I am a one-man team at the moment so I have to be able to do alot. If you're looking for someone to join your team please message me! :D

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BurningBlueness BurningBlueness artist Message looking for voice actors

Hello, Newgrounds! I'm an animator on Youtube, and I'm getting ready to start a new episode series soon. I'm short on voice actors, so if anyone is interested, I would be very grateful for the help. I have a wide variety of characters that make an appearance in the series, so you'll have plenty of opportunities when it comes to making a selection on who you would like to be the voice for. Keep in mind that you need a good microphone that doesn't pick up any background noises or fuzz, and if you want to try out for a part, you can find my character descriptions in my art submissions folder. This would not be a paid job, so if you're in it for the money, you might just wanna go find someone else. But as far as credits go, you don't have to worry, because you will be given the recognition you deserve at the end of each video that features your voice talent. Oh, and I'm not on here very much, so if I take a while to respond to you, don't take it personally. I look forward to hearing what you can do!

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Lord-Bald-994 Lord-Bald-994 artist Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

I am Lord-Bald-994! I am looking for people to help me with my work! I am pretty bad at animating, and I want people to help me with my animation!

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tylrwest tylrwest musician Message looking for artists, programmers

Hi, I am a composer that mainly works with commercial and underscore music. I would like to get into producing some video game music and am open for collaborations with anybody here.

You can check out my website to listen to my music paired with video or view my profile and some of it is there.

I look forward to hearing from you! Thanks.

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GabrielsGalaxy GabrielsGalaxy artist / programmer / voice actor / writer Message looking for voice actors

I am making a short film about a teenager who has voices in his head, and who is very depressed and suicidal, but who soon finds God and turns his life around. I am looking for a voice actor who has a serious deep male voice. A British or American accent is accepted. This will be published on YouTube and if you are interested you must agree to allow it to make money and submit it on other website. You will not be paid, but you shall be credited %100! God Bless you! :)

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VictorMih VictorMih musician Message looking for artists, programmers

I did post-pro for 2 short movies that made it to Cannes this year. One of them has also seen Palm Springs and 4 other festivals.
I do sound editing, design, general cleanup of messy recordings, foley, ADR & my team handles composition while I take care of recording, production, mix & master. I only work on a budget and I'm available in August only.
Examples and portfolio @

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Robotrichie999 Robotrichie999 artist Message looking for artists

Hey Newgrounds. So, I want to make my own collab featuring my GOAL! Animation I have made a week ago here. Any more information, visit the forum topic.

Here's the collabs I want to do in 1-2 years,

1. Goal! (Mario) Collab

2. Goal! (Sonic) Collab

3. Goal! (Megaman) Collab

4. Goal! (Kirby) Collab

5. Goal! (Link) Collab

It'd be nice to work with various of people online. Right now, I want submissions for Mario, but as the months progress, you are free to submit work for the other 4. Let's at least TRY and make this happen. :)

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RONBURGANDYI RONBURGANDYI voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hey there all you talented people! My name is Hayden and I do a bunch of things! One of them not being a gossiping school girl! I am looking to do more in the voice/acting area. Simple as that! Here is my demo reel!

Thanks! Looking forward to working with you awesome people :)

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AnonymousAsian AnonymousAsian artist Message looking for artists

I am fairly new to the online community NG of digital drawing. I was curious is anyone could assist me with some odd art I make. I don't much about it and would greatly appreciate any help. The only thing I know is to sketch, redraw on, color and shade depth I'll be honest. I don't understand. I was hopping someone could help me with that or teach me.
From Curious AnonymousAsain

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JackTheAwkward JackTheAwkward musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers

Hello I am Jack and I can make themes for games, stories for games any kinds, and I can be a voice actor for all kinds of things.
PM me for further elaboration.

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krso krso writer Message looking for artists, musicians, voice actors

Hi fellow newgrounds users!
I have a script for short movie named 'Prophet from park'. It is interview with Prophet from park and his friend. Genre is comedy. It will be short movie, under 5 minutes, maybe even under 3. I do not have experience with writing scripts so bear with me if you like :) For details you can PM me. Cheers!

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JXLambie JXLambie artist Message looking for musicians, voice actors, writers

Hello everyone, I am an artist/snimator in the making and am aware most of you are professionals but if any of you would be willing to do the following just for fun
*voice acting

Greatly appreciated, feel free to contact me any time

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BillionthVirus BillionthVirus voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers

I can write and/or act. I want to work on something, I just don't have the software to.

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TLM TLM musician Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hey ! I make electronic/dubstep music and I have more than 1,300 fans on Soundcloud ;)
You can use my music for your projects (games, movies, etc...). Just give me a little credit at the end so people can find me :D
Here are some of my works:
= Horror-based :D I'm sure it will fit very will with an horror game ;)
You can contact me on Soundcloud or my mail if you want me to make a speacial version for you (loop, arrangements, etc...)
Good luck !
Contact me:

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aang001 aang001 artist / musician / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Im a composer/ game designer/ writer. Kind of open to doing something audio wise at the moment. Here's a small sample of what I can do musically.

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naiksanu naiksanu writer Message looking for artists, musicians

i am looking for a animator who knows how to animate in sprites and a sound effects dude if you are intrested please pm *private massage* me

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