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Toxicfume619 Toxicfume619 musician / voice actor Message looking for artists, musicians, writers

Hello People!
My name is toxic, none of you heard me of course.

But basically what i'm trying to do is voice act or contribute to music guitar wise.
Now! for starters if you want me to voice act something, (Like, for animation, narration, or
just for shits a giggles that you want me to say for you.)
Of course my voice acting demo ain't all that special but if you choose me i could show more
or do what you need for your project!
Also i do it for free.

Also you could just message me stuff to say for my own profile to show what i can do.
Thanks for Reading.

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FUCKnowledge FUCKnowledge artist / writer Message looking for artists

Hi all! I'm looking for a fun, creative animator with a more powerful computer than mine to take my art and make it leap about.

I've banged my heads together for months trying to make a new animated comedy series, Loaded Dice. It's based on the in-game world of a weekly DND group I play with old friends, each of us voicing our own characters. I've been pumping out Illustrator art, cutting sound files, dealing with unexpected catastrophes, and finally, finally getting everything together into Flash...

...only to discover that my computers are not powerful enough to handle it. *facepalm*

I hit the stage of placing characters in scenes, fully animating their lip-sync with Keyframe Caddy, and then just when I started animating basic facial expressions and body movements, my computers began lagging so hard I can't even watch my work in progress any more.

So! If you want to make cartoon people and monsters move to make real people laugh, hit me up and we'll talk about it! Thanks for reading!

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Waldorf42 Waldorf42 musician / voice actor Message looking for artists, programmers, writers

I'm a music composer and also interested in voice acting. If I'm familiar with the music genre I can give it a try and write a piece, whereas I prefer composing ballads and epic action tunes. Please note, that naturally I don't have an actual orchestra at hand, meaning that I can only provide tunes played by artificial instruments.

As for my voice, I speak German, English and Latin. You can check out my YouTube channel to hear me:
For English samples I'd recommend choosing the MindCraft videos in the following playlist:

Thank you for your interest and I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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JuicedRobot JuicedRobot musician Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hi everyone

I'm a composer and I'd love to write music for your indie/commercial game projects.

There are thousands of composers out there, but here are 5 reasons I'm the one to hire:
1- Been gaming since age 5 (now 30)
2- Been playing music since age 6
3- Been a professional filmmaker for 8 years
4- Obsessed with games, music, and film
5- Just the best chap ever

I'm fundamentally a Rock and Heavy Metal guitarist and composer, but recently moved into Games and TV when I saw a gap for dark, mischievous, metal-themed synth music.

For examples of my work, please visit my soundcloud page at:

Fur further information on my Music and Video business, visit my website:

Your friendly South African music-man,
Mark Allnutt

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sonicfire23 sonicfire23 artist Message looking for voice actors

Hello! Me and my friends are working on a animation project titled: "Split worlds". What we need from You are a couple of lines for a child character. As none of us can do such a voice to fit the task we would like anyone who can do a "Male Child Voice"

(P.S: Its alright if you are female, so long as you can do a kid voice)

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draftboy111 draftboy111 musician Message looking for artists, musicians
im Dj /PRODUCER i love music I wanted to do a collaboration with someone who likes to make video games
I love videogames

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omithealien omithealien artist / programmer / musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hello everyone Welcome to the laboratory planet.
Everything is 1990s Live action, 1990's CGI animation, ZX spectrum video games, and 1990's 3D art. So I am working on the 1990's style live action short film which is called The Infinite Perils of eye-ball Shaun: a Live action short film which is rated T for Teen(Ages 13+). So good luck.

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titankore titankore voice actor / writer Message looking for musicians, voice actors

I am currently working on a radio play style podcast called "The Adventures of MechaBetty". Currently I am on episode 2 with episode 3 premiering soon and I am seeking voice actors for various parts including recasting the leading role of MechaBetty. Also if you are a musician and would like to have your music featured in the break then let me know.

Summary: During the re-opening of the World Fair aliens attack! Our hero Betty is injured and with her invention and the combined genius of some of the world's greatest minds she is reborn as MechaBetty! Now they all must work together to stop the alien menace from conquering the world.

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TheRandomTom16 TheRandomTom16 artist Message looking for voice actors

Hello everyone im making an animation but im looking for a voice actor! The Animation is about a guy who tells his friend what did he made last night when he was drunk! I just need 1 voice actor... :)

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thatOneCoder8 thatOneCoder8 programmer / writer Message looking for artists

Hey, guys. My name is Nick and me and my friend Roger are looking to make a game. Can't disclose much information yet(don't want anyone to steal our ideas) but we're looking for someone to model our characters and animate them. Sadly, we cannot pay as we are just starting out, but we will give a cut of the profits(if any) and mention in credits. Get back to me as soon as possible.

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Hoveee Hoveee artist Message looking for artists

i make basic signatures and dootles of all sorts, i as well can do 3d design and 2d, i can try to learn new things as needed
contact me @ the following if needed-

skype- xxufcoxx
contact me at any hour of the day and i will get back to you as soon as possible!

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deathmaumau deathmaumau voice actor Message looking for artists, voice actors, writers

Thought I'd try my hand at voice acting (sorry I'm so bad) but I thought it looked fun and I'd love to collab and meet new people. Here is my voice demo:
I can also write and do art so please PM me if you're interested at all!

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FreeInsults FreeInsults artist / programmer / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians

Lol wont let me take this down

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freddiecolton freddiecolton voice actor Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hello Newgrounders,

My name is Freddie and I am a professionally working Voice Actor. Let me start by saying I have a professional studio and am a real industry professional. I am in Voice Over because to me there is nothing in the world more fun! However, I am not some kid who just kinda thinks "doing this might be fun". I am professional about the work you will receive. A friend suggested I take my business on here to look for some work. I can have your audio turned around to you as soon as necessary. My email is or please feel free to PM me.

My commercial demo is up on my page here. If you have any following questions for me please do not hesitate to shoot me a message. I promise I will reply back as quickly as I can.

Thank you,
Freddie Colton

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torturethe torturethe writer Message looking for artists, programmers, writers

If you are looking for someone who Translates Spanish something that's me, if you do not need , just contactenmen by facebook or right here I just have to give everything and text ire translating Thanks for attention

My facebook:

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Demonic-Overmind Demonic-Overmind musician Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hi,I'm a Beginner Musician. I'd created currently 2 tracks and I can collab with anyone seeking for some musician.As I'm a beginner, I won't charge anything for my first project, if you like it,you can pay for it.

Interested people can PM me or contact me at

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