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Wegra Wegra voice actor Message looking for artists, musicians, voice actors

I think I'm getting better with my voice acting these days if you're willing to collaberate give me a PM feel free to samp-le some of my work in the audio portal

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Haris Haris artist / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hey, i'm Haris. I do arts of all kinds. I can freely work for you and make you anything you want. I don't charge much.

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SketchEffect SketchEffect voice actor Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

My name is CJ (Sketch). I'm a voice actor. (Yeah I know. Original right?) And I like to help out with whatever you may need as far as voice over goes.

You can check out a "demo" sort of piece here.

And if you want to hear more just check out my other audio pieces. If you have any questions just send me a pm and we'll see if we can work something out!

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nat29 nat29 artist / musician Message looking for artists, writers

Will need animators for The Squishables. Writing for future cartoons as well. Thanks!

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Ctnumber Ctnumber artist / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, voice actors, writers

Hey everyone,If you want me to draw (not good but not bad)/animate(motion tweens pro/frame-by-frame intermediate)/voice act(depends)/write(original/comedy/drama) in your projects, just let me know and we'll talk.

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MetaMike MetaMike programmer / voice actor / writer Message looking for voice actors

Hey everyone, I'm looking for a cool sounding teen-adult voice actor to voice the character of Ken Masters from Street Fighter, i'm sure most ofyou are familiar with who he is. If you're interested please send me some sort of Audio Demo with your impressions of Ken, If you're unsure who and how he is I would suggest you google or youtube him and such to get an idea. Thank You all


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TheUnseriousguy TheUnseriousguy artist / writer Message looking for voice actors, writers

HI i am working on a cartoon that i need voice actors for, its sort of an action, post apocalyptic comedy type thing, if you are interested let me know because i need voices for it really soon, also if you are really good at writing comedy that could help too, thanks :D

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neocrey neocrey musician Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Open for making exclusive music for your game or movie. Feel free to contact or use my portfolio for your works.

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Wilhiemthe2nd Wilhiemthe2nd musician Message looking for artists

Hello, I am a musician, and am currently working on a Trance album for my bandcamp site. I need a visual artist to do a cover art piece for me. This is a commercial project, and I'll be happy to discuss the financial side of things.

Please PM me if interested. ;)

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zombievegeta zombievegeta musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists

I need an animator for a new series here on NG PM me for more details

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megacharlie159 megacharlie159 artist Message looking for voice actors

Hello I'm megacharlie159 and I would like some voice actors for my earth day animation skit thing. I need someone who can do Morgan freeman, and someone to do some light voices. Please reply! :)

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enochcity enochcity programmer / musician Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

I'm a musician capable of making any genre. I'll accept any request and I'll do it all for free :).
I'm capable of making music for games, animations etc. I'm also looking for other musicians to work with :D
I'm also a capable construct 2 user and I've uploaded one game here called "Prico's Adventure" that you can check out if you want :).

Take a look at my work and contact me if your interested in working with me :).

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calslater calslater writer Message looking for artists

"The Nightmare Before Crystal Meth" Is a 7 minute musical that crosses the premise of Breaking Bad with the musical/visual style of Nightmare Before Christmas.
^^^ We've already recorded the audio, but animation is still needed. The style would need to be very sketchy and Burton-esque, but with recognizable Breaking Bad characters.

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Karsys Karsys artist / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hi! For all who have projects running, I'd be happy to contribute, or if you want to start a collaboration, that works too! Just send me your details and I'll help with whatever you need!

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FrankBooth FrankBooth artist Message looking for programmers

Hello programmers of Newgrounds. I'm looking to collaborate with some experienced programmers on some small games - perhaps you have a brilliant puzzle game in a functioning state but you need to take it to the next level with some characters/colour/animation or a strong theme/logo etc. Maybe you need some UI design too. If this is the case I would love to help. I'm very flexible on style - raster or vector.

Please take a look at my work at and don't hesitate to contact me if you think I could help.
I look forward to working with you.

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DjGubkafish DjGubkafish artist / musician Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

I make original music in all genres . If you project is freeware I can make up to 3 tracks for free . If your project has commercial purpose I expect a small payment .

samples: Minesweeper Live Recording Loops Space Loops Isolation EndlessRunner Isismoons Girl's Graveyard Roller Joe

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Landeyx Landeyx musician Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hello everbody im an expert for music so tell me what sort of music you need for your game and il seek it right away!
I work for free so you dont need to pay me...

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CubixFails CubixFails voice actor Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hey there Newgrounds! Arthur McConnell here giving you a great opportunity to use my vocal abilities in your cool and groovy productions! Here's my demo video thing for reference:

I can sing, do accents, different ranges and tones and such, pretty much anything you need from a voice actor. I can sound professional or like a dumb, it all depends on what you want! But whatever it is you want I'll be sure to deliver!

Feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] or just send me a message here on Newgrounds! Stay cool folks and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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liquideng liquideng musician Message looking for artists, programmers, writers


I'm a composer and I'm really into composing music for games. I play guitar, bass, synth, drums and many other instruments.
I know how to compose, record and edit music. Here is some of my work

My favorites game soundtracks are Castlevania SOTN (also Super Castlevania IV) and Katamari Damacy. If you want addictive, creative and fun music for your project, write me Posted Image

My e-mail - [email protected]

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WillKindricks WillKindricks programmer / musician Message looking for programmers, musicians, writers

I am a 5 years in experience c++ programmer, 2 years experience musician and if anyone is willing to pay for a project I am willing to stay dedicated to the project and work until you have what you want!


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DJC1P DJC1P musician Message looking for artists, programmers, writers

Hi I'm a music producer (PolarTrance), and I'm looking for some work to do. Video, animation or whatever you need music for...
I haven't gotten to do any music for other people yet, so I'm kinda new to the making stuff for others.
I know how to do many styles of music, but I'd like to keep it electronic as that is the area that I'm actually good at.

You can go and listen to my music from my soundcloud and newgrounds (I suggest soundcloud as I update it more often).

If you are interested send me a private message or email to: [email protected]

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fionploy5000 fionploy5000 artist Message looking for artists


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BeminFire BeminFire artist / musician Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hello awesome person reading this! I like to make art (note: I'm not an artist and I don't do pixel art) for games. PM if you wanna get some cartoony/shaded/custom art for your game. I can draw people, example:
I can also do rectangle-ish legs and triangle-ish arms if you'd like.

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Sonicyay2 Sonicyay2 artist Message looking for artists

OK, so whilst I got crew members for my upcoming game, Sticky the Stickman, I realized something: I can not animate the cutscenes on my own. Thus, now I am looking to YOU guys to help me animate the cutscenes for the upcoming game, Sticky the Stickman! Currently, there's 4 characters in the game, and I'll list them off right now with official artwork.
Sticky the Stickman:
Stickette the Stickwoman:
Unnamed bad guy:
The Play-On-Worder:
If you wish to help, please contact me via PM or Skype(Sonicyay2) and help Sticky the Stickman save Stickette!
Also, I'm still looking for level makers that can make great level design.

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Knight52 Knight52 programmer Message looking for artists

็Hello, people. My name is Knight. I'm trying to get my current project sponsored.

Actually, it's finished once, but got heavy critics on graphics. Here's the trailer I made from that version.

As you can see, my art skill is pretty low. I'm redoing the graphics with all my might right now. However, it's pretty likely my skill is still not good enough and the game will end up being rejected again. So here I am, looking for anyone who's willing to give me a hand.

As for payment, I can promise you the profit after getting sponsored. We can talk on how many percent you want.

Of course, PM me if you're interested.

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Chazenation Chazenation voice actor Message looking for artists, voice actors

I will be willing to any type of voice acting in animations or games.

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jonswe jonswe musician / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

EDIT: We need artists!!

Hello im Jon, you may know me as jonswe.
Im looking for the most awesome people that can create the most awesome community driven music network,like Monstercat UKF etc.
Contact me here on NG and tell about how awesome you are.

Have a awesome day!

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Sjiht Sjiht artist / writer Message looking for writers

Hey there, I'm a 22 year old animation student and in order to further my skills I'm looking for some projects. If you are a writer and have an idea feel free to contact me. My latest traditional animation exercises can be found here ( , brainworkinsprogress is also my account but I'm discontinueing its use. I can give you confirmation on ownership of it tough. )

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MoeBproduction MoeBproduction musician Message looking for artists

Hello I run the record label known as Moe B Production and i'm looking for an artist that could make some very good cover art i've been scouting for Hip-Hop artist all day and if i'm going to release some new singles i'm going to need some fly new cover art PM me here if your interested.

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memoryexplosion memoryexplosion musician Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hello, I'm a digital musician who loves making music for all kinds of scenarios and moods. I'm interested in composing for original projects, so if you like what you hear, PM me and we'll see what happens! :D

My bandcamp is here:

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connorbleedin connorbleedin writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors

I am a writer and If you need any story lines for animation or music ideas pm me I i might be able to help

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BuggleBeans BuggleBeans artist Message looking for artists

hi im lexi im a artist and i want to team up with some one who is a brony that is good with mlp fanart (;

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StrikerSXAZ StrikerSXAZ voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Well I have this idea for a mech anime for a movie. I thought about making a show on here or youtube. So I'm willing to accept all. The name of it is Project Seraph. In a 7 day period called the Oblivion, a group takes over the world with a new weapon called the Seraphs. The Riders who are the resistance, plan on taking back there country and then world with Seraphs of their own. While the world is ruled by the organization named, Tenshiki, the people that took over the world, who kills innocent people for crimes they didn't commit and they rule the world with an iron fist showing no mercy!

While watching everything getting taken away from him, the main character, Ace Sendo, a 13 year old boy, who joins the Riders for only one cause, to make sure no one would suffer the way he did. The leader of the Riders, Spikey seeks revenge on Tenshiki for killing his crew and best friend when he was on duty. Together, the Riders plan on bringing back the world to a peaceful age while, Tenshiki wants to keep its rule of anarchy!

Genre: Action, Adventure, Romance, Some Language

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AnnieQuinn AnnieQuinn voice actor Message looking for artists, musicians

Hi, my name is Anairis Quinones. I'm a voice actress with seven years of experience under my belt. I've voiced for many productions, including Sierra Ops, Nova: Synthesis Creaturum, Joy to the World, and Tree of Life. My range varies from a little girl to a mature woman; I can also voice little boys. I've been complimented often on my acting ability and amount of energy by sources I can direct you to if need be.

Here's a link to my recent demo reel. I can also provide voice samples for any characters you'd like to hear me as if you are interested in my services:

I'm also a singer! I'd like to collab with someone on a few original pieces. Here's a sample of my singing:

Hope to work with you!

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Dm7889 Dm7889 musician / voice actor Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hey guys what's up I'm Dm7889. I have 5 years of experience in music ( Don't post much on Newgrounds though) and I've also been doing voices for well, all my life. If your in need of a voice actor and or musician, just PM me here on Newgrounds or these places below, hope to hear from ya ;)

-Email: [email protected]
-skype: Dm7889
-YouTube: dm7889

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Zutaka Zutaka artist / writer Message looking for artists, musicians, voice actors

Hello all! I am a writer who is bored and, yeah, I am thinking why not find someone to team up with!
I am 14 years old (So yes, I am seeking for animators/Voice actors who wants to do it for FREE and for PRACTING and NOT MONEY!) I seek a animator, and a guy/girl who can do more than 2 voices (so it won´t get too complicated with many peoples)
Sorry for my lame English, and sorry if you kinda needs money/someone to pay you, but think about this as an training maybe?
It won´t be a long story/work, maybe a animation of 1-2 mins, so it is really only for those who wants to do it for Free. (And no, you can´t change my mind, I only wants people who will do it for free).
So, yeah, message me if you would like to think about it? I live in the EU so the time zone may be different. *UPDATE* I now have 2 voicers and one animator! I would like to find some more still, right now I am kinda thinking of doing an Pokemon Parody or something..
Feel free to write to me, on Google Drev! [email protected] and also message me on YouTube!
- Zutaka.

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polhudo polhudo artist Message looking for artists

I'm a newborn Artist and willing to contribute on your project with somekind of drawing of your wish just for my personal training and portfolio. If I have some free time I'm sure it will be at least a decent Art.

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Crazy-8 Crazy-8 musician Message looking for artists, programmers, voice actors, writers

Um hello, I'm a first time poster on the collaboration area of Newgrounds. I'm currently studying as a music major at my community college and I feel I need more practice as a composer. As such I would like to put my name out there as someone who can work on projects that require music. Here is my soundcloud for any that are interested, um, it's a little bit bare, but I'm hoping to fill it up more sometime soon! I uh, write using FL studio but I also have Finale Notepad...I look forward to hearing from someone soon!

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anton2000 anton2000 programmer Message looking for musicians

Looking for composer for 8-bit hop-n-bop game. I'm stuck with making music, so i'm seeking someone here.

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TheWastedYouth TheWastedYouth artist Message looking for artists

Hey! Please keep in mind that I'm 15 years old and very mature for my age, sorry if I'm being a bit boastful.

What I'm really making a post about today is a cartoon I'm working on. It's going to be a series but my ego and connection to the cartoon has gotten in the way of production. You see it would be a lot faster if I had a crew that can work on it with me.

Instead of me working countless hours all by myself. I wish I was older with no school work to get in the way of this or had a way to balance my schedule unfortunately this isn't the case at all.

If you are interested in working on an episodic series .. (for no pay) then please come by! All help is gladly appreciated! I promise you'll enjoy yourself and the characters.

backstory (and voice casting):

For more information contact me:
•Skype: hoodieninja213

[email protected]

*** please be of some experience with smooth , "professional" animation.***

Here's what I have so far on this project of mine:

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OddUsername OddUsername musician Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hi, one thing I've been wanting to do for a while is make a soundtrack to any kind of game, animation, movie, etc. So let me know if interested. Here is some of my work:

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TrinaTan TrinaTan voice actor Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hey there! I'm Trina Deuhart (Sometimes credited as RawrKittyPanda or just Trina for other projects.) I've been voicing in online productions since 2011. I absolutely love flash, visual projects and games and I would love to lend my voice to your project.

My vocal range ranges from high to medium-low. I can voice children of both genders, teenagers, and young adults. I have voice characters of all types and am willing to try out for anything.


I am perfectly willing to lend my voice to your project for free. But should your project be sold commercially or make any profit along the way, then I would appreciate it if I am paid. Payment is highly negotiable. I'd be more than happy to work it out with the team. I know the majority of the developers/game creators here are just starting out so budget can be squishy tight.


[Turnaround Time]
This depends on the project.
I record frequently on weekdays and weekends. I will keep people updated of my progress. If you have an set deadline, do let me know and I will do my best to get the lines to you before or by that date.

[18+ Content]
Yes, I do record anything with 18+ content that deals with any sort of erotica or sexual themes. However, I'd be more willing to do it if it's paid, but we can negotiate that.

Please e-mail me directly at [email protected] or feel free to pm me. =D

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coliboom coliboom artist / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, voice actors

I'm thinking of getting some kind of movie making thing on my step-dad's computer to make some kind of animation to kick off an animation series. I'm new to this kind of thing, though, and might need some help. I can write and do some of the voice acting, writing or drawing, and leave someone else to help with more voice acting and animation. I'm not sure if I can get this program, though, and might need somebody to animate it for me. I'm not even sure if I should go through with this, but it would be cool. Thanks.

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kanejgoodridge kanejgoodridge voice actor Message looking for artists

I don't mind what kind of project it is. As long as I get to voice act, I want to do it. I may be 13, but I have a pretty deep voice. Some people have actually confused me for being around 30 or 40 before when they've heard just my voice.
I would most prefer to be in movie projects, but I'm fine if it's not that.
I would also most prefer to have a slightly large role in a project. Not as a back-up or someone in the background. A character which is more notable in the project.

Don't judge me by my age. Just hear my voice and then you can decide. Please at least give me a chance.

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DGStudios DGStudios artist / programmer / musician / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, writers

Looking for anyone to help with my new game, Skype name : Britzblitz please contact me and we can talk there too.
This is some of my artwork:

(i am also a game design student)

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DASQ DASQ musician Message looking for musicians

Available for collaborations !,

DASQ (DJ & Producer) Real Name : Davidescu Andrei from Romania, Ramnicu Valcea.

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