Customer Testimonies

We have a wide range of satisfied customers, including a few celebrities! Here are just a few of the letters we have received:

Subject: Thanks, guys!!! :)
From: Tamika Jones (

I wasn't even sure if you guys were serious at first, but I was delighted to find that you could deliver everything you promised! Fluffs had been having problems with her balance for years... Falling off tables, into toilets, out of windows, etc... But thanks to the hydrolic legs you gave her, she's hanging out in style! Thanks guys, you're the greatest!


ps: I enclosed a picture of Fluffs doing what she does best... Drinking out of the toilet!

Tamika: We're happy to see that Fluffs is back to her old self again! Thanks to our waterproof parts, she'll be drinking out of that toilet for many years to come!

Subject: You saved my cats!
From: Don Pellegrino (

My twins were both hurt in a tragic fight against the neighborhood bully (a Rotweiler), but thanks to you guys, he'll never mess with them again!


Don: Uh... Glad we could be of service! :) Our parts are durable, but I'd be sure to keep them away from that Rotweiler from now on!

Subject: I thought you might like this...
From: Kristen McGinnis (

I thought I would send a picture of my two cats... Samantha and her daughter Betsy. A year ago you were able to replace Samantha's front legs, and she has been fine since. She gave birth to Betsy AFTER the operation! Betsy doesn't even seem to notice that her mom's legs are made of stainless steal. Thanks CD!

Kristen: We are so happy to hear from you! Samantha was was one of our first commercial successes. It is great to see she has been able to raise a family since the operation!

Subject: Evil, EVIL!!!
From: Daniel Worth (

Don't you realize what you are doing is wrong? Cats are evil! EVIL I say!!

The domestic cat is mans greatest foe. Granted seals are blood-thirsty man killers, but when was the last time you saw one of them insinuate itself into the very heart of a family? Cats use an insidious form of mind control to eventually posses their "owners". They start off slowly, you find yourself wanting to pet them occasionally and to feed them regularly. Soon, however you are catering to their every whim, buying designer cat food that costs more per pound than what you eat, letting them in and out and out and in ad nausium (it is my theory that they do this just to prove that they control us to their feline friends). Why the poor saps who buy your products must be wasting their entire life savings to give a mere cat a few extra years to live.

Just think how many more cats there are in this country than humans. Doesn't that scare you? What is the point of saving their lives when their whole hellish existence is bent on dominating us. Besides if your customers would just break the mind control they could not only save themselves the expense of your services, they could also save the cost of a decent roasting chicken. We have all been eating cat our whole lives in the form of Chinese take-out, what's the point in denying it. We even enjoy eating cat. In fact twenty minutes after gorging on it we want more.

Now I realize that you don't want to hear this, your whole business being based on serving these evil creatures. But if we can fight this from every direction eventually we can beat the cats. I know we can from personal experience. When I was a child we got a cat. Before anyone in the family realized what was going on, it was in complete control. I must admit that I was helped to break its power over me by my severe allergy to its nasty evil fur, but I have since seen people unaflicted with allergies, who once informed of what their cat was doing to them, were able to brake its control on their own.

However this fight is not without dangers. When my brother, in an enraged attempt to sever the cats power over him, tried to kill the cat who was manipulating him, he not only failed but suffered effectively the result of a full frontal lobotomy. Let this be a warning. DO NOT DIRECTLY CONFRONT THE CATS. At least not until you have broken their power over you. Proceed with caution. Don't be sure you have eliminated their insidious control over yo until you are able to guilt free buy the cheapest food and litter for them.

For the sake of my brother and all the millions of similar victims of cats, whether they know it or not (for that is the true tragedy of it all, most victims of cats never realize what has become of themselves. They continue to live carefree never realizing they have been reduced to automated pawns.), I urge you to cease your evil ways. Cast off your feline oppressors before it is to late. Please for the love of God!! STOP THE INSANITY!!!!!

D Worth

Daniel: Thank you for expressing your concern, but we at Cat Dynamics do not share your views. Cats have no intention of ruling the earth, and we should continue to develop means to make them stronger and more powerful. Anyone who has ever been given a back massage by a cat will tell you that a few more pounds of pressure would make it oh-so better, and that is only possible with the help of a hyrdraulic press installed in the forearms. We at Cat Dynamics can do this, and so much more.

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