The Jesus Beeper is a revolutionary breakthrough in communications. Never before has man been able to directly communicate with the Lord! Below is an explanation as to how it works and how it came about. Enjoy!

The Jesus Beeper is yet another great product from the mind of Tom Fulp... The crackhead who wreaked havok on the web with Club a Seal, Assassin, and Cat Dynamics (all located on the Newgrounds website).

It all started with an idea to create a magic 8-Ball page. After all, Magic 8-Balls are fun, right? Well, Tom decided to expand on the magic 8-Ball a bit... So he used a magic beeper with the power to communicate with Jesus. How is this done?! See for yourself:


So now you know how it works. Why is it better than a magic 8-Ball? Here's why:

  • A magic 8-Ball doesn't allow you to communicate with the son of God.
  • Magic 8-Balls aren't fluent in ebonics.
  • A dodecahedron can't hold as many responses as a beeper.
  • Magic 8-Balls don't fit in your pocket.
  • You don't have to waste time shaking a beeper.
  • Magic 8-Balls don't have indiglo.
  • Tom Fulp is behind the beeper, period.

Big up to Abner for helping with the "proper" ebonics terminology. :)

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