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Audio Artists Assemble! (wip, Help)

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Audio Artists Assemble! (wip, Help) 2008-06-01 12:27:29

First and foremost, I've looked around a bit for a similar topic like this but couldn't find any. In reaction to that, I went to the rules, and saw no mention of this not being allowed either. If by some reason I've completely overlooked something, feel free to whack me across the face with any heavy object and set me straight.

Now then,

I've been working on a new track for the last couple of weeks, but have hit a roadblock recently. I figured, where better to ask for some assistance than the forum itself, as some really creative people are on this site.

Before I link you to the track, here's the basic premise behind it:

Inspired by: Megaman-esque tracks, and overall 8bit leads, and something a little different (for me) overall. There's a little nudge to something that really fit within the arrangement in the middle of the song, I'm sure certain ppl will appreciate that.

There hasn't been done much with mastering certain instruments, so don't look/listen to heavy for those things. I'm more looking for ideas and suggestions on the arrangement side.

ZSHARE / Radius8 [WIP]

For all those taking a stab at helping, thanks a ton in advance. And again, if this ain't the place for it, let me know. I haven't seen any other place where you can ask advice from other artists, and I wouldn't exactly classify this as advertisement either.

Again, thanks in advance.

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Response to Audio Artists Assemble! (wip, Help) 2008-06-01 12:55:21 32

Wakka wakka