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Rage's gift to you: Abusive reviews

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Response to Rage's gift to you: Abusive reviews 2009-01-24 16:40:23

There have been ample warnings and attempts to fix this thread (for more than four months), but this thread has been proven to be long past saving. If you didn't know we were trying to make it better, that's just more reason for the lock. There have been too many flaggings of non-abusive content, causing the review moderators more work, stress, and drama than any one thread should ever create.

In short, this thread is past its time. The whistle system works as it is and doesn't need a thread in this forum for it to work. Please continue to flag abusive reviews. If you have questions about what is and is not abusive you can pm a review moderator or post in Mal's gift to you: Review answers. (Note any complaining about the locking of this thread in Mal's thread may get you banned from the bbs).

Main issues:
- The massive flagging of non-abusive reviews
- The inability of users to read more than one page of this thread or follow directions
- This thread was not helping the moderators find abusive reviews that would not have been found anyway, its original intention
- The flagging of old submissions that didn't matter so much. For instance by users or on user content for users who haven't been on the site for well over 6 months to years.
- Treating the whistle stats as only whistle stats. There were issues, especially towards the end of this thread, where flagging was solely to get whistle points. The flagging system is about clearing out abusive reviews, not the stats. The stats are reward, but the motivation should be keeping the site clean. Many of you lost site of this or never understood it to begin with.
- Months of work and time were wasted moderating and cleaning this thread.

For these and possibly many more reasons this thread is being locked. Do not recreate this thread. Please do not create news posts emulating this thread or its purpose.

Rage's gift to you: Abusive reviews


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