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Parachat- Filled with Pedo's

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Response to Parachat- Filled with Pedo's 2008-07-26 23:28:49

hypnosubdave: how about You, love? how come no bf?
CutiPie676: i didnt like the guys in my school last year
CutiPie676: i hope theres a good new bunch this year
hypnosubdave: kiss on the cheek ... their loss, love ... dumbass boys
hypnosubdave: hey ... may i ask You what You look lke, Catlyn? or do You ahve a pic that You are comf sharing?
hypnosubdave: if You aren't comf answering, please say so ........ i will respect that 100%
CutiPie676: sorry
CutiPie676: i dont have a pic
CutiPie676: but
CutiPie676: i have blonde wavy hair
CutiPie676: blue eyes
CutiPie676: 5' 7"
CutiPie676: about 120 - 125 lbs
hypnosubdave: %%%%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hypnosubdave: the boys are dumb and BLIND not to go for You,love
CutiPie676: 1 or 2 asked me out but they were annoying
hypnosubdave: wishing i was about 16 or so ........ i would go for You
hypnosubdave: blussssssssssshing cuz im flirting with You ... sorry ... i'll be a good boy
CutiPie676: i wish there were kids my age like you
CutiPie676: your such a gentle man
hypnosubdave: kiss on the cheek ...............thanks, love
hypnosubdave: sitting on the couch and pouring a glass of red wine
hypnosubdave: You want some as we chat, love
CutiPie676: not too much
hypnosubdave: pouring You a half glass as You sit beside me ........
hypnosubdave: if You don't like it, i'll finiish it
CutiPie676: i sip it slowly
CutiPie676: its delicious!
hypnosubdave: pouring myself some more ........You want more or are you okeay?
CutiPie676: im okay
hypnosubdave: kiss on the cheek .........i ohpe that is ok?
CutiPie676: yeah
hypnosubdave: i just dont want You to be uncomf
CutiPie676: gives a nice small kiss on the cheek to you
hypnosubdave: mmmmmmmmmmmmm
CutiPie676: resting my head on your shoulder i put my hand on your lap
hypnosubdave: mmmmmmmmm is it getting hot in here
hypnosubdave: i need more wine to calm down
hypnosubdave: pourig more andrinking it quickly
CutiPie676: dont drink too much
hypnosubdave: i'llbe a good boy for You, love
hypnosubdave: kiss on the cheek and a smile
CutiPie676: i take my zip up sweater off and put it on the ground
CutiPie676: all im wearing is a thin string tank top
hypnosubdave: trying not to stare at Your Body
hypnosubdave: blusssssssshing now cuz You caught me staring
CutiPie676: put my arm over your back and start scratching it
hypnosubdave: mmmmmmmmmmm
hypnosubdave: mellllllllllting for You
CutiPie676: put your wine glass down
hypnosubdave: yes
CutiPie676: i take a big gulp of the last bit and put it on a table
CutiPie676: i lean up against you and put my arm around the front of your body
hypnosubdave: mmmmmmmmm moaning softly
hypnosubdave: trying to be agood boy bt You are making it hard
CutiPie676: i put a little tug on your shirt showing that i want it off
CutiPie676: i start to try and take it off
CutiPie676: but your arms wont budge
CutiPie676: snaps in front of your face to see if your concious
hypnosubdave: im here babe
hypnosubdave: but im trying to ressit temptaion
hypnosubdave: i should resist i know i can i can resist
CutiPie676: take it off
hypnosubdave: yes
hypnosubdave: You picked up on my submissive side
hypnosubdave: do You know what a hypnosub is, love?
CutiPie676: no
CutiPie676: lol
CutiPie676: sorry
hypnosubdave: im a hypnotically submissive male
hypnosubdave: i have been trained under hypnosis to be submissive to Women
hypnosubdave: i even have a trigger word that makes me sub for You (or any Woman who says it)
CutiPie676: clue what it is?
hypnosubdave: the more You say it, the deepr into submission i go for You
hypnosubdave: lol .. since You asked, i am required to tell You
hypnosubdave: but here's what will happen when You say it
hypnosubdave: i will have problems typing properly
hypnosubdave: i will want to call you Goddess or Mistress
hypnosubdave: i will want to obey You...obedience gives me pleasrue
hypnosubdave: the more that i serve You, the horenier i becoem
CutiPie676: thats fine with me
hypnosubdave: the word yes is a trigger for me ... when You say it, i have to reply that way
hypnosubdave: but my real trigger word is sleepytime
CutiPie676: so "yes" is a minor trigger
hypnosubdave: one Girl told me that everytime She said it, i would go 100 times dyes
hypnosubdave: deeper ... and get 100 times horn ier for Her ... trust me, it worked
hypnosubdave: see what "yes" does ... i was in mid sentence and couldn't stop myself from rreplying to you
hypnosubdave: to You
hypnosubdave: (i have to capitlalize words like You and She and Woman and Girl)
hypnosubdave: i konw it's kind of scary but it is who i am
CutiPie676: i put my arm over your shoulder and whisper in your ear...
CutiPie676: "sleepytime"
hypnosubdave: eys
hypnosubdave: thank You, GOddess
hypnosubdave: i am Your good boy, GOddss
CutiPie676: i tug on your pants
CutiPie676: to take them off
hypnosubdave: yes
hypnosubdave: eys taking them off for You
CutiPie676: i stroke your underpants
CutiPie676: hoping someting will happen
hypnosubdave: mmmmthank You Goddess
hypnosubdave: yeseys
hypnosubdave: sooooo hot for Gdodess
CutiPie676: i pull my tank top off reveling my bra
hypnosubdave: eys Goddessthank You Godess
hypnosubdave: wanting to please Goddesss
CutiPie676: i pull my pants down too
CutiPie676: exposing my lingerie thong
hypnosubdave: stargin at Goddess so hot for Her
hypnosubdave: watning to taste Her
CutiPie676: you can lick me all over
hypnosubdave: yes thank You Goddes
hypnosubdave: licking at Your Neck .....letign my tongue taste You skin ....moving lower
hypnosubdave: licking at Your %%%% .suckign nd licking on them
CutiPie676: you can do whatever you want
hypnosubdave: watning to lplease Godess
hypnosubdave: lying Her down and licking at Her STomcaah
hypnosubdave: undoing Her Thong .....sliding my tongue inside Her
CutiPie676: i unclip my bra waitng for you to take it off
hypnosubdave: ina and oout o f Her
CutiPie676: *moan*
hypnosubdave: my hands on Your %%%% as i take off Your Bra
hypnosubdave: licking sucking tating Goddess Perfection
CutiPie676: i pull your underpants down
hypnosubdave: es
CutiPie676: winking at you
CutiPie676: i think you know what to do
hypnosubdave: sucking on Your Clit ....teasing You ...wanting to drink You
hypnosubdave: needing Goddess
hypnosubdave: sliding myself back up Your Body
CutiPie676: i want you inside of me
hypnosubdave: sliding insdie You now and out sooooooooslowly for Goddess
hypnosubdave: wanting o please Her
hypnosubdave: in and out fo You sooooooo slowlya t mfirst
hypnosubdave: in out in out
hypnosubdave: fucign Goddess
hypnosubdave: in out fasterdeeper for Goddess
CutiPie676: yes!
CutiPie676: yes!
CutiPie676: yes!
hypnosubdave: yes
hypnosubdave: yes
hypnosubdave: eys
hypnosubdave: in out
CutiPie676: *moaning alot*
hypnosubdave: faster Goddess i am Your good boy Goddess
hypnosubdave: in out of You wanting to cum for Goddess but trying to hol d on until She says i may cum
CutiPie676: you may cum
hypnosubdave: kissing Your Neck Your Lips Your Ealrboe as we %%%% faster faster
hypnosubdave: deepeer
hypnosubdave: yes cummmmmmming cummmmmmig exploding for Gddess
CutiPie676: feel great
hypnosubdave: rhNK yOU GGoooodddess
hypnosubdave: yes
hypnosubdave: i love Goddssss
hypnosubdave: i am Your good boy Godesss
hypnosubdave: did i please You Goddsss
CutiPie676: yes!
hypnosubdave: yes
CutiPie676: i turn over with my ass exposed
hypnosubdave: eys
CutiPie676: do it
CutiPie676: i say
hypnosubdave has left.
CutiPie676: hello?
PC46. Your message was not received by the user. The user is not logged in.

I was abotu to say "I have such a boner right now" but he left, start of the convo got cut off because of length.

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Response to Parachat- Filled with Pedo's 2008-07-26 23:29:44

Teacher1632: hi asl
sexybabe13: 13/f
sexybabe13: NY
Teacher1632: hot
Teacher1632: what do you look like
sexybabe13: small girl, brown hair, grey eyes
Teacher1632: wow hot
Teacher1632: what size r ur boobs
sexybabe13: big
sexybabe13: lol
Teacher1632: big what size
Teacher1632: lol
sexybabe13: first how old are you lol
Teacher1632: 23m
sexybabe13: how big is your cock
Teacher1632: lol
Teacher1632: tell me how big is your ti ts first lol
sexybabe13: im not sure about my tits, but my cock is 8 inches
sexybabe13: and i want to FUCK YOU IN THE EARS
sexybabe13: suck my fucking dick you stupid mother fucker
sexybabe13: i guess you didn't know i was a transvestite
Teacher1632: wow you fu cking low life losers using a girls name you low %%%%
sexybabe13: wow you fucking low life pedophile
Teacher1632: go crawl up the a ss hole you came out you low %%%%
sexybabe13: shut the fuck you cocksucker
Teacher1632: it shi t holes like you that give girls abad name you low life
sexybabe13: its you pedophiles that give your country a bad name you sick fucks
sexybabe13: now get the fuck out
Teacher1632: look you lowlife sh it head go back in to the %%%% pile you came out
Teacher1632: it %%%% like you you low life POOF get out you low life
Teacher1632: get a life shi t head fu ck off
Teacher1632: look you low life poofta go back in the a ss hole you came out and leave the guys alone
Teacher1632 has left.

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Response to Parachat- Filled with Pedo's 2008-07-27 00:03:04

steve4899: hi
steve4899: u really big
DD_cup: yes
DD_cup: two big handfuls
steve4899: thin or heavy
steve4899: sweet
steve4899: im thin and tall here
steve4899: cool
DD_cup: im very sexh
steve4899: thick
DD_cup: ur cokc?
steve4899: you thick my cokc is thin
steve4899: awww
steve4899: its long
steve4899: like to be boobed fxxxxd
DD_cup: i love big cocks
DD_cup: how big is yours
steve4899: 10 inch
DD_cup: lol thats small
DD_cup: mine is 12 1/2
steve4899: lol
steve4899: is yr %%% big
DD_cup: yes
DD_cup: i love getting titty fucked
steve4899: like to put it on a skinny guy
steve4899: im skinny enough to titty fuxxxxk you with my body
DD_cup: lol
DD_cup: ill stick you in my pussy
steve4899: lol
steve4899: im 6-3 140 lbs
steve4899: id be a good fxxxx toy
DD_cup: 5-7
steve4899: cool
steve4899: weight
DD_cup: >9000
steve4899: stop
DD_cup: what?
steve4899: u biggrer that 140
DD_cup: no its a joke
steve4899: ok
DD_cup: 114
steve4899: cool
steve4899: want to sit on me
DD_cup: yes
DD_cup: *walks over and puts my ass right on your big cock*
steve4899: and do what
steve4899: %%%% sweet
DD_cup: *i start to rock back and forth*
steve4899: go head
DD_cup: riding your cock
DD_cup: take that out of your pants
DD_cup: I want to suck it
steve4899: ok
steve4899: i just came out shower
DD_cup: so its hiding under your towel?
steve4899: yup
DD_cup: i think i see it
DD_cup: is it that huge bulge?
steve4899: yes
steve4899: want it
DD_cup: ohh yes
DD_cup: *i walk over to your bed, slowly undressing*
steve4899: cool and
DD_cup: ?
steve4899: what else
DD_cup: I start to rub my huge tits
DD_cup: I look at you
DD_cup: and you know what i really want
steve4899: what
DD_cup: you huge cock
steve4899: oh yeah
DD_cup: after im fuly undresses, i get up and pull you onto the bed
DD_cup: i start stroking your cock as we kiss each other
steve4899: titty fuxxxk me
DD_cup: i lay on my back and you start sthrusting your cock through my giant tits
DD_cup: as it reaches my mouth
DD_cup: i give it a big suck
steve4899: lol
DD_cup: i yell drive!
DD_cup: and you never see your cock again
steve4899: lol
DD_cup: lol
DD_cup: well i g2g
steve4899: ok
DD_cup: hope you liked my story
steve4899: ok
steve4899: bye
DD_cup: bye

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Response to Parachat- Filled with Pedo's 2008-07-27 01:19:43

Anyone ever find a fellow newgrounder? Heres my convo

14_f_horni: Paitin my %%%%%
13_F_Wisconsin: no
14_f_horni: what is paiting? u know? llol
13_F_Wisconsin: congrats, your on Newgrounds!
14_f_horni: huh?
13_F_Wisconsin: newgrounds regularly spams this site and messes with the pedos
14_f_horni: lol no pedo here
14_f_horni: dumb %%%%
14_f_horni: pedo baiter
14_f_horni: I pait
13_F_Wisconsin: well you have no idea how many weird dudes imd me
14_f_horni: but no pedo
14_f_horni: What do you mean im on new grounds?
14_f_horni: lol
14_f_horni: New grounds %%%%%%% blows
13_F_Wisconsin: well, im gunna take this chat, and post it on teh parachat thread
13_F_Wisconsin: for all of newgrounds to see
14_f_horni: oh noez!
13_F_Wisconsin: unless your a fellow newgrounder
13_F_Wisconsin: which would be even funnier
14_f_horni: I am on Newgrounds, /B/ and all sorts of sites nigguh
13_F_Wisconsin: yay
13_F_Wisconsin: whats your user on NG
14_f_horni: I dunno havent went on in a while
13_F_Wisconsin: ok well Mudkipz be with you
14_f_horni: thank you lol
14_f_horni: But what do you guys do?
14_f_horni: Raiding parachat this week or something? for the lulz?
14_f_horni: ?
13_F_Wisconsin: yup
13_F_Wisconsin: sorry talkin to pervs
14_f_horni: Have fun lots of sick %%% pedo %%%%%
13_F_Wisconsin: thanks
14_f_horni: You guys should scam them
14_f_horni: Bait like I do
13_F_Wisconsin: ya i wanna set up a sting
14_f_horni: Snitch on em?
13_F_Wisconsin: or bribe them
13_F_Wisconsin: good ole blackmail
14_f_horni: Extortion my friend. Extortion. $400 2 hours ago
14_f_horni: 30 mins worth of work
14_f_horni: %%%%, you should post my chat logs up on newgrounds. I could mail you some hilarious blackmail chats
14_f_horni: where I get them to send me $100's
13_F_Wisconsin: ok i will, it will be in the PARACHAT IS FULL OF PEDOS thread

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Response to Parachat- Filled with Pedo's 2008-07-27 01:41:47

At this point the whole site just has trolls from here and other sites. the kitty krew was doing this stuff on parachat about 2 years ago. somethings never change...

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Response to Parachat- Filled with Pedo's 2008-07-27 04:03:53

all newgrounds users should put NG at the end of their name so they know they're not pranking the wrong person

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Response to Parachat- Filled with Pedo's 2008-07-27 05:26:33

My god, this is like the ultimate LULZ! I got around 30 windows, by the way.

Latin_Lovah: hello
HornyGal69: hi
HornyGal69: asl?
Latin_Lovah: 19/M/MA
Latin_Lovah: you?
HornyGal69: 16/f/UK
Latin_Lovah: oooooh UK
Latin_Lovah: you're kinda young for a horny gal =P
HornyGal69: hey, that wont change anything will it?
HornyGal69: :3
Latin_Lovah: i hope not
Latin_Lovah: are you good-looking?
HornyGal69: Black hair, D cup.. U?
Latin_Lovah: black hair, brown eyes
Latin_Lovah: if you're so horny, what would you do to me if you could?
Latin_Lovah: cuz i'd love to see your d cup
Latin_Lovah: no?
Latin_Lovah: hello?
HornyGal69: hello
HornyGal69: im sorry hon
HornyGal69: i was attending something else
Latin_Lovah: oh
Latin_Lovah: too busy for latin-love?
HornyGal69: latins are hot
HornyGal69: so, for you, never
Latin_Lovah: sounds good
Latin_Lovah: what do you like to do to latins?
HornyGal69: dirty stuff
HornyGal69: *i start rubbing your hot latin chest*
Latin_Lovah: oh, i like that
Latin_Lovah: i take your shirt off while you do that
HornyGal69: I start unzipping your pants
HornyGal69: god youre hard
Latin_Lovah: always
Latin_Lovah: i start rubbing your breasts
Latin_Lovah: back and forth
HornyGal69: oh yeah
HornyGal69: MAS
Latin_Lovah: i stick my mouth around one of your nipples
Latin_Lovah: and start rubbing it with my tongue
HornyGal69: I cant take it anymore
Latin_Lovah: i slide my lips over to the other nipple
Latin_Lovah: and bite it softly
HornyGal69: I go down and start licking your dick
Latin_Lovah: lick it harder
HornyGal69: i deepthroat
Latin_Lovah: oh baby
Latin_Lovah: i caress your hair while you do that
Latin_Lovah: then i turn you around and start licking your %%%%% while you suck my dick
HornyGal69: oh yeah
HornyGal69: i cant hold it
HornyGal69: it's coming out!
Latin_Lovah: its so good
HornyGal69: i shit everywhere
HornyGal69: right in your mouth
Latin_Lovah: i lick it good
Latin_Lovah: every last bit
HornyGal69: the texture and temperaure makes me more horny
Latin_Lovah: oh suck harder
Latin_Lovah: and you'll get a sweet surprise
HornyGal69: oh yeah
HornyGal69: i suck harder
HornyGal69: in await for my sweet reward
Latin_Lovah: that reward comes
Latin_Lovah: all in your mouth
HornyGal69: OH YEAH
HornyGal69: this is too much!
HornyGal69: i bite your dick
Latin_Lovah: oh
HornyGal69: and shred it off
Latin_Lovah: oh
HornyGal69: i start swallowing the blood as it comes out
HornyGal69: like a sweet and salty lollipop
Latin_Lovah: uhhh....
HornyGal69: you scream in pain
HornyGal69: yet in pleasure at the same time
Latin_Lovah: nah, its not turning me on
Latin_Lovah: im not into the violent stuff
HornyGal69: aww but hon
HornyGal69: you just lost 100 hp
HornyGal69: you need a health potion ):
Latin_Lovah: would the health potion be a picture of you?
HornyGal69: no, it would be the elixir of the ancient elf tribe
HornyGal69: gathered through eons by the tears of fallen angels
HornyGal69: THEN you'd start rubbing my dick
HornyGal69: hon?


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Response to Parachat- Filled with Pedo's 2008-07-27 07:36:21

every one sould of seen mine dvcs convo with bored he was frieking pissed saying we all have no lives
and that hes gonna sue us but when he called us perverts we started unleashing a meme cannon the first one we said was all your base are belong to us

underage users there so easy to spot LOL

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Response to Parachat- Filled with Pedo's 2008-07-27 11:13:24

this was a short one the guy didnt talk after that

Hungryforlove25M: heyzz
Hungryforlove25M: u male?
camgirlover18_sonly: no
camgirlover18_sonly: want to see my cam show
Hungryforlove25M: yeah...
camgirlover18_sonly: its on
Hungryforlove25M: but where I am gone waTCH it?
camgirlover18_sonly: over 18 only

underage users there so easy to spot LOL

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Response to Parachat- Filled with Pedo's 2008-07-27 11:53:43

I had him going.

sexy_n_single_m: hey babe
sexy_n_single_m: how u doin?
Sexybabe69857: Ok u?
sexy_n_single_m: im k
sexy_n_single_m: jus really hot
sexy_n_single_m: lickin an ice-lolly
sexy_n_single_m: :)
Sexybabe69857: mmmmmm
sexy_n_single_m: lol
sexy_n_single_m: ice-lolly's r sexy
Sexybabe69857: yea
sexy_n_single_m: lick them n then run it down some1's back n legs
Sexybabe69857: mmmm.... I'm thinking of you...
sexy_n_single_m: asl?
Sexybabe69857: 18 f england
sexy_n_single_m: 18.m.londo
sexy_n_single_m: london*
Sexybabe69857: mmm cool
sexy_n_single_m: well in that case i would rub my lolly on ur legs
sexy_n_single_m: n back
sexy_n_single_m: n feet
Sexybabe69857: My ass?
sexy_n_single_m: ur wot? it got censored!
Sexybabe69857: my @ss
sexy_n_single_m: oh yehhh
Sexybabe69857: or my t1ts?
sexy_n_single_m: mmmm
Sexybabe69857: or my Dick?
sexy_n_single_m: O _O
sexy_n_single_m: lol
sexy_n_single_m: lol
sexy_n_single_m: not funny


im gay

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Response to Parachat- Filled with Pedo's 2008-07-27 13:15:56

shit dam cap lock

underage users there so easy to spot LOL

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Response to Parachat- Filled with Pedo's 2008-07-27 19:17:36

I forgot how to copy and paste the text but heres a picture.

Parachat- Filled with Pedo's


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Response to Parachat- Filled with Pedo's 2008-07-27 21:51:32

lol bel air, you shoulve said heres a pic of me and linked him will smith lol


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Response to Parachat- Filled with Pedo's 2008-07-27 22:10:13

use this to rick roll theme

it will redirect to a page with rickroll that won't let you close it

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Response to Parachat- Filled with Pedo's 2008-07-27 22:28:16

I declare this thread epic and hilarious.


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Response to Parachat- Filled with Pedo's 2008-07-28 17:31:13

I fucking love parachat.

alrite_single_dad: hi babygirl
DaddiesLittleGirl14: hello big man
alrite_single_dad: so hows your summer going thier my little %%%%%%%%%
DaddiesLittleGirl14: better then yours when you cant walk
DaddiesLittleGirl14: thats right
DaddiesLittleGirl14: you're incapablised
DaddiesLittleGirl14: you can't walk anymore due to me
DaddiesLittleGirl14: since I fucked you in the butthole with my 58" massive steel shlong
DaddiesLittleGirl14: then left you to rot in an alley after shitting on your chest and spraying it open with mace
DaddiesLittleGirl14: and you loved it, oh yeah
DaddiesLittleGirl14: I LOVE YOU REBECCA

He left...

bbarry: does daddy think you look likke you are 17?
DaddiesLittleGirl14: what?
bbarry: do you look older than 14
bbarry: being so tall
DaddiesLittleGirl14: what?
DaddiesLittleGirl14: how can you see me
bbarry: special vision
DaddiesLittleGirl14: alright
DaddiesLittleGirl14: now what am I doing?
bbarry: nice 32B cups by the way
DaddiesLittleGirl14: oh my god
DaddiesLittleGirl14: magic!
bbarry: one finger on your right hand is extended
DaddiesLittleGirl14: :o
DaddiesLittleGirl14: what do you want to do
bbarry: and with that bra on the flooor, i love your nipples
bbarry: and tiny areola
bbarry: role play is fun
DaddiesLittleGirl14: cool
DaddiesLittleGirl14: lets do it
bbarry: can you p-laly a 5'8" 14 year old
bbarry: with a much shorter mommy
DaddiesLittleGirl14: sure
bbarry: i wil be your daddy
bbarry: who is very attracted to you and that body
bbarry: i come in the house with a bag behind my back
bbarry: ( it is victoria secret bag)
bbarry has left.
bbarry has joined.
DaddiesLittleGirl14: cool
DaddiesLittleGirl14: can I see whats inside the bag?
bbarry: wat, dont i get a welocome home kiss firsta?
DaddiesLittleGirl14: ok
DaddiesLittleGirl14: where do you want it?
bbarry: wow, i dont have to bend over anymore
bbarry: you are soooooo tall
bbarry: i hope i got the right sizes
bbarry: opens bag
DaddiesLittleGirl14: yay :d
DaddiesLittleGirl14: I finally get to see whats inside
bbarry: thng panties size XS
DaddiesLittleGirl14: :o
bbarry: push up bra in matching color
bbarry: size 32B
bbarry: 4" high heeled sandals
bbarry: size 5
DaddiesLittleGirl14: oh my god
bbarry: what do you think so far?
DaddiesLittleGirl14: i think you're magic
DaddiesLittleGirl14: wanna cyber?
bbarry: sure thing
bbarry: lets go upstairs
bbarry: you lead me up so i see your tiny rock hard butt swayihg in front of my eyes
DaddiesLittleGirl14: alright
DaddiesLittleGirl14: i step up the staircae
DaddiesLittleGirl14: case*
DaddiesLittleGirl14: holding your hand
bbarry: do you meand to telll me the sizes were right?
DaddiesLittleGirl14: i open the bedroom door
DaddiesLittleGirl14: yeah, bra size was right
DaddiesLittleGirl14: and i am kinda tall
bbarry: holy cow
bbarry: how tall?
DaddiesLittleGirl14: i only know in cm
bbarry: i wil converrt
bbarry: 175 would be nice
DaddiesLittleGirl14: 1m 73
DaddiesLittleGirl14: ooh
bbarry: wow
bbarry: and 14???
DaddiesLittleGirl14: yea
DaddiesLittleGirl14: i have tall parents
bbarry: i am 178
DaddiesLittleGirl14: wow
DaddiesLittleGirl14: that big
bbarry: so in yuour heels we will be eye to eye
bbarry: how tall is mom?
DaddiesLittleGirl14: yeah
DaddiesLittleGirl14: i dont know
DaddiesLittleGirl14: a bit shorter than me
bbarry: taller than you /
bbarry: nice
bbarry: as you walkd in the bedroom i see you look back at me
bbarry: and see the outline of your boobs
bbarry: erect nipples
DaddiesLittleGirl14: I push you on the bed
DaddiesLittleGirl14: i cant wait
DaddiesLittleGirl14: I tear of your shorts
bbarry: let my help yo out of those clothes
DaddiesLittleGirl14: showing off your erect pen is
bbarry: my erection is immense
DaddiesLittleGirl14: wow, what a pole!
DaddiesLittleGirl14: i kiss the top
DaddiesLittleGirl14: and start licking heavily
bbarry: 17cm long
DaddiesLittleGirl14: !!!
DaddiesLittleGirl14: man, that is tall
bbarry: i close my eyes
DaddiesLittleGirl14: good
DaddiesLittleGirl14: keep them shut
bbarry: and reach out for your boobs
DaddiesLittleGirl14: I caress your chest
bbarry: squeeze your erect nipples
bbarry: i feel yuour tongues on me
DaddiesLittleGirl14: i rub all over you
bbarry: and pull you closer to me
bbarry: my hands on your butt
DaddiesLittleGirl14: I stand up from the bed
bbarry: man yhou smell good too
DaddiesLittleGirl14: your still lying down
DaddiesLittleGirl14: teehee
bbarry: i peak out at you
DaddiesLittleGirl14: your eyes closed
DaddiesLittleGirl14: i stand there
DaddiesLittleGirl14: taking off my panties slowly
DaddiesLittleGirl14: pulling them down
bbarry: omg, hardly enay pubic hair
DaddiesLittleGirl14: revealing
bbarry: lovely pi8nk lips
DaddiesLittleGirl14: my tenacious black co ck
bbarry: teeny waist
DaddiesLittleGirl14: 15 inches
DaddiesLittleGirl14: immense
DaddiesLittleGirl14: I bend you over
DaddiesLittleGirl14: and rape you from behing
bbarry: i did not see that coming
DaddiesLittleGirl14: then i throw you on the floor
DaddiesLittleGirl14: and shit on your chest
DaddiesLittleGirl14: rub it open
DaddiesLittleGirl14: and you love it
bbarry has left.

Man, I sure do love me a good pedochat!

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Response to Parachat- Filled with Pedo's 2008-07-29 00:52:25


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Response to Parachat- Filled with Pedo's 2008-07-29 01:18:36

This is too fun.

hornymale3413: hey
DoubleDEmily: wuts up babe?
hornymale3413: nm
hornymale3413: u up for some fun beautiful
DoubleDEmily: u know it
hornymale3413: wanna roleplay
DoubleDEmily: ok
DoubleDEmily: ny ideas??
hornymale3413: not off the top of my head what about u
DoubleDEmily: hmm lets see
DoubleDEmily: ....
hornymale3413: u wanna do u being my hott older niehgbor and i come oevr one night when u r home alone
DoubleDEmily: ok
hornymale3413: ok
hornymale3413: so u r home alone one night and i come to your door and ring the door bell
DoubleDEmily: i answer
DoubleDEmily: "oh hi"
DoubleDEmily: i lead you in the house
hornymale3413: hey their miss emily i saw u were home alone tonigth so i thougth i might come keep u company
hornymale3413: (im alex by the way)
DoubleDEmily: ok i was just watching a movie
hornymale3413: oh well would u like some company
DoubleDEmily: yeah
DoubleDEmily: the movie was pretty scary
hornymale3413: ok then
DoubleDEmily: so we sit on the couch
hornymale3413: i sit down close to u as i strech my arm across the back of the couch
DoubleDEmily: i look at you and smile
hornymale3413: i relax back on the couch and start to watch the movie but u notice my peeking down your shirt
DoubleDEmily: i say, "alex, do you need somethin?"
hornymale3413: i lean back um no no im good
DoubleDEmily: are you sure
DoubleDEmily: ??
hornymale3413: well mrs emily
hornymale3413: you kno your a very attractive woman
hornymale3413: it hard to sit here next to you
DoubleDEmily: *giggles* thx alex
DoubleDEmily: what do you mean by
DoubleDEmily: hard?
hornymale3413: i have had a crush on u for a while now
hornymale3413: i look down at my pants and look back up
hornymale3413: blushing a little
DoubleDEmily: well alex, am i arousing you?
DoubleDEmily: i must admit ive always kinda had a crush on you too
hornymale3413: really
DoubleDEmily: yeah
DoubleDEmily: ive just never known how to tell you
hornymale3413: well were alone now i take a deep breath as i look at u
DoubleDEmily: *i lean in for a kiss*
hornymale3413: i slolwy run my hand up ur leg as i kiss u back sofly
DoubleDEmily: *i then run my hand down and undo your belt*
hornymale3413: i lay back on the couch as u fall onto me
hornymale3413: i slide my hands up the back of u r shirt and start to undo u r bra
DoubleDEmily: then i rip off your pants and turn you over on the table and rape you in the ass vigourously with my 12 inch cock
FP73. Your message was truncated for being longer than allowed by the administrator.
DoubleDEmily: then i rip off your pants and turn you
DoubleDEmily: over on the table and rape you in the ass vigourously with my 12 inch cock
DoubleDEmily: then i take a knife and saw your head off and
DoubleDEmily: shit in your new orface

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Response to Parachat- Filled with Pedo's 2008-07-29 01:23:55

averageguy: hi
hornygirl13_sexsexsex: hey
averageguy: asl
hornygirl13_sexsexsex: 85/shemale/pakistan
averageguy: oh nice
averageguy: whats up
hornygirl13_sexsexsex: nothing much
averageguy: do u have msn or yahoo?
hornygirl13_sexsexsex: no
averageguy: to bad
hornygirl13_sexsexsex: yeah
averageguy: im jacking off and going to cum on my cam
averageguy: and i want to show u
averageguy: because i love horny old she males
hornygirl13_sexsexsex: im a 14 year old male you dumbf.uck
averageguy: even better
averageguy: wanna see some cum
hornygirl13_sexsexsex: troll troll troll

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Response to Parachat- Filled with Pedo's 2008-07-29 02:17:56

first 1

blix: hey sup
sexyNGgirl69: wanna watch me on cam?
blix: i gotta cam too
sexyNGgirl69: go to, im doin a live feed right now stripping
blix has left.
sexyNGgirl69: hahahahahaha

second 1

chad19: are u single?
sexyNGgirl69: yeah
sexyNGgirl69: wanna watch my cam?
chad19: how much?
sexyNGgirl69: free haha
chad19: sure
sexyNGgirl69: ok
sexyNGgirl69: Im doin a live feed at
sexyNGgirl69: just go there and you'll see me stripping
chad19: lol
chad19: thats fu..cked up
sexyNGgirl69: yeah
sexyNGgirl69: you liek that dont you bitch
sexyNGgirl69: wanna see me 12 inch cock?
chad19: lol im ok on seeing your %%%%
sexyNGgirl69: but but I love u
chad19: lol i love you too
chad19 has left.

and the third

dEmoCrAZY: hey
sexyNGgirl69: wanna watch me on cam?
dEmoCrAZY: hell yeah
sexyNGgirl69: im doin a live feed at
sexyNGgirl69: see ya there sexy boy
dEmoCrAZY: hey gimmie ur number we can send pics
sexyNGgirl69: just go to the site
sexyNGgirl69: im tryin to strip right now
dEmoCrAZY: im there
sexyNGgirl69: you like it?
dEmoCrAZY: YEAH!!!.....cum on lets send nude pics thats better
sexyNGgirl69: what am i wearing?
sexyNGgirl69: you're not watching me?
dEmoCrAZY: r u the one with the purple underwear rite?????
sexyNGgirl69: no
sexyNGgirl69: black
sexyNGgirl69: please go to the site babe
dEmoCrAZY: im trying to find you whts the name of the video i cant find u
sexyNGgirl69: its on the front page of
sexyNGgirl69: you there yet?
dEmoCrAZY: im looking all i see a spinning dick
dEmoCrAZY: hey r u wearing a black thong
dEmoCrAZY: hello
sexyNGgirl69: thats me
sexyNGgirl69: want me to put that in ur ass?
sexyNGgirl69: maybe take a dump on your chest?
sexyNGgirl69: how many spins did you do?

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Response to Parachat- Filled with Pedo's 2008-07-29 02:39:25

Meatspin + rickroll = +100000000 cool points

willum: hey wanna chat?
sexyNGgirl69: sure
sexyNGgirl69: heres a vid of me
sexyNGgirl69: iU
willum has left.
willum has joined.
willum: hey how are you?
sexyNGgirl69: goods
sexyNGgirl69: NG?
willum: ng?
sexyNGgirl69: ok nvm then
sexyNGgirl69: wanna see a sexy vid though?
willum: whats NG?
willum: sure
sexyNGgirl69: kk
sexyNGgirl69: how old are you?
willum: 24 you?
sexyNGgirl69: 15
sexyNGgirl69: heres my vid
willum: ok
sexyNGgirl69: you like it?
willum: not sure dunno if i wanna look
sexyNGgirl69: oh ok
sexyNGgirl69: well bye then
willum: bye?
sexyNGgirl69: but it really turns me on when people watch my vid
willum: ill look
sexyNGgirl69: thanks babe
sexyNGgirl69: how do you like it?
willum: lol
willum: guy getting %%%%%% up the %%%
sexyNGgirl69: what?
sexyNGgirl69: WHAT!!!!!!
sexyNGgirl69: im a girl
sexyNGgirl69: that must have been the wrong link
willum: thats what you sent me
sexyNGgirl69: oh no
sexyNGgirl69: sorry
sexyNGgirl69: this is me
sexyNGgirl69: iU
sexyNGgirl69: im in that video
sexyNGgirl69: im the dancing girl
willum: its bleeped out
sexyNGgirl69: what is?
willum: your video addy
sexyNGgirl69: here lemme try sumthin take out the excess .
willum has left.
PC46. Your message was not received by the user. The user is not logged in.
willum has joined.
willum: the video addy gets blocked
sexyNGgirl69: take out the excess .

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Response to Parachat- Filled with Pedo's 2008-07-31 03:25:50

Athletic20m: hi
SexxiGirl83: hi
Athletic20m: howru ?
SexxiGirl83: a little horny
SexxiGirl83: u?
Athletic20m: good
Athletic20m: asl pls
SexxiGirl83: 16 f miami
Athletic20m: 20 m swe
SexxiGirl83: u horny?
Athletic20m: ok?
Athletic20m: yea a lil
SexxiGirl83: wanna cyber?
Athletic20m: ok
SexxiGirl83: u start
Athletic20m: pick the roles
SexxiGirl83: hmm, you pick, i'm bad at picking roles
SexxiGirl83: anything works for me
Athletic20m: ur my classmate
SexxiGirl83: k
Athletic20m: ur wearin a really short skirt
Athletic20m: and sittin next to me
SexxiGirl83: k
Athletic20m: then u grab my dikc over my pants, i got surprised but u rubbin it and this makes me feel gr8
SexxiGirl83: i smile as i rub u
SexxiGirl83: i stick my hand underneath my skirt and moan
SexxiGirl83: i hike up my skirt
Athletic20m: oh i see ur underwear
Athletic20m: yeah baby
SexxiGirl83: i rub my crotch and my underwear gets all wet
SexxiGirl83: i slowly pull down my underwear
SexxiGirl83: and you can see
SexxiGirl83: my giant cock.
SexxiGirl83: It's huge
SexxiGirl83: and pulsing
SexxiGirl83: you love it
SexxiGirl83: I grab you and rape you on the desk
SexxiGirl83: And then
Athletic20m: yeah babe
SexxiGirl83: I spank you call you my bitch
Athletic20m: %%%% off
SexxiGirl83: And then
SexxiGirl83: I move in with my auntie and uncle in bell air
SexxiGirl83: : D
SexxiGirl83: Aww, someone's just mad because they got owned.

Pretending to be a guy pretending to be a girl is fun.


whoa art what

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Response to Parachat- Filled with Pedo's 2008-07-31 03:55:20

----------------Part 1-----------------

unsureaboutme: tiny? how tiny is tiny?
unsureaboutme: and are u tiny all ova or just like ur hands or something
TinyGirl15: I'm completely small :P
unsureaboutme: hehe
unsureaboutme: whereabouts u from?
TinyGirl15: the UK
unsureaboutme: cool
unsureaboutme: i love da uk accent
unsureaboutme: so aside from tiny, wat u look like?
TinyGirl15: long brown hair
TinyGirl15: pretty green eyes if I say so myself :P
TinyGirl15: and yeah
TinyGirl15: pretty tiny
TinyGirl15: :P
unsureaboutme: hehe i looove green eyes
unsureaboutme: lol
unsureaboutme: :P may i ask... even tiny boobs?
TinyGirl15: hey!
TinyGirl15: yeah...
unsureaboutme: hehe cool
unsureaboutme: i like that
TinyGirl15: ooh
unsureaboutme: how old r u
TinyGirl15: 15
TinyGirl15: like in my username
unsureaboutme: hehe i thought so
unsureaboutme: u got a bf?
TinyGirl15: no
unsureaboutme: aww
TinyGirl15: oh forget it
TinyGirl15: I'm just too ugly
unsureaboutme: what do u want in a guy?
unsureaboutme: i doubt it
TinyGirl15: you're sweet
TinyGirl15: well, I want a nice guy
TinyGirl15: who doesn't only want to touch me
unsureaboutme: yeah
unsureaboutme: touching's cool and all but there's gotta be more to it than that
TinyGirl15: no I just didn't like it when my ex boyfriend did it
TinyGirl15: but that was 2 years ago
unsureaboutme: u were too young... not surprised u didnt like it
unsureaboutme: have u been single since then?
TinyGirl15: yeah
TinyGirl15: only 1 bf
TinyGirl15: for a month
unsureaboutme: i see
unsureaboutme: well, if i was there, a tiny green eyed hottie wud be bein asked out by me
TinyGirl15: what
unsureaboutme: and if u said yes i'd promise to only touch u if u wanted me to
TinyGirl15: but... over a chatroom...
TinyGirl15: I'd want to cyber first
unsureaboutme: oo
unsureaboutme: do u cyber a lot?
TinyGirl15: not really
TinyGirl15: do you want to?
unsureaboutme: can we talk a bit more first?
unsureaboutme: u sound pretty horny :P
TinyGirl15: yeah
TinyGirl15: hey..
unsureaboutme: hehe
unsureaboutme: do u like... touch urself a lot?
TinyGirl15: I tried it once
TinyGirl15: oh stop! I'm embarassed :P
unsureaboutme: hehe
TinyGirl15: so now what do we do
unsureaboutme: just suppose i was there... wat wud u want to do?
TinyGirl15: maybe watch tv with you or something
unsureaboutme: hehe
unsureaboutme: and if i leaned over and kissed u?
TinyGirl15: wow
TinyGirl15: I would be embarassed...
TinyGirl15: and wonder what you would do next

To be continued.

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Response to Parachat- Filled with Pedo's 2008-07-31 04:08:06

Do I win yet?

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Response to Parachat- Filled with Pedo's 2008-07-31 05:50:18

hot-sweet-boy: hi
hot-sweet-boy: hi sexy
Hotgirl14: I am fat and has aids
hot-sweet-boy: r u fat girl
hot-sweet-boy: realy
Hotgirl14: I am fat as fuck, I have aids and you will probably catch 5 or more stds if you have sex with me
hot-sweet-boy: i lioke to make sex with u
hot-sweet-boy: if u like
hot-sweet-boy: im hot and horny boy
hot-sweet-boy: i hummm
hot-sweet-boy: lol
hot-sweet-boy: r u there sex girl
hot-sweet-boy: why babe u want kill me
hot-sweet-boy: i like u babe
Hotgirl14: Yes, I want your head in my freezer
hot-sweet-boy: ohhhh
hot-sweet-boy: im sweet boy
hot-sweet-boy: why
hot-sweet-boy: i think u r sweet too
hot-sweet-boy: do u like sweet and hot boys
Hotgirl14: D
hot-sweet-boy: why babe
hot-sweet-boy: i like u
hot-sweet-boy has left.
Hotgirl14: YOU DON'T KNOW ME!
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Response to Parachat- Filled with Pedo's 2008-07-31 06:35:33

This topic is so fucking stupid.

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Response to Parachat- Filled with Pedo's 2008-07-31 06:51:11

To be continued.

Can't wait. Seeing these sick minded pedo bastards getting owned is hilarious.

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Response to Parachat- Filled with Pedo's 2008-07-31 07:12:43

im very unoriganal

guy_4_cam2cam_sex: ok let me %%%% ur %%% hole
sexygirl69: i need some cum
guy_4_cam2cam_sex: i will cum in ur %%% hole babe
sexygirl69: oh thank you
sexygirl69: i love it so much
guy_4_cam2cam_sex: come on bent down
guy_4_cam2cam_sex: n lift ur %%% up to ma %%%%
sexygirl69: i hope your jackin of to this!
sexygirl69: FUCK YEAH!
sexygirl69: ahhh!
guy_4_cam2cam_sex: ok
guy_4_cam2cam_sex: come on babe
guy_4_cam2cam_sex: i am %%%%%%% u
guy_4_cam2cam_sex: ur assss
sexygirl69: are you jackin?
guy_4_cam2cam_sex: scream babe
guy_4_cam2cam_sex: yea
sexygirl69: ARRGHHH!!!
sexygirl69: so good!!!!!@
guy_4_cam2cam_sex: ooooooooooooooooo yea
guy_4_cam2cam_sex: push ur %%% bak babe
sexygirl69: listen theres somethin have to tell you
guy_4_cam2cam_sex: yea
guy_4_cam2cam_sex: tell
sexygirl69: nevermind
guy_4_cam2cam_sex: tell me babe
sexygirl69: well im kind off drincking my own cum right now
sexygirl69: and cutting myself
guy_4_cam2cam_sex: ooooooooo
sexygirl69: thatallright?
sexygirl69: and tacking a shit on a picture of my granpa
sexygirl69: brb
sexygirl69: sry
guy_4_cam2cam_sex: ok
sexygirl69: wait never mind
sexygirl69: is that ok?
guy_4_cam2cam_sex: yea
guy_4_cam2cam_sex: its fn babe

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Response to Parachat- Filled with Pedo's 2008-07-31 07:45:20

captinaustralia: wow what else can u fit in there
Hotbabee19: take me to the toilet and i'll show you
captinaustralia: i grab yer hand and we crab into the mens cubicle
Hotbabee19: oooh
Hotbabee19: i touch my crouch
captinaustralia: i get hard as i watch u play i get my %%%%% out n start to rub
captinaustralia: recon this will fit in that pritty lil mouth of yours?
Hotbabee19: oh yeah
Hotbabee19: i get down on my knees
captinaustralia: i slide it in to yer mouth and u start sucking on it, i grab yer head to help u
Hotbabee19: oooh mmm yum
Hotbabee19: i get up, your turn
Hotbabee19: i pull out my 10 inch cok
Hotbabee19: ON YOUR KNEES
captinaustralia: nahh i take it not give it
Hotbabee19: i said, TAKE IT
Hotbabee19: i turn you around and shove it up your arse
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Response to Parachat- Filled with Pedo's 2008-07-31 07:54:17

this guy has do be a pedo

fenris..: hey wanna sex
fenris..: hey..!!
fenris..: sup.?
8_year_old_hottie: cyber?
fenris..: so u really are 8..?
fenris..: and u do cyber..? lol
8_year_old_hottie: yeah
8_year_old_hottie: yeah my mum told me about it
fenris..: yeah.. ok.. then wher to start..?
fenris..: ur mum told u about cyber..?? haha
8_year_old_hottie: i strap you to the bad
fenris..: okay then..
fenris..: what next..?
fenris..: turn me on..? lol
8_year_old_hottie: i rup your dick
fenris..: hahaha...!!!!!
8_year_old_hottie: i grab a chain saw and cut you into little peices then put the peices onto my hole
8_year_old_hottie: sry dont know what its called
8_year_old_hottie: then push into it
8_year_old_hottie: your turn
fenris..: ohh.. yessss..!!
fenris..: hey my dick is standing up..!!!
8_year_old_hottie: my hole becomes very wet
8_year_old_hottie: blood is coming out
8_year_old_hottie: and icky stuff
fenris..: oh really..!! rubb it harder..!!
fenris..: hey where r u from..?
8_year_old_hottie: this is fun
8_year_old_hottie: australia
fenris..: haha..yeah
8_year_old_hottie: hehe
fenris..: do u use msn..?
8_year_old_hottie: i rub it hard
8_year_old_hottie: nah i dont have any of that
fenris..: r u cuming..?
8_year_old_hottie: cuming?
fenris..: cum..!!
fenris..: squirt....
8_year_old_hottie: the ikcy stuff in my hole?
fenris..: yah orgasm
8_year_old_hottie: oh yeah it feels good
8_year_old_hottie: all your body parts are in side me
fenris..: u imagine really
8_year_old_hottie: i start stabing near my hole to kill the riggling
8_year_old_hottie: then your body parts fall out of me
fenris..: hey ur 8yr old .. u wud'nt even have ur boobs fully grown..
8_year_old_hottie: i cut my grandads dick of and stick it in your eye socket
fenris..: so ur not my type..!!
8_year_old_hottie: i dont have boobs
fenris..: yeah.. then its no fun..
fenris..: gtg..bye
8_year_old_hottie: yeah thats right you sick pedophile its no fun also im showing the police your tracked IP