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+++Art of the Saurus+++

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Response to +++Art of the Saurus+++ 2012-03-10 15:14:08 Reply

At 12 days ago, Lintire wrote:
Sexy art as ever, saurus my man. As far as caricatures go, this ain't too exaggerated, but the chibi body totes makes up for that.

Will say that I have one lil' problem with that - you're treating it as though the neck of the body is connected to his chin, and it makes the too look like two separate pictures sort of shooped together - and hey, if that was the look you're going for, you've done a pretty fucking cool job.

But anyway, good lil' start.

Hey thanks a lot Lintire! You made me re-think the whole body portion and it definitely works better this way. Here's a second WIP

+++Art of the Saurus+++