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Response to Anime Club 2015-11-26 12:53:19 Reply

At 11/24/15 04:49 AM, MasterStalker wrote: I used to love staying up 'til 5am to watch Case Closed and Lupin the 3rd on Adult Swim. It was teenage me's favorite shows at the time. So I cant really express how geeked I am that I found the Detective Conan VS Lupin the 3rd movie on Hulu. I really have no words for this right now and honestly cant figure out who I want to root for

Toonami was much better when it was longer. It just does not feel the same now that it ends so early. Case Closed and Lupin the 3rd are both great shows.

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Response to Anime Club 2015-11-26 19:07:04 Reply

At 11/26/15 12:32 PM, MasterStalker wrote:
At 11/24/15 09:46 AM, Sense-Offender wrote: Ah, I still haven't seen that. I'm much more of a Lupin fan. Love most things Lupin, but I've only seen a little from the '90s and later. I think Return of Pycal was the first thing I saw past the '80s. The second TV series is still the ultimate Lupin for me though lots of the movies are great like Mamo, Zantetsuken, Fuma Conspiracy, Cagliostro etc
I only saw Castle Cagliostro I think. I liked it though.

If you started out with the dub of series 2 like I did when it aired on AS, you might like Secret of Mamo. Has the whole cast from that dub.

I agree. Something like Case Closed needs to actually be able to close the case

lol The irony of the name just occured to me, like how Final Fantasy never ends while NeverEnding Story had its final fantasy 20 years ago.

EDIT: so it looks like it was a Japanese tv special from 2009 that only just hit north america this year

Oh, I think this is the one I was thinking of when you brought it up. Didn't know about the newer one.

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