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Response to Playstation Empire 2011-06-14 20:12:05 Reply

I have this dilemma, if anybody knowledgeable could assist/advise it'd be appreciated.

I've come into possession of two PS3s. One is a classic "fat" black PS3, 36/40 gb. The other is a newer, "slim" black PS3, 29x/320 gb.

Because having two PS3s is pointless, I ended up giving the older PS3 to my older brother. Now, despite this reluctance, I've been trying to feel good about giving him control of this system. I guess what's really stopping me is that I put my gaming career into that PS3 - I've bought add-ons, expansion content, and even Scott Pilgrim v The World The Game on that system. I've put money into it, plus most of my saved games are there as well.

I shortly thereafter got back into DC Universe Online and started on MK9. I beat both, however, being online games it seems I can't transfer my data over.

My question is: Is it possible to use save data between consoles? DCUO is VERY specific and I've chewed over how they won't allow you to simply reuse the same copy on a different system.

My theory is that it's all linked to PSN. AKA MK9 data and the DCUO "character cache" could all be used on a different system so long as its still my PSN. I finally recovered my old PS3's PSN account (had to make a new one for the new PS3), but when I tried to load save data on the new PS3, it told me that I "couldn't access another user's data" and cancled me out. At the time however, I don't think I was using my original PSN for MK9 at least.

- Is it possible to transfer and use data across systems?
- Is it just online games exclusively that prevent you from reusing save data?
- Are saved games linked to your PS3 user account, your PSN account?

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