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Response to - The Regulars Lounge Thread - 2015-05-24 10:30:56 Reply

At 4/15/15 03:01 PM, TheMason wrote: And so my 30s are over today and a new decade (and new PT test bracket for the Air Force) begins...

And I thought I was silly for having some toys around in my twenties. It was my birthday too and guess what ice cream I got? Birthday cake!

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Response to - The Regulars Lounge Thread - 2015-05-25 21:24:02 Reply

At 5/23/15 02:32 AM, Feoric wrote: Did Light have his account deleted?

Could be a post wipe. Been a lot of those happening lately.

Far as Suicide Squad....I've followed the property for awhile (scored a complete run with some extras for about 30 bucks on ebay a couple years back), and I truly believe that property has been utterly fucked since John Ostrander left it because it's just a case of being so uniquely his vision and everybody who's followed has focused on all the wrong damn elements.

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