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Response to The Stoner's Club 2016-07-21 21:49:58 Reply

Smoke weed everyday

Stick your nose into my ass and smell it.
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Response to The Stoner's Club 2016-08-12 03:00:48 Reply

Weed is the best drug of them all. I think so anyway.
Gonna do shroomfest again next year if I can. Need to do more at a time and play in the woods.

At 4/8/16 02:54 PM, Boss wrote: Who here smokes salvia and is in a legal state? Motherfuckers outlawed it here you can't get any at a smoke shop. What't the fucking point of the Smoke shop then!

Also: does alcohol count as a drug? I would count it as a drug, though culturally it is sort of different.

I had a few crazy trips on salvia. Good for the experience.

At 5/13/16 01:02 PM, rinnythekitty wrote: I just had to join, tbh. This is the club I needed.
Can I just be the princess of weed? That would be noice.

Okay Weed Princess.

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