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Mashup Megathread!

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Mashup Megathread! 2013-11-08 22:39:10 Reply

inspired by rig's bel-air mashup thread, i thought i'd make my own thread for mashups in general. whether you want to make a funny mashup, or a serious mashup, put it in here for people to see. now, here are some rules that you'll have to abide by for this:

- you cannot upload anything you made here to the newgrounds audio portal unless you made all of the songs yourself! this is very important! instead, use a service like soundcloud, tindeck, vocaroo, or another service you feel comfortable with using.

- do not link to a list of songs you made, especially a link to your soundcloud (or other site) page! if you uploaded a mashup to your soundcloud page, link to that sound and that sound only (unless, of course, you're linking multiple mashups)!

with all of those rules posted, i think i've posted all that needs to be said, and i'm gonna start off this thread with

Das Racist / Dismantle - Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell / Computation (VIP)

Mashup Megathread!

Can you feel it mister Krabs?

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