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need voice actors ( deep male voice

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his wife and daughter until they went to Kelly ( joes sister) and got help Kelly helped them she gave the mother some money and since she was pregnant gave nothing to joe once Marvin was born joe slowly began to hate his guts but Kelly said she'd give him money if he took care of him at 6 years old joe spanked and forced garlic down Marvin's throat until he told His mother ( Kelly) who cussed him out and said some really horrible things to joe- so bad joe never got over it he didn't get the money he was poor and slaved for his house Kelly died then joe was forced to take care Marvin bitter and angry joe abused Marvin so badly he almost killed him a couple times joe destroyed Marvin mentally In some areas of his mind. Piz say yes.... I really need a voice actor for joe... so basicly joe is a misable middle aged man who tortures his nepfew.

any takers?? ;3

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Response to need voice actors ( deep male voice 2013-07-14 04:02:48

Here are some useful links.

- If you have a voice acting demo reel, put it in the Voice Actor Advertisements thread.

- If you're looking for voices for your project, check out the Voice Actors Wanted thread.