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Optimizing Your Music Tags

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Optimizing Your Music Tags Jul. 12th, 2013 @ 10:48 AM Reply


I'm curious if anyone has advice on optimizing music tags. Specifically it seems difficult how to use the tags properly. We get four tags.

Lets say we have a fast tempo, techno song with rock elements and lyrics about running way and a lot of dropping the bass moments.

So how do we best use our tags so that flash developers are able to find this song that's useful? We have fours tags to use.

Do we tag based on genre: "Techno" "Electronic" "Fast" "Rock"

Do we tag based on emotion the song creates: "Stress" "Scared" "Fear" "Epic"

Do we tag based on our thoughts of how it will be used: "Chase" "Running" "Fight" "Boss"

Do we use a mix of the above tags? What have you found the most effective? As developers how do they search when they look for music?

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Response to Optimizing Your Music Tags Jul. 14th, 2013 @ 09:31 PM Reply

At 7/14/13 09:12 PM, Absilentia wrote: apparently not, because no one responded to this for 2 days, so just fucking quit trying.

Don't be a dick.

My own experience in marketing my work has shown that people like generic ideas and themes. Use terms that encompass your song's theme but that will be searched for often. Maybe your best bet is to use two that fit that criteria, "battle", "soundtrack", something like that. Maybe use one to help specify the genre, and the last to specify the emotion?
I dunno. :)

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