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New Slavestoarmok Music Project

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New Slavestoarmok Music Project 2013-04-14 14:10:10

Hello :)

I started a Metalcore/Hardcore Punk Project called "SlavestoArmok" im the main primary member doing practically everything and especially Vocals and playing the Keyboard

ive made a 4 track compilation already and atm making a 2th compilation witch will include 7 songs and ya :) im uploading all my original songs onto newgrounds :D

i have not used newgrounds alot since probably 2010 i used to make Animations and Games in Macromedia Flash 8 back then and it was really fun and a great hobby but i got out of animating a while back Ironicially i could still do it if i wanted too, my Computer runs very well and i have Adobe Flash CS5, but at the moment im heavily focused on making music and ya this is just a forum post to see if i could get some feedback from anyone id appreciate it alot :)

You can check out my Newgrounds account and i have 3 songs posted there already :) or you can check out my Soundcloud Page or my Youtube witch have different works from me :)


Soundcloud Page

Youtube Channel

New Slavestoarmok Music Project

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Response to New Slavestoarmok Music Project 2013-04-14 14:14:18

Here are some helpful links.

- Newgrounds Audio Forum Rules

- Audio Advertisements Thread

- Album Thread Guidelines

- Review Request Club Thread

- Works In Progress Advice Thread

Thank-you for your attention.