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Draw Your Summer Collab

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Response to Draw Your Summer Collab 2013-10-24 07:49:08 Reply

At 10/24/13 07:36 AM, Cyberdevil wrote: Yeah, the season is definitely passe, but still... just abandoning the project if no more submissions stream in would be a let down.

I agree but naturally if this project does come to nothing then the artists still have there pieces and they can then upload them to the portal if they so wish.

How about a before/after theme on the topic, how you expected things to be - and how they really are. Two pieces per author maybe, and potentially some new ones?

I think that might be asking too much seeing as we only got a couple of entries when we were asking for just one piece. Lets give it time and see what people come up with, if anything.

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Response to Draw Your Summer Collab 2013-10-24 19:49:38 Reply

I guess I could pass the link to this to some people since I would really like this to get done.

All of you should also do the same, I guess.

Thanks Chdonga for the signature. <3

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