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Why University?

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Response to Why University? 2013-03-22 19:02:29 Reply

At 3/22/13 01:57 PM, Bri wrote: I find it a rather expensive exercise, to attend anywhere, for the length of time that you would be there, purely to socialize, or fill your head full of information that is virtually useless considering you may never get to use it, in the real world. I was always under the impression that University was a means of gaining a qualification, in order to enhance your employment prospects. I am unsure if this is what you meant by not always attending in order to come out with more job opportunities, but that is the way that it reads, I might be wrong, and if so, I apologise, I would be grateful if you were to elaborate upon other reasons for going to College, or University.

Yes, that is what I meant. But not everyone can afford it. That's why there's less expensive schools and more expensive schools. I know people that are just going because the rest of their friends who graduated high school are going and they would feel guilty staying out of the picture. American culture looks at higher education institutions as an important value for any individual, therefore more people who get the chance to attend will do it whether they are coming out with a useful degree or not.

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Response to Why University? 2013-03-22 19:08:43 Reply

At 3/22/13 01:40 PM, jaxxDS wrote: University's not worth it in my opinion, it's good to get an education, but that bachelor's degree sure ain't gonna help you find a job in the real world.

That depends entirely on what you're going to major in.

Example: Nobody can be an engineer without having spent at least four or five years in university first, and since there's a huge shortage of engineers and technicians (in my country) every graduate at my faculty finds employment very quickly. Perhaps in the past people worked their way up to engineer after becoming a welder or construction worker or something, but nowadays that's just not how it works anymore.

So going through university is completely worth it in my case. The same goes for any student who aspires to be a doctor, surgeon, lawyer or whatever other prestigious job you can think of.

If you're getting a degree in art or something things might be different, but those students might have different reasons for going to university anyway. Even if you end up having difficulties finding a steady job, it's still a nice life experience and it's good for your own personal development if you ask me.

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