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Who's the Artist of this song?

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Who's the Artist of this song? 2013-02-24 17:58:16 Reply

I was listening through my audio-cds I used to create back then when I was younger and found a CD labeled "newgrounds musik" and came across this piece of heavenly piece of music;

I hope someone's able to download it and listen to it since it's m4a due me being unable to convert.

I beg you newgrounds community, I wish to find the artist in the hope that he made similar music to this one because I really love this.

Thank you for your time, user.

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Response to Who's the Artist of this song? 2013-02-24 20:20:15 Reply

Sounds a little bit like somethign that Chainsaw used to make. I think he's Waterflame now.

But I have no clue and I've been around for a while. I miss stuff like this though.

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the brilliant songs who create a production for music