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85th Academy Awards Prediction

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Response to 85th Academy Awards Prediction 2013-02-25 20:05:27 Reply

At 2/25/13 06:16 PM, stafffighter wrote: Aside from Anne Hathaway I could not have been more wrong about the winners last night. Still it was a good show and a couple of the musical numbers blew me away . Russel Crow gets more shit for his singing than he deserves.
The song at the end was a bit over indulgent.

Also it seem to be a good year for Seth MacFarlane himself (despite his show jumping the shark for sometime), he even has a nomination which is an achievement.

But then again, that's something a nine year old can do so big whoop.

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Response to 85th Academy Awards Prediction 2013-02-26 15:54:18 Reply

Turned out the guy in the video was spot-on wrong.