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Animator(s) Wanted For Scifi Series

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Animator(s) Wanted For Scifi Series 2013-01-31 20:20:11 Reply

Hey kids!

Can you draw better than I can? (probably)
Can you make your better-than-mine drawings move? (presumably)
Would you be interested in working with me on an animated series? (hopefully)

So, I've written 15 episodes (a full first season) of a science fiction comedy/drama series set in present day (or very near future) New Mexico, the title of which is "Familiar". I've got a full voice cast who are working like busy beavers recording their lines. I've got music and sound folks. All I need is someone (or a group of someones) to animate the damn thing.

Series rundown:

- 15 episode first season with the possibility for future seasons. Season one episodes are roughly 8 minutes each.
- Large cast of very distinct characters, all of whom are human or indistinguishable from humans. (Actually there's a dog involved as well.)
- The series is very dialogue heavy with few action sequences. Lots of lip-sync.

I have some rough character sketches if you'd like to have a look at them and profiles aplenty. For more details, character sketches/profiles and episode scripts, please send me a PM and I will send you some more concrete contact information.

I'm afraid I will not be able to pay you.


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Response to Animator(s) Wanted For Scifi Series 2013-02-02 10:20:56 Reply

Could you say a 'pitch' or a synopsis or people know the general "feel" this series is going to have?

You can't know what you don't know if you can only use yourself as a reference point.

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Response to Animator(s) Wanted For Scifi Series 2013-02-02 10:33:53 Reply

Since you're not looking to pay, then you're pretty much looking to collaborate. Try the forum here and there was a new tool released that may come to some use for you here.


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