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4 games, one choice.

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Response to 4 games, one choice. 2013-03-20 10:48:32 Reply

At 3/20/13 04:38 AM, Mismo wrote:
At 3/20/13 04:33 AM, BANGsquared wrote: I'd have probably chosen between Far Cry 3 and Devil May Cry, which is quite an experience to behold as a game. In the end, you should tell us what you got.
I haven't bought any of them since my finical status doesn't allow me to spend money on video games right now.

dishonored is the "safe buy" i guess. its cool to replay and all , except that the getting of the please don't kill people ending is hard , cause they make killing so interesting.

Devil may cry is a huge hit or miss waiting to happen , and far cry is . . .far cry i guess. if your a fan you should get that one perhaps though i'm sure its not al its build up to be .

As a general advice plus i would say save your money for steam sales. Or humble/indie bundles . So cheap its addicting just buying 'm .

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Response to 4 games, one choice. 2013-03-22 00:35:44 Reply

Tomb Raider by far

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