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Isolated vs. Social

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Isolated vs. Social 2013-01-20 00:05:22 Reply

Most people I know are placed along a very linear spectrum. On one end, people are anti-social, don't talk to anyone, don't go out, and don't do anything. They're sick of how full of shit everyone is and prefer to be alone. On the other side are people that spend time with others on a regular basis, both in teams or clubs, and of their own accord. These people also typically agree that most people are full of shit, but put up with it anyway because it's better than being alone.

In between are people who have various degrees of a social life, but just about everyone I talk to agrees that they're sick of all of the unnecessary, immature, petty drama that comes with socializing. The only difference seems to be how willing people are to put up with it.

The interesting thing is that most everyone I know, regardless of gender, race, social class, age, temperament, political or religious beliefs, seem to agree that they don't enjoy the antics of being around people, and that working with others is something they put up with rather than enjoy, although most people do have a small group of friends that don't tick them off. What's especially eye-catching is that even the cheeriest, most positive people seem to agree that the majority of people they know annoy them (although they're better at letting that kind of stuff roll off of their back). Where do you stand on this scale?

Do you put up with being around people, or do you turtle your way through life?
Do you enjoy being where you are, socially?
If not, do you choose your level of social involvement simply because you feel there's no better option?
Do you wish you participated more (or less) in social situations?
How much of your social life is determined by your ability to cope with being alone or being dragged into life drama, and how much of it is a free decision?
Do you have a group of friends that grant reprieve from the majority of people?
If so, how comfortable are you in that group?

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Response to Isolated vs. Social 2013-01-20 00:11:07 Reply

I've grown old and wise enough to know how to act in most social circumstances to get the most enjoyment.

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Response to Isolated vs. Social 2013-01-20 05:42:55 Reply

I say I'm anti-social.
I just can't tolerate fools.


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