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Has this forum got worse?

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Response to Has this forum got worse? 2013-01-15 08:21:47

At 1/14/13 08:45 PM, GimmeSumJava wrote: I've been here since '08 (multiple accounts) and have not noticed much of a drop in quality of forum content. Yet some people say there has been. What do you think? Has this forum degraded in quality?

Ugh, this topic again.
I'm sure you think this needs saying and you're trying to help, but it's more like a monthly report where people attempt to pinpoint a problem, but no action is ever taken to remedy them.

I see no point seeing this topic come and go, then be remade a few weeks or a month later.
If you think there's a problem with General, it's up to you to make the threads you like and participate, rather than watching the place rot. The users in the other NG forums know this, I don't know why General doesn't.

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