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Goku vs Superman

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Response to Goku vs Superman 2013-01-12 16:00:33 Reply

At 1/11/13 02:34 PM, Ragnarokia wrote: As Superman once commented to Darkseid, his problem is that he feels like he is living in a cardboard box where he can't allow himself to cut loose even for one second or someone could die. But he knows Darkseid can take it, then smashes him in the face through the town.

He was taken down afterwards due to Darkseid's technology crippling him in agony, but then Lex Luthor stepped in and saved the day, wearing a suit, like a boss. So if they had to chose between Lex and Superman, then it would be Lex.

I like Goku's attitude more but I'm sure he isn't the strongest Saiyan? Then again the fusion technique might be cheating.

What about during a full moon? Could be edgy for Superman!

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