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Creating Beats

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Creating Beats 2012-12-25 13:19:47 Reply

I am looking for a good program with a good sounding drumkit and piano. I do not want to use FL again, so I am wondering what's good for Windows. Thank you.

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Response to Creating Beats 2012-12-25 14:06:55 Reply

Do you have any VST plugins which have Drumkit(s) in (like NI Battery) or Piano? Generally, the sounds you usually get pre-bundled with the DAW is slightly ehhhh, especially with FL Studio.

If you want to switch just because of the pre-bundled sounds in FL then there is no need at all, just research which Plug-ins would be best for the style of beat/track you want to make. There's no point in spending loads of money on a completely different DAW just for different drum and piano sounds when you can spend less and get what you need at the same time by going with a good plug-in.

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