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Piracy in the music industry

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Piracy in the music industry 2012-12-25 04:38:47

So I know we've all done our fair share of using software/libraries/plugins that we don't own 100%. Either through using DEMOs or other alternatives.

This recently came up in a conversation with a friend of mine and I thought it might be a good topic to bring up here in the Audio BBS.

I have in fact seen contacts, been to meetings/seminars, and have seen bad things happen to people regarding software piracy.

If you plan on working commercially in the professional music industry you'll pretty much have to say bye to all the music software/plugins/libraries that you somehow have for free.

Those of you who are wondering about pirated software being used commercially, there are companies who's individual employees get paid up to 1 Million USD or more for each person they catch using pirated/unlicensed software. Now, don't worry this isn't for people just messing around at home just doing music only as some sort of hobby, this is those of us who make a living doing music as a career.

Their best targets are the creative types who use creative software.

So how will they know you are using an unlicensed version of a music plugin or virtual instrument?
Well, sometimes when you submit your audio to the mixing studio, producer or whomever, they usually require you to send our project file as well as the audio file. No, they don't have to have all your libraries and whatnot, but it is pretty obvious to them when something in your project file was using unlicensed plugins.

I think this stuff is pretty serious, and I thought it might be good for you guys to know. Most of my peers that also work professionally with music didn't have any clue about this, and it's a simple fact that not a lot of other artists/musicians know either. Luckily most of my friends and I ended up licensing everything we use commercially without even knowing about how much is actually at risk here.

A good source:

My intention was not to scare everyone, but I this would be a good topic for discussion and awareness. Also, remember this is regarding doing music COMMERCIALLY for COMMERCIAL purposes.

Nothing is wrong with demo-ing stuff to try it out to see if it's worth buying. :)

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone!
Hope Santa is good to all of you and leaves awesome presents under your trees!

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Response to Piracy in the music industry 2012-12-25 04:43:17

There will be no piracy talk on these forums.... Especially considering it sounds like you're promoting it.

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