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Audio glitch at the end of loop

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Hello! It is the first time that i've done a loop and i used Reason 5 to make some nice looping music for a game i'm working on. It loops fine inside Reason and Audacity, but when put it on the game, it makes like a little popping/glitch sound just right at the end of it and then it loops. I've tried making a fade out just at the very end but it still makes the sound.

I've read about some "extra" sound processing after you export the loop like deleting some samples at the beginning-end, adding silence and other things, but nothing works. I kinda know it's something about the sound and not programming because if i loop a file that ends with a complete silence (i export until the last note fades away completely) it doesn't "pop" when the loop begins.

Could you please tell me if i have to do any processing after exporting the .wav file to make it work?

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Response to Audio glitch at the end of loop 2012-12-23 17:09:11 Reply

Hehe no worries, you just forgot to reduce the volume to 0 at the end of the track, a millisecond before it ends. This pop happens because it tries to loop it while there's still information (i.e. music) being played.

Reduce the volume to 0 right at the end inside your project and tadaa, loopable without a glitch. Make sure you reduce it gradually over a few ms or you'll create a new glitch. ;)

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