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Art Forum Awards 2012 [Voting]

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Response to Art Forum Awards 2012 [Voting] 2012-12-30 23:18:52 Reply

Favourite Artist's Style
I'm interpreting this as "most unique" since otherwise Favorite Artist, Favorite Artist's Style, and Favorite Showcase thread are all the same question. Test, Tre, Lintire, & Jessepants all have fiercely unique styles I admire.
Flipping a coin, let's go with Test.

Most Improved Artist
Spags. His most recent stuff is pretty spectacular. But Tre's getting pretty badass, gotta say. It's so good to see him trying new media.

Most Underrated Artist
Aigis. I give him a hard time, but it's out of love, I swear. Tartaka's a real gem, and it gets overlooked sometimes.

Best Newcomer

Most Helpful Poster
Luwano. He's super nice and patient, even when the person he is talking to is as dumb as a bag of rocks.

Best Critic
Lintire. His crits always brighten my day.

Best Art Regular
Lintire, I guess. He's well rounded in terms of arting a lot, giving good crits, and being generally involved rather than just lurking in the background.

Most Missed Regular
Occluded. Miss him a lot, really.

Most Fun Thread
After much indecision, let's go with the bob ross thread

Most Helpful Thread
Artists! Tell me about Yourself.

Favourite Showcase Thread

Favourite Artist
Ne7ers only posted in his thread a few times this year, but I love his work so much I'm picking it anyway. I think. Lots of skill and he's not afraid to experiment.

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