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Cartoon Charactes You'd Pound

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Response to Cartoon Charactes You'd Pound 2013-05-02 23:27:07 Reply

At 5/2/13 10:30 PM, orangebomb wrote: I don't think anyone would doubt that they're complex, but at the same time, if NERV knew that they were this fucked up, then they would've easily found someone else to pilot the EVAs, but where's the fun in that?

I think they justify that in the story by virtue of how little time and room for error NERV has. Asuka is a prodigy and Shinji has whatever weird supernatural connection thing he's got going on with his EVA, so even with all their baggage NERV can't afford to use anyone else. I mean, in the first episode they were about to dump a barely conscious Rei into an entry plug, that probably speaks to how desperate they are.

Plus I think piloting the EVAs itself is a stressful thing that exacerbates their mental issues, especially once the Angels' attacks start to get all trippy and mind-rapey.

it makes me wonder did all the child therapists die in the Second Impact or what?

Ha, yeah it seems like it. It does seem like a weirdly obvious oversight that there's no kind of psychological support staff, but at the same time Japan has never exactly been the most receptive country towards dealing with mental health issues.

You'd think so. As I said before, the adults of the series just seem to have their heads up their ass for not noticing Shinji's and Asuka's problems in the first place

Well, to her credit Misato does notice them and tries her best to support them, but at the end of the day she's just not mature enough to adequately be the parental figure they need, not to mention she's got plenty of issues of her own.

but this is Evangelion we're talking about here. In this world, sanity and logic gives way to fear, doubt, and Gendo's insane vision of Instrumentality, and a spiteful view on his son and people in general, go figure.

He just might be the worst father in television history, which is really saying something in a medium that for some reason loves to fixate on terrible fathers.

Plus, I would've thought that a 14 year old kid would love to smash shit up piloting a giant machine while being a hero.

Yeah, that's what makes Evangelion so brilliant and well-regarded, it's a brutal deconstruction of that whole supergenre of adventure stories. Poor Shinji gets to live out every adolescent boy's fantasy (world-saving hero! Giant robots! No parents no rules! Hot chicks!) and it turns out to be totally miserable.

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Response to Cartoon Charactes You'd Pound 2013-05-02 23:38:42 Reply

Marceline and Princess Bubblegum from adventure time.

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Response to Cartoon Charactes You'd Pound 2013-05-02 23:56:47 Reply

At 11/23/12 03:42 PM, SmartyPants wrote:
At 11/23/12 03:26 PM, Frenzy wrote: I would pound Kevin from Ed Edd N' Eddy.
I would go with Sarah instead. She was way more annoying

Her and the Kanker sisters. They were such annoying cunts.

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