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Sex Ed

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Response to Sex Ed 2012-10-20 01:40:39 Reply

What is it about these parents that makes them so scare about telling their children about sex?

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Response to Sex Ed 2012-10-20 02:00:54 Reply

Even in less extreme cases where there is no permanent damage, getting some sex ed just saves you a lot of trouble.
Everyone gets there eventually but if no one tells you anything directly then you start out by getting your "facts" from porn and ,from there on. the journey to enlightenment can be annoying.

Speaking from personal experience as someone who didn't get very clear sex ed.

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Response to Sex Ed 2012-10-21 10:03:45 Reply

I'm a big supporter of parents talking to their kids about things. When I was going through puberty, my Dads "talk" was:

"So you know about... you know...?"


"Okay cool. questions?"


"thank god."

Honestly, I just don't get how you can feel that a conversation about such a natural thing could be so awkward. But we've made it awkward, and it shouldn't be.

I understand over time we've been programmed to feel squeamish about sex/sexual organs/ or anything to do with reproduction. We've all got sexual organs. It's not a big deal.. But to a kid, it totally is.

When your hormones finally calm down and you're no longer thinking about sex morning and night, you really just stop caring.. "Been there, done that" kind of thing.

I think HOW and WHEN you should teach your child about sex severely depends on the child's maturity level. Some of us grow up a little quicker, or just stabilize faster than others. Those kids will always be okay, cause' those are the kids who "get things" at faster rate, and those are usually the ones who take precautions and do research on their own. And typically, (this is a major generalization) these are the kids who are a little more withdrawn, and probably won't get into a sexual situation (By that I mean more than just heavy petting) until they're 16-17, which I feel is probably about normal for most people anyway.

But then there's the kids who are just normal, and the ones who are "delayed" in their maturity process (mentally, not talking about sexual maturity). These are the kids you have to worry about, and parents should be aware of what their kids can handle. Everyone is different, and maybe these kids CAN handle that information at the same time as everyone else, but thats a call the parents have to make, because nobody knows their child better than the parent.

Yes, Sex Ed in schools is important.. But what's even MORE important is that parents grow some balls, and talk to their children about these important things and stop putting it in kids heads that sex is this major taboo that CAN'T EVEN KNOW ABOUT until they're 13-14. Most kids figure it out on their own anyway.. But I believe that as a parent, it's your responsibility to decide when your child is ready. Not a statistical study that says "your kids should be let into the ['i know what that thing in my pants is for now!'] club.

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Response to Sex Ed 2012-10-21 14:49:03 Reply

There should be no need for schools getting into it at all. Schools are not parents.

Who said parents are the only ones who should and can only teach kids on how to live their lives? For an ordered society there needs to be a system of education that goes beyond academics to the overall goal of a child's success in the future.

And you're wrong, schools are like parents, or at least they should be in a way. Regular parents just can't get the job right if they have to divert their time to educating their children when all they need is a safe, unbiased system of education.

With your logic, I could name at least 3 or 4 crucial courses to be null and only a "parent's job". I would like to raise a question such as "Why don't we get rid of school all together? Parents are obviously the geniuses around here and therefore they should be the ones to educate their children about these subjects. Oh, and for the parents who don't know it at all? Too bad!".

If we go by your logic, this society would shrivel down to a dumb, uneducated and misinformed society that only relies on parents to teach kids about some things that actually need to be taught in a more specialized manner.

And in my personal sex ed experience, there was lots of misinformation flying around.

Misinformation? Like what?

And even if there was some sort of misinformation, you think parents will do any better? They would do worse, because they do not have the facts at their fingertips or the research needed to properly understand the human body and its sexual functions. They are more likely to hold biased views about sexuality, like "people should remain abstinent until marriage" or any other religious morals they have.

I don't know what schooling system you went to, but specialists (and yes, they are specialists, no matter what you say) hold much more knowledge about the topic at hand. It would be a tremendous mistake to allow only parents to lead their children's sex lives, since their information is not going to be accurate most of the time or just not enough to fulfill the questions of their children.

By the way, I am not saying that parents shouldn't be allowed to teach sex education to their children whatsoever, I am saying that schools should be permitted to properly educate students since they are much more qualified to do so. Parents in the end should just answer some questions here or there or introduce their children to sexuality before letting them arrive in sex ed class.

A school is a place of learning, but that should not just include academics. It should also include social sciences and topics like sex education or driver's education to allow the students to have a firm grasp on every aspect in life in order to have a successful future.

Even the most righteous, logically sound individuals are subject to poor reasoning skills and deluded mindsets.

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