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Time travel is possible

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Response to Time travel is possible 2012-10-09 23:05:59 Reply

At 10/9/12 10:42 PM, DarkShadowblade wrote: -User discredits every aspect of your posts and shows that you lock average knowledge on Physics/Quantum Mechanics

I lacked the complete understanding of a specific experiment, if you look through you'll see that I was right, I just misconstrued a few details

-User also showed that you don't understand physics by pointing out that you fell for one of the largest scientifical misconceptions out there.

I don't understand physics because I got a few details of a scientific experiment wrong? Did you read anything?


I never said I was gonna ignore him, to begin with there was nowhere to go with what he was saying, not to mention I was referring to the fact that Miles foreshadowed me turning it into a flame war, which I didn't see the reason to do because he acted like me being wrong about a few details of an experiment was reason enough to act like he was superior.

Let's ignore everything Einstein said because he's acting weird and suspicious.

Why would I ignore Einstein? I mentioned him more than any other physicist. More proof you didn't read.

Let's ignore everything Copernicus said because he's acting high and mighty about his position

No, Copernicus had every right to act arrogant. Just because I, as I've said several times, misconstrued a few details, he feels the need to act like he's better than me. I used context clues to find this out. "So as you can see, he very obviously is lacking in understanding of quantum mechanics"

never change NG BBS.

Fuck you


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Response to Time travel is possible 2012-10-11 21:16:30 Reply

I know I'm like two days late but whatever.

At 10/9/12 02:02 AM, Gr3ySock wrote: There is quite a lot of supporting theories for parallel universes to exist but yes they are just theories i guess, although so is gravity.

Gravity may be a theory but at least it's a testable one.

Also i don't see how conservation of energy and mass has anything to do with the other universes seeing as it has nothing to do with ours apart from being parallel and a universe.

The first scenario involves the creation of a new universe when a choice is made.

Why would a new universe just form when a different decision is made. I'm saying what if they already exist just with different possibilities...I'm not saying they cant form but what if they already do exist and every other possible situation that could possibly happen has happened and we are left with our reality.

Because of this snippet from the OP:

If all of this is true then technically time travel should be possible because you are only skipping forward and backwards through the 1/infinite situations/possibilities that has to have happened already.

Traveling through these universes at any efficient speed would be impossible because you would have to travel faster than light.
Traveling through these universes at a non-efficient speed... well, the edge of the (observable) universe is about 45 billion light years away.
Furthermore, by the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics (which is similar enough to what you're thinking of), each of the parallel universes would be incapable of communicating with each other.

However, what you (theoretically) could say is that there are an infinite amount of parallel universes already in existence, and every event that's ever happened has a different outcome in a different universe. That, however, doesn't allow for time travel, doesn't change anything about our universe, and still isn't testable.

Miracles happen.

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Response to Time travel is possible 2012-10-11 21:56:09 Reply

At 10/8/12 12:02 AM, Gr3ySock wrote: Ok so if there are an infinite amount of different universes to the one we live in right now, then there are an infinite amount of possibilities.

"Do I dare disturb the universe?"